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the definition of traveling

Traveling is often defined as going from one place to another. To journey.

Who was the first tourist? Who wrote the first travel piece? My guess is that whoever took those first steps away from the safety of a cave or tree and return to tell about was the the first traveler and travel guide.

After many decades of traveling about I want to share my experiences and knowledge, especially in the areas of drawing and photography. As an Army Brat I had the pleasure to travel during most of my growing up years. I saw Iceland, Germany, Mexico, Guam, Hawaii and a lot of the United States. As an adult I've seen Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Panama, Venezuela, France, England, Spain, Italy, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, South African and St. Pierre et Michelon.

Enjoy the travel slide shows, travel photography and travel illustrations. I'll even help you out with with ideas to make your photos better and give you ideas for planning unusual trips. Heck, I'll even suggest some places to stay and eat. I want to hear from you as well, especially from those artists in the audience.

the art of traveling

we're not talk about movie titled "art of travel", but we will talk about how to enjoy our traveling, and you can also find some tips travel on this blog.

for the beginning of this session, i wanna give you someone experience in traveling, he seems enjoying his travel very much so he make a post about art of traveling. here it is, his name is Kattman-du, he is the owner of so lets see his sotry :

What is the Art of Travel?

Hello There,
My name is Tony. After many years of traveling and lugging a camera around my neck and hanging from my shoulders I decided to give the sketchpad a try. I began in 1993 on my honeymoon to Barrancas de Cobre with my wife Joan. The barrancas, also known as Copper Canyon, are in Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua.

Please remember, all images are © Anthony Galván III. Any use requires written permission.

For the occasion I had received a diary. I took along some color pencils and started out the trip with this page.

The honeymoon started out with a bad note. The Chihuahua Airline airplane was grounded and of course, there were not other flights out until the next day.

I manged to find an AeroMexico flight that was leaving later in the evening and that's the way it was for us.

Our time in the canyon was full of adventure, just look at the transportation and the hotel.

Barrancas de Cobre, color pencil © Anthony Galván III

And so went our travels and how my journals and sketches began. It had been decades since I'd drawn anything and I was having fun.

A few years later we made a trip out east to Washington, DC. Again, I took the diary along; but this time I had some felt tip pens.

Delaware, Maryland, D.C. Assateauge and Bombay Bird Preserve, felt tip pen © Anthony Galván III

This was getting to be fun. The next big trip was to Africa. And, even though I carried close to 30 pounds of camera gear and 200 rolls of film some of our favorite memories are relived with my sketches, made while riding a bus across Zambia or waiting in the bush for our companions to catch up with us.

The plane trip from Atlanta to Cape Town, color pencil © Anthony Galván III

A few more trips came and went. One to Paris and London for my wife, Joan's 50th birthday. Despite the many photos I took it was the pencil and ink sketches that seem to bring back the memories.

Color pencil © Anthony Galván III

And then I tried ink and really surprised myself! The Seine, department storefront, Norte Dame on Christmas Eve and the front of our hotel, le Hotel Angleterre on Rue Jacob. Color pencil

Notre Dame - felt tip pen © Anthony Galván III

You can see the changes in my drawing style change, especially after I decided to go back to drawing and painting. Our last trip to Europe was to Italy to witness the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. I had fun here with watercolor, color pencil and felt tip pen.

Galileo's telescope in Florence, the Tuscan countryside and the rooftops of Volterra. Color pencil © Anthony Galván III

The Towers of San Giminagno, Tuscany - color pencil © Anthony Galván III

Saint Mark's Plaza, Venice. Felt tip pen © Anthony Galván III

As you can see I started out just doing this for fun and now it's part of every trip my wife and I take. Just a little bit of art training helps if you want to work in watercolor or color pencil.

Let me know what you think. I will begin this blog in earnest with some detailed pieces and commentary of the location. Some of these observations are over thirty years old!

So, the Art of Travel is twofold, the art you create on your travels and the art of traveling; comfortably, safely and always with a hint of the unknown or surprise around the corner.

This is what I will talk about. But, I will also talk about traveling with a digital camera. Why? Because the digital camera has brought about its own perils on the road and most people don't become aware of them until it's too late.

If you wish to see photos from some of these trips visit or go to these specific pages:

Africa - this was a total solar eclipse trip
Italy - this was the transit of Venus trip
Paris & London - this was a 50th birthday trip

Other trips that will follow will include Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley and Copper Canyon.
Let me hear from you.

okay, after read his experience we know the definition of art of travel, and we got the information how to enjoy our traveling, if this articles useful for you, please add Mr. Kattman-du on your blogroll.


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tips for backpackers

as usual, i try to find useful information about traveling or backpacking, and found interesting article about backpacking tips

Undoubtedly, if you are planning a backpacking adventure, you will be in the wilderness encountering the wild. Without basic backpacking tips or survival skills, you will not be able to function or have a fun backpacking trip. Basic backpacking tips also create a sense of security knowing that you can face whatever may be thrown at you. Backpacking tips such as staying warm, hydrated, and uninjured are common sense. Hydration comes before eating even as eating is not as crucial to your overall wellbeing.

It may take some getting used to, but sleeping at a slight slant with your head pointed downhill is a great way to stay warm. You do not have to sleep with all the blood rushing to your brain, but some. Nothing is more rewarding than eating off the lands that you are backpacking through. A great backpacking tip in regards to what berries to eat is to trust your instincts; if it looks like a blueberry, it probably is a blueberry! Taste it and find out. It will not hurt you, and if it does not taste right, spit it out.

Keeping in mind that Mother Nature is fickle, a good backpacking tip would be to collect moss and milkweed fuzz along your trail so you have dry tinder for fires in case of a change in weather. A change in weather conditions can usually be noted in the skies so pay attention to them; lightening kills, but if you are observant, you can keep yourself out of trouble. Large fir trees can also help you stay dry in those changes of weather conditions. Should you get a small cut, use the sap from the ‘blisters’ on spruce or fir tree trunks as an antiseptic dressing.

Stay hydrated! You have heard it said that if you find yourself thirsty, you are already dehydrated; do not get to that point. Fill your water bottles or bladders every chance you get so you are hydrated during those long trails. This backpacking tip is the most important tip to remember. Staying hydrated is more important than remembering to feed your belly.

Backpacking tips are not just ideas and places to see when you are backpacking. They are basic survival guides that will allow you to have a safe, fun hike. Many of the tips are common sense ideas that you already follow day-to-day, but some are crucial to your well-being and safe backpacking.

you can find information article about backpacking and the sources of the article :

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9 travel tips that will useful to you so much

we always try to give a tips to all of you in 9 points, nine is a lucky number that i hope will make you all got a lucky holiday and travel :D.

so here it is the 9 best tips for traveling

1. travel don't have to suck up your traveling
you should make sure that you have manage your budget to traveling, we should have the list what we should to buy or not, the another way are got a sponsor for your traveling. you could make a group of traveler and you find a hotel or company that related to traveling.

2. travel doesn’t have to be expensive.
Especially if you go to cheaper countries in Asia or South America. (i suggest for indonesia) Particularly if you are traveling on a strong currency. Check out free things to do in the area and avoid the long museum queues.

3. do not overpack.
fulfill your backpack with things only you need, throw away the unnecessary items. for example, you can bring camera, a few t shirt and underwear, and don't forget to carry your money, and you can buy your rest items on the travel places.

4. Learn the destination language.
if you're going to another country that have another language, you should learn the language first, learn the simple language like, thank you, asking for destination, how much the price, the taxi and hotel fee, if you're got trouble in language, you can use the body language, carry the dictionary or simple you can use the google translate via your mobile phone.

5. Be careful, not paranoid.
Yes, there are scam artists and potential dangers when traveling. But there are also potential dangers where you’re sitting right now. Do your research on potential dangers and travel insurance deals and don’t wander down alleyways in the middle of the night. Make sure someone at home has copies of all your travel documents.

6. Try not to compare too much.
When traveling it is very tempting to compare everything with how it is at home. Of course you’ll compare, but try not to do it all the time, especially if you are getting frustrated with differences. Remember why you came in the first place. Ordering Western-style food in Asia is often way more expensive than a corner noodle house. Adapt to local tastes.

7. Take a good camera.
take a good camera, especially if you won't losing your good moment. better if you check our the camera review via website before you decide to buy it.

8. Put the guide book down.
Guide books can be saviors but also severely limit a trip if followed to the letter. No one knows exactly what you will like, not even the ‘experts’. Use the book for tips, if you must have one, but don’t work your entire schedule around it. The best things are discovered by accident.

9. write up a to-do checklist well before you go.
you should write all of your to-do check list in order you don't missed your things and activities.

i hope you can enjoy your traveling and thank you so much for reading :D

cheap hotel in berlin

It's a great thing the notoriously minimal German humorous character does not interpret to its top-end accommodation. The 5-star hotels in Berlin are among the best and most fairly priced anywhere in the world.

Low on chortles

In fact this brings to me a fascinating point about 5-star hotels in Berlin, or any other hotel actually. To me, this is disappointing. Why else would they ask me to enjoy my stay here at the uniquely decorated Palace hotel in Berlin? Yet I fork out hundreds of extra dollars for an enticing, ornamented, wonderful, and opulent room, as well as free use of the thermal baths, sauna, and solarium, but have a thoroughly dour time!

Not even at the best of the 5-star hotels in Berlin, the Adlon Kempinski, can I get a giggle out of any one except for the janitors. I suppose it has something to do with the hotel's really significant, aristocratic history. I could employ a heavy iron pinch bar, but even that in the hand of a 200-pound pro-wrestler would barely be sufficient to bend the corners of the staff's mouth into a little upward half-smirk. What do I have to do to get a giggle around here?

'Your ad boasted of intimacy.
You are after... What was that again? A good laugh? I am going to have to check with management, ja?'
Yes, even at the Schlosshotel im Grunewald, one of the swankiest 5-star hotels in Berlin, a giggle is as hard to find as plutonium.

That is's okay. Of course , who would mind having to give up snickers in return for up-to-the-minute comforts and 24 hour pampering? The 5-star hotels in Berlin provide those. In fact, not only will 5-star hotels in Berlin make you feel like royalty, they will let you experience Germany's culture first hand, too! One of the 5-star hotels in Berlin, the Swisshotel Berlin, even provides guests with the opportunity of viewing the first artworks of Markus Lupertz. His paintings embellish the walls of each of the hotel's room. Not just that, you get to eat like royalty too! The Swisshotel Berlin boasts of a menu designed by Anton Mosimann, the official chef of Britain's Royal Family.

Another good point about the 5-star hotels in Berlin is that they are very fair. As an example, you can get a room in any of the 5-star hotels in Berlin, like the four Seasons Berlin which is right in the middle of the city, for as low as fifty six EU Bucks a night! That is's less expensive than paying rent! If you have cash to burn, the Kempinski Hotel in Bristol places you smack-dab in the money-burning district of Berlin, the Kurfurstendamm.
If you are after indulgence , however , 5-star hotels in Berlin are the places to go to.
searching for Cheap Berlin Hotels five Star? Visit Hotels In Berlin Compare Prices now! Whether it is a Paris bed and breakfast you need or something else, our hotel finder can help you find the perfect home away from home.

9 tips traveling to another country

a nice thing to enjoy our holiday are to travel to somewhere, especially traveling to another country. when we're traveling to another country, we expect of different people, different cultures and many others.

here 9 tips traveling to another country :

1. Travel light.
Everyone will tell you this. For once, everyone is right. Before packing, put all the things you want to take in one pile, and all the money you think you'll need in another -- then halve the first pile and double the second. Don't buy specialty travel gear unless you have a specific need. Why bring a water bottle when you can just buy and reuse plastic bottles once you get there? And nowadays, anything you forget you can probably buy cheap at your destination. But do be sure to bring sturdy luggage and broken-in footwear. Nothing ruins a holiday like blisters.

2. Plan, but don't overplan.
Get your vaccinations, stock up on medications and buy travel insurance. Buy a Lonely Planet or Rough Guide guidebook but don't be enslaved by it. Plan for one central activity -- viewing wildlife in the Serengeti, sailing by dhow from Zanzibar to Pemba, trekking to Mount Everest, scuba diving on the Belize reefs, spending a week in an Amazon jungle resort, exploring Angkor Wat -- but leave plenty of room for on-the-spot decisions. If you're going for an extended period, be sure to build “relax days” into your schedule; travel can be exhausting, and it's far better to do less and have fun than to do more and stress yourself out. As a rule of thumb, make sure you spend at least two nights in every new bed, unless you're trekking or on a road trip.

3. Cut the costs.
It's worth spending a few hours hunting for the best airfares. If you have a complicated or round-the-world itinerary, I recommend If tickets seem exorbitantly priced, try routing your journey through hubs like Bangkok or London -- this can cut prices considerably. And bear in mind that activities and group tours are generally far cheaper if booked at your destination. Consider the Inca Trail: tours booked from abroad can cost more than $4,000 (US) per person, plus airfare; I booked in Peru and trekked to Machu Picchu with one of the most experienced and highly rated tour companies for a mere $400. Advance booking is sometimes necessary due to scarcity or peace of mind -- but shop around.

4. Stay cool on day one.
The moment of arrival can be overwhelming. After months of planning and dreaming, you step off the airplane and suddenly you're actually there, in a strange land far away from everyone and everything you know, with no real idea of where you are or how things fit together, only a vague notion of what to do if you get in trouble and no grasp of the language. Most airports in the developing world greet you with a sea of would-be touts, guides, taxi drivers and luggage porters, some of them aggressive, all of them eager to rip you off. Rule number one is to stay cool. If possible, find a guide, or have friends, or friends-of-friends, meet you. If not, don't worry; just smile, be patient, wave them off and, once the crowd has moved on to other prey, then start looking for a taxi. Negotiate a price before you get in, don't believe the driver if he tells you your hotel is closed but he knows another, and just accept that everyone spends too much money in the first couple days in a new country. Think of it as an entry tax.

5. Prepare to be appalled.
Developing countries are, by definition, poor, and this poverty is likely to be in-your-face from the word go. You have two alternatives. One is to spend all your time in the hermetically sealed world of four-star hotels and gated resorts and pretend poverty doesn't exist. Don't do this. If you're going all the way to Africa or India, you owe it to yourself to experience your destination as it really is. Yes, you'll see children and cripples begging for money, vast slums of rickety tin-roofed shacks, gaunt men and women with dead eyes. But no, despite what your television tells you, the developing world is not an endless sea of grinding misery; most people live normal, recognizable lives. Give, by all means, but I don't recommend giving to beggars on the street. Give money to Doctors Without Borders, Transparency International or Amnesty International instead -- and remember that you'll do a lot of good just by going to the country and spending your money at locally owned companies, rather than foreign-owned hotel chains or tour agencies.

6. Dangers and annoyances.
Statistics confirm that the most dangerous threat you face in developing countries, by an enormous margin, is traffic, not violence or disease. So buckle up and hire a driver who knows the roads, and if he starts acting crazy, don't hesitate to shout. The number two threat is heart attacks, so please just relax. Otherwise, use common sense. Keep your street senses on high alert, especially at dark, but don't be paranoid; if you see lone women and/or children walking around, it's probably a safe neighbourhood. Pickpockets are far more rare than anecdotes suggest, but keep your money and passport in a money belt and keep the belt on you -- a friend of mine once took his out to make a payment and promptly lost it to a snatcher on a motorcycle. Make photocopies of your ID, bring one copy and leave another with friends back home. Most scammers, touts and hustlers will go away if you ignore them, but be prepared to drop your courtesy and say "No" rudely, loudly and repeatedly, and follow it up with "Go away!" if necessary. Take mild stomach upsets in stride, but if you get seriously sick, go to expat clinics rather than local hospitals. Don't call the police unless you have to; and if you have a big problem, call your embassy first. Above all, don't worry so much. People have better and less risky things to do than waylay you and steal your money. Most of your fear is simply fear of the unknown.

7. Money, money, money.
Wherever you go, bring a small stash of US dollars, a credit card and an ATM card. Store a spare credit card separately, just in case. Traveller's cheques are hardly worth the hassle nowadays; their major advantage is that they're refundable in case of theft. Internationally networked ATMs are available in an amazing number of countries around the world, and even when they don't exist, you can go to major local banks and get a cash advance on your credit card. But bear in mind these tricks only work in major cities. Otherwise, cash is king. Touts on the street will offer you ridiculously great black-market rates for your US dollars. Do not take them up on this. Their scams are legion and brilliant, and nowadays only a few countries have worthwhile currency black markets. If you do need to change money on the street, take theirs, give them yours and walk away immediately. But be much nicer when bargaining for souvenirs and taxis -- and you are going to bargain, right? It's often insulting not to. Smile, use humour; sigh, shake your head and warn them that they're not going to be happy with what you're about to offer them; look shocked and tell your would-be driver, "No, we just want a ride in your car, we don't want to buy it.". Bargaining, when done right, is fun for both sides.

8. Where to stay.
The developing world is full of amazing places to stay. Amazing in all senses of the word: the aptly named Freak Street in Kathmandu has hotel rooms that cost literally $1 (US) a night. Uganda's stunning Mweya Lodge, nestled in the heart of a national park teeming with elephants and lions, is a five-star safari lodge that costs less than $100 a night. Whatever your budget, take advantage of these kinds of options. By all means, spend the first couple of nights in a comfortable, modern place; and even if you're travelling on a shoestring, stop into a four-star hotel for a sanity check every now and again. But otherwise, go for character -- sprawling colonial-era mansions-turned-hotels in the former British Empire, treehouse lodges in Namibia, jungle camps in the Amazon, surfer resorts in Indonesia. You'll meet more interesting people, locals and tourists both, and you'll find yourself far more plugged in to the local scene than you would at a dull, overpriced Holiday Inn or Novotel.

9. Go in a gang.
This doesn't necessarily mean spend your whole vacation on a group tour although that's not necessarily a bad idea, especially on your first venture to exotic climes. I prefer to travel solo, myself, but I once spent months trucking across West Africa with 23 perfect strangers and had a blast. Of course, travelling solo doesn't mean travelling alone. Meeting people is half the fun. Instant communities spring up in hotels and bus stations around the world, little groups who decide they all want to hike the local mountain together tomorrow. Sometimes these groups go their separate ways the next day; sometimes they travel together for weeks. If you're at loose ends, go to your hotel desk, or find a local travel agent and ask what kind of group tours are going out they'll usually be happy for you to tag along. And if you need a guide and/or driver, don't hesitate to hire one but shop around and be picky. A bad guide is invariably worse than no guide at all.

thats all the nine tips of traveling to another country, i picked up that tips for another website, all we have to do are make sure that all of you got well informed about tips traveling. so, you can subscribe this blog or make a link to this articles in order to help us.


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the most amazing travel destination to spent our long holiday

we will talk about the most amazing place to spent our holiday, the place are not too far from our house, and where it is?

the answer are…….

we can meet our great friend spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Crab and squidward, hahahaha
sorry, just joking for this day :D

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best traveling tips with children

long time had not update this travel blog, now kicktheworld wanna talk about 11 tips traveling with children. travelling with children without well preparation can be dangerous, based on research and analyses on travel incidents, there are many accident in traveling that involving children, and the parents should be responsible for their well being.

here are eleven tips that will make your traveling with chidren saver, we notive that traveling we talk on this article are mostly are traveling that use the airplane or aviation, but u can still use the tips for land or water traveling, with little of modification off course.

1. well plan
ask your self what supplies you will need to have on hand to take care of any normal or special needs to the child. remember that it is the airline responsibilities to carry the passenger to their destination, but it is the responsibility of the parents or adult to take care any children.

2. use a child restrain system for children under 40 pounds
the us federal aviation administration strongly recommended that children weighing less than 40 pounds be put into a child restraint system appropriate for their weight. children under the age of two may be carried on the lap of and adult, but the lap child should have some kind of restraint system.

for small children, consider the following recommendation,
• find a way to conveniently carry an appropriate child restraint system through airports and into and out of aircraft.
• if the child is over the age of two and less than 40 pounds, follow the FAA RECOMMENDATION FOR USING CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM, you can search it trough google, or just click on there link
• if the children is under two, consider buying a separate seat for the child and use an appropriate restraint system for the seat.

3. prepare for possible emergencies
make sure you’re aware of emergency equipment or procedure that would apply to your child in case there are emergencies cases. and what you should do is ask the attendant for the emergencies equipment for your child in case any incidents, if your children had medical condition that may become an issue during the flight, make a flight attendant, counter agent aware of that possibilities before the flight.

4. take all essential items while travelling.
take enough diapers, food, medicine and etc at your travelling, make sure that your children will not suffer from hungry in the travel time, and don’t forget to take enough medicine in case your child is on special diet or medication program.

5. keep your children under control
many children have a hyperactive behaviour, and that could make your children not save and make your travelling activities didn’t fun. to overcome that condition, you should keep your children under control, make them far from dangerous area such as the busy road. and you should make sure that your children are in save condition while you fall a sleep.

6. seat your child away from aisle
this condition are while you’re on the plane with your children. small children are enjoying to reaching out and exploring, but if they are on the aisle, they could get hurt if their arm got bumped by a person or serving cart while on the plane.

7. if emergency oxygen masks deploy, put your mask on first
this is seems cruel advice, but there is simple reason for it, if your brain starved hypoxia, and you fall, who will care to your children, so in order your children save, you should take care of yourself first.

8. keep your children belted
this condition are for land and plane travel, you should make sure that your children are belted on their seat while travelling. so, if there is any accidents, you can reduce of the impact to your children. I think this is very simple advice right?

9. bring along safe toys
your children maybe suffer from boring, and they could cry and become hysteric, to overcome that problem, you should bring their safe toys everywhere. simple isn’t it?

10 take extra precautions for children travelling alone
* escort the children to the craft and check their seat, you should make it safe.
* inform the chief flight attendant or the bus driver that the child are travelling alone.
* person that person meeting the child in the destination have a proper identification.

11. pray
we’re all have a God, make sure that you always pray to God for your children safety. :D

that all eleven tips for travelling with our children, travelling should become a fun and save travel to enjoy our nie vacation


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holiday travel

many people do traveling at holiday, especially at lebaran. now i had already at home doing lebaran holiday travel too.

You can choose your transportation during holiday travel and prepare your travel as well as you can. Here i give you some simple tips doing the holiday travel :
1. preparing
do as well as you can, such as transportation to use, budget to take, etc.
2. keep health
bust up your stamina before you made it. Do a jogging every morning, or go to a gym could make your stamina keep good.
3. packing
don't take too much unnecessary thing like cloth, food and etc. try to do packing as simple as you can. take enough things.
4. be save
becareful to the bad person, people like that could make your holiday sucks.

have a good holiday travel :D

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get paid to travel over the world with a cruise ship

a minutes ago someone leave a comment on this blog, after following his link we found something interesting. here the complete information i got.

If your idea of work is traveling to exotic destination, having free board, bar allowance with starting salaries from $1500 – 2500 per month. Then a life aboard a Cruise Ship is just what you have been waiting for.

working on a cruise ship|cruise boat jobsDuring resent research we found more than 57 million Americans have expressed interest in cruising. Cruising is tourism's fastest growing market, and 2009 is expected to be a record year for the cruise business.

Cruise lines hire 16,000+ new staff per year just to keep up with all the new cruise ships being built.

This means many Cruise Ship Jobs are available. Nearly all entry-level positions require no prior cruise ship experience.

Imagine having a fun and exciting job traveling to exotic destinations such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, the Bahamas, Europe, the Mediterranean, or Tahiti.

jobs on cruise linesIf a cruise ship job sounds like the career for you then our “Cruise Job Guide” is for you! This guide was written to get anyone started and succeed in this exciting career.

So don't be bound by the four walls of your office. We are here to help you get a great job aboard the greatest cruise lines and start an exciting career, meet people and see amazing places - NOW!

if you interested and wanna know mre information about get paid while traveling, you can find it at :


our friend darwin had just add some informative post on the comment form, he tell us about jobs on the cruise, this is the post :

Jobs on cruise ships involve numerous service jobs which are concerned with managing the restaurants, bars and passenger cabins, as well as shipboard retail concessions like souvenir and gift shops. They are the ones who serves food, beverages or any kind of product that can generate them a good amount of tip from the passenger. The ship's treasurer in charge of passenger accounts, currency exchange, ticketing and more, also called the purser, are also included in this category

for more information, you can click the link above, or you can following this link below :
thank you very much darwin :D

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kampung sampireun - the natural living - garut west java indonesia

BRIEF of Kampung Sampireun

kampung sampireun

Hotel Kampung Sampireun start operating at january 1999 and legalized by Indonesian tourism and cultures ministry Mr. Bapak Marzuki Usman pada tanggal 4 September 1999. Kampung Sampireun is a Sundanese Village Resort nuance, was at an altitude of ± 1000 meters above sea level, located in the village of Kampung Ciparay Sukakarya Sub Samarang Garut regency, West Java area of 5.5 ± acres, including extensive Situ Sampireun (1.5 hectares) 7 eyes eyes water.

Kampung Sampireun has 20 bungalows consisting of 8 units of type Kalapalua Suite (One bedroom & terrace), 4 units of type Kurjati Suite (One bedroom, living room, & patio), 4 units of type Waluran Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & terrace), 1 unit type Cikuray Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & patio), 1 unit type Papandayan Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & deck), and 1 unit type Manglayang (Three bedrooms, living room , & terrace),. bungalows designed with typical Tatar Sunda House Stage Parahyangan. beside that Kampung Sampireun have facilitise : “Seruling Bambu Restaurant”, “Bale Putri Amantie” as a place to enjoy cofee or tea (Afternoontea).

“Waroeng Kopi” ala kampung as interaction place of Kampung (guest and eployer) citizens, tradisional Meeting Room “Kiara Umbrella Meeting Room "which accommodates up to 30 people," Taman Dayu Trance "which can be used as a" Dinner Party ", Swimming Pool and" Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa "which was established in 2003, opening the opening of Spa has been committed by Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003. Facilities and the latest "Children Playground".

Kampung Sampireun itself derived from the name Situ (Lake) Sampireun (in Indonesian language means Place of Shelter). This lake has a water source large enough that are still used by local communities to irrigate rice fields. In one corner is still maintained garden bamboo shades add cool and calm voice gemerisiknya, shady pine trees and other corners of beautiful set with the theme "Tropical Gardenlust". With a very cool temperature between 12 ° C-18. ° C, and the unique concept of "Back To Nature" Kampung Sampireun become a favorite for those honeymoon and to spend the weekend for individuals who need a break from daily routine -day in the big city.

With the boat equipped for every bungalow will stay guests can enjoy the nuances of Situ Sampireun accompanied by thousands of Goldfish that will accompany when boating. Guests can also enjoy the show "Calung", ie traditional arts performed every afternoon on a raft in the middle Situ. And in the evening the guests will be in "Nina Bobo's" by the strains of flute played Santol directly by the Village art group Sampireun while peddling "Sekoteng", a traditional beverage to warm Sundanese.

For the newly arrived guests would be served "Welcome Drink" of "Bajigur" traditional drink made from coconut milk, Red Sugar and Pandan leaves served warm, as well as small snacks in the form of Rangginang, Ranggining. After that, guests will be escorted from the lobby to the bungalow in a unique way is by using boats or rafts. One of the facilities at this resort is the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa. This SPA has 2 Villa, 2 room standard, 5 therapist, 1 meditation room, 1 sauna room body, herbal bar and also a mini pool. Given 30% discount for all treatment for those who spend the night at Kampung Sampireun (Except sauna and special promo).
The packages on offer was quite diverse.

Starting from Package Meeting, Outing Packages, etc.. Special packages at Kampung Sampireun is Honeymoon Package. Special because it is supported by the location Resort is surrounded by mountains, park - garden flowers to give a strong sense of village, beautiful and exotic, far away from the city. By taking this package, honeymoon guests will be pampered by a variety of services such as:

* Floating Candle light dinner on a raft
* Foot SPA Floating on a raft
* Tretment SPA for two
* Tourism Village
* Flower and Gift Booklet
* Decoration typical honeymoon Room
* And other sebagainy

Kampung Sampireun will try to make their honeymoon at this resort will have the most wonderful experience unforgettable.

pictures of kampung sampireun

hotel room
Kalapalua Suite
for two people, one room and terrace

Kurjati Suite
for two people, one room and terrace

Waluran Suite
4 people, two beds

Cikuray Suite
4 people, two beds

Papandayan Suite
4 people, two beds

Manglayang Suite
6 people

for more information, you can contact the official website here :

gili terawangan - a beutiful island from indonesia

MATARAM, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) has a tourist attraction that is not less beautiful than Bali. Beaches beautiful NTB with charming wave is the main capital of West Nusa Tenggara to develop marine tourism. Not just the beach alone, the NTB actually there are three earthen known as tourist attractions, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Gili, or are in the Indonesian language means that this small island, each has peculiarities, though all three together. Sense of wonder is going to feel when we are on the way to Gili Trawangan. As for to Gili Trawangan we can adopt the two lines.

gili terawangan island

The first path through the area Pusuk. This path is a mountainous area, so the cool air along the way kept saying hello. The scene at either side of the green trees. If lucky, we can see the doings of the monkeys as it passes through the area called Monkey Forrest. The second point can we go with the flow along the Senggigi Beach. If you pass the second line, the scene is presented with a stretch of ocean waves crashing. There's no way the travel time difference between the two line. No more than an hour later we will reach the Gulf of code. To go to Gili Trawangan You can use a motor boat. Charge, for public Rp 8,000 for each person. But if you chartered, the charge Rp 259,000 / US$ 26 per boat.

When you first set foot on Gili Trawangan, you'll enjoy the serenity. There's no hustle bustle like Like a tourist area. Soft sand beaches and crystal clear water as if to make sure we will be more like living in "paradise" of these divers. Underwater scenes around Gili Trawangan is said to be the most beautiful in Indonesia. According to Section Chief Marketing Cooperation Culture and Tourism Department of NTB Abdul Haris, there are species of blue coral is only found on the beach of Gili Trawangan. "On the beach of Gili Trawangan, there are also coral and shells that you can only meet in the waters of the Caribbean," added Harris.

You can enjoy the underwater beauty around Gili Trawangan by diving (dive) and snorkeling. Not only is the rock or marine park, a variety of ornamental fish can you enjoy here. Those who visited Gili Trawangan is also no need to worry about accommodation. In this area there are many hotels and inns with adequate facilities, including facilities-star hotel class.

divers site

On Gili Trawangan also scattered restaurants and shops that provide for tourists. Meanwhile, those who are tired of diving and snorkeling can be a vast dyke around only about 10 square kilometers of this. There Cidomo and bicycles that you can wear around the dike. Cidomo is a traditional transportation NTB horse-drawn. One thing that becomes more value Gili Trawangan is the peace and quiet. This is what makes up their privacy so that tourists can enjoy holidays with your heart's content. "It's very comfortable," said tourists from Jakarta, Ignatius Ferry. If on the other tourist tourists often hunted by souvenir hawkers hawkers, it did not happen in Gili Trawangan. Harris was deliberately prioritize peace and quiet in Gili Trawangan as much value on offer. Short tourists made as comfortable as possible with the atmosphere of natural Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan In addition, tourists can visit Gili Meno and Gili Air. Similar to Gili Trawangan, the two other earthen tourists can travel comfortably.

click the image to enlarge

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three small islands or dyke located at the northwest Lombok. Trawangan is also the only dike that height above sea level is significant. With a length of 3 km and 2 km wide, Trawangan population of about 800 inhabitants. Among the three dyke, Trawangan has facilities for tourists of the most diverse; shop "Tir Na Nog" claiming that Trawangan is the smallest island in the world is his Irish bar. The most densely populated parts of the island's east.

Gili Terawangan Island

Trawangan has shades of "party" more than Gili Meno and Gili Air, because of the many parties all night every night of the show rotated by some places the crowd. Popular activities conducted in Trawangan tourists are scuba diving (with PADI certified), snorkeling (in the northeast coast), play like, and surfing. There are also several places for tourists learn to ride around the island.

seafood :D

On Gili Trawangan (as well as in two other earthen), there are no motor vehicles, because it is not permitted by local regulations. A common means of transportation are bicycles (rented by locals to tourists) and Cidomo, a simple horse-drawn carriage common in Lombok. To travel to and from the third dyke, people usually use motorized boats and speedboat.

sunrise at Gili terawangan

bbrp resort at gili trawangan

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weh island are a paradise for divers

Weh Island is a beautiful island located in the northwestern tip of Sumatra island. This is the location of westest Islands - islands of Indonesia. Pulau Weh, Sabang called, by its inhabitants, surrounded by beautiful beaches and a fascinating dive locations. Three locations for diving located in Gapang, Iboih, and Rubiah island, where the National Marine Park is located. Weh island has a rare fish species like whale sharks, stingrays, turtles and dolphins. The beauty of coral reef snorkeling and sea promising a memorable experience for non-divers.

Besides beaches, many other interesting locations such as waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs Kilometer Zero Monument, Castle Japanese Protection from World War II, the tomb of historic, Durians Sacred, and the city of Sabang. Available accommodation ranging from hotels, inns, and bungalows attractive beach with a variety of lane prices and facilities.

the beach

the reef

the dive site location

sources : kaskus

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

99 Most Beautiful Places In The World

after uploading 5 beautiful places to visit, we find the 99 bautiful place on earth. enjoy

- 1 -
The inca city of Machu Picchu
country : Peru
place : near Cuzco

- 2 -
The Iguazu waterfalls
country : Argentina - Brazil
place : borders between the two countries

- 3 -
The Tadj Mahall
country : India
place : Agra, south-west of Delhi

- 4 -
The pyramids and the sphinx
country : Egypt
place : Giseh, south-west of Cairo

- 5 -
The great canyon of Colorado
country : United States of America
place : south-west of the country, Arizona state

- 6 -
Migrating animals in the Serengeti park
country : Tanzania
place : north of the country, east of Victoria lake

- 7 -
The Nabatean city of Petra
country : Jordania
place : south-west of the country, near Israel

- 8 -
The big wall of China
country : China
place : north-east of the country, along Inner Mongolia

- 9 -
The Victoria waterfalls
country : Zimbabwe - Zambia
place : border between the two countries

- 10 -
The great coral reef
country : Australia
place : offshore, north-east of the country

- 11 -
The city of Angkor
country : Cambodia
place : Siem Reap, north of the Tonle Sap lake

- 12 -
The amazonian virgin forest
country : Brazil - Peru
place : around the Amazonia river and its affluents

- 13 -
The Niagara waterfalls
country : Canada - United States of America
place : Niagara, near Toronto

- 14 -
The salar of Uyuni
country : Bolivia
place : south-west of the country

- 15 -
The Abu Simbel temple
country : Egypt
place : south-west of Assuan, at the shore of the Nasser lake

- 16 -
The Halong bay
country : Vietnam
place : in the Tonkin Gulf, east of Hanoi

- 17 -
The Bora-Bora island
country : French Polynesia
place : in the middle of the Pacific

- 18 -
Pagan, the thousand pagodas plain
country : Myanmar
place : south-west of Mandalay, at the edge of the Irrawaddy river

- 19 -
Sand dunes of the Sahara
country : Marocco - Mauritania - Mali - Algeria - Niger - Lybia - Chad - Sudan - Egypt
place : north of Africa

- 20 -
Fjords and the Preikestolen cliff
country : Norway
place : west of the country

- 21 -
The precolombian pyramids of Teotihuacan
country : Mexico
place : north-east of Mexico City

- 22 -
The Ngorongoro crater
country : Tanzania
place : north of the country, south of the Serengeti park

- 23 -
White immensity of Antarctica
country : without
place : north pole

- 24 -
Lunar scenery at the south of Altiplano
and the colourful lagoons (colorada and verde)
country : Bolivia
place : south of Lipez, near the borders with Argentina and Chile

- 25 -
Mount Everest
country : Nepal - China
place : border between the two countries

- 26 -
Bali island
country : Indonesia
place : east of Java island

- 27 -
Muslim fervour at Mecca
country : Saudi Arabia
place : Mecca, east of the country

- 28 -
Karstic peaks at Guilin, along the Li river
country : China
place : south of the country, between Guilin and Yangshuo

- 29 -
The Galapagos archipelago
country : Ecuador
place : off the west coast of the country

- 30 -
The Perito Moreno glacier
country : Argentina
place : Patagonia

- 31 -
The blue mosque in front of Hagia Sofia
country : Turkey
place : Istanbul

- 32 -
The caves of Carlsbad
country : United States of America
place : New Mexico State

- 33 -
The carnaval of Rio
country : Brazil
place : Rio of Janeiro

- 34 -
The rice terrace fields of Banaue
country : the Philippines
place : on the Lucon island, north of Manilla

- 35 -
Venice and its canals
country : Italia
place : Venice

- 36 -
The Cappadocia and the Goreme valley
country : Turkey
place : in the middle of the country

- 37 -
Moai statues of the Easter island
country : Chile
place : Easter island, in the middle of the Pacific

- 38 -
The Vatican and the Saint Peter’s basilica
country : The Vatican
place : inside the town of Rome

- 39 -
Aerial view of Rio bay
country : Brazil
place : Rio of Janeiro

- 40 -
The Potala, dalai-lama’s palace
country : China / Tibet
place : Lhassa

- 41 -
The maya city of Chichen Itza
country : Mexico
place : south of the country, Yucatan province

- 42 -
The Yellowstone national park
country : United States of America
place : north-west of the country, Wyoming state

- 43 -
The Piana rocky inlet and the Girolata gulf
country : France
place : Corsica

- 44 -
The Coliseum
country : Italia
place : Rome

- 45 -
The limestone basins at Huanglong
country : China
place : in the middle of the country, north of the Sichuan province

- 46 -
The Mezquita of Cordoba
country : Spain
place : Cordoba, Andalucia province

- 47 -
The Giants’ Causeway
country : Northern Ireland
place : north of the country

- 48 -
Milford sound and the Mitre peak
country : New Zealand
place : south-west of the southern island

- 49 -
The Buddhistic temple of Borobudur
country : Indonesia
place : in the middle of the Java island

- 50 -
The Kilauea and the Hawaii volcanoes
country : United States of America
place : Hawaii

- 51 -
The frescoes of the Sixtin church
country : The Vatican
place : inside the city of Rome

- 52 -
The Hassan II mosque
country : Marocco
place : Casablanca

- 53 -
Florence, the duomo and the ponte vecchio
country : Italia
place : Florence

- 54 -
The Acropolis and the Parthenon
country : Greece
place : Athena

- 55 -
The Registan at Samarkand
country : Uzbekistan
place : south-west of Tachkent

- 56 -
The Versailles castle
country : France
place : south-west of Paris

- 57 -
Big Ben and the Parliament Square
country : United Kingdom
place : London

- 58 -
The Meteors : monasteries built on rocky peaks
country : Greece
place : west of the country, Thessaly province

- 59 -
The mont Saint-Michel
country : France
place : Normandy

- 60 -
The royal palace and the Wat Phra Kaeo, the emerald buddha temple
country : Thailand
place : Bangkok

- 61 -
Hindu fervour at the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi
country : India
place : Varanasi (ex-Benares)

- 62 -
A Nil cruise between Luxor and Assuan
country : Egypt
place : from Luxor to Assuan

- 63 -
The Eiffel tower
country : France
place : Paris

- 64 -
The colorful waters of the Jiuzhaigou river
country : China
place : in the middle of the country, north of the Sichuan province

- 65 -
The Kremlin and the Saint Basil the blest cathedral
country : Russia
place : Moscow

- 66 -
The Komodo island
country : Indonesia
place : south, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores

- 67 -
The Louvre museum
country : France
place : Paris

- 68 -
The Alhambra
country : Spain
place : Granada, Andalucia province

- 69 -
The Canaima park and the Salto Angel waterfalls
country : Venezuela
place : east of the country

- 70 -
The aeolian islands and the Stromboli
country : Italia
place : north of the Sicilia island

- 71 -
The Plitvice park and its waterfalls
country : Croatia
place : north of Gospic

- 72 -
The Neuschwanstein castle
country : Germany
place : near the border with Austria, south of Munich

- 73 -
The Reims cathedral
country : France
place : Reims

- 74 -
The Uluru giant monolith at Ayers Rock
country : Australia
place :in the middle of the country

- 75 -
The Baikal lake
country : Russia
place : near the border with Mongolia

- 76 -
The Wulingyuan rocky peaks
country : China
place : south-east of the country, Hunan province

- 77 -
The Karnak temple
country : Egypt
place : near Luxor

- 78 -
The statue of Liberty and the Manhattan view
country : United States of America
place : New-York

- 79 -
The Sagrada Familia
country : Spain
place : Barcelona

- 80 -
The Meidan-e Imam at Ispahan
country : Iran
place : south of Teheran

- 81 -
The city of Prague
country : Czech Republic
place : Prague

- 82 -
Giant sequoias
country : United States of America
place : in the sequoia national park, south-west of the country, California state

- 83 -
The Tasmania island
country : Australia
place : south-east of the country

- 84 -
Chorus of lights at Las Vegas
country : Etats-Unis
place : Las Vegas

- 85 -
The pagoda of Shwedagon
country : Myanmar
place : Yangoon

- 86 -
The emperor Qin I’s mausoleum and his terracotta army
country : China
place : Xi’an, Shaanxi province

- 87 -
The city of Sydney and the opera house
country : Australia
place : Sydney

- 88 -
Nightlife on the Djemaa Elfna square
country : Marocco
place : Marrakech

- 89 -
The Badshahi mosque at Lahore
country : Pakistan
place : south-east of Islamabad

- 90 -
The parliament of Budapest
country : Hungary
place : Budapest

- 91 -
country : Lebanon
place : north-east of the country

- 92 -
The forbidden city
country : China
place : Beijing

- 93 -
El Tajin
country : Mexico
place : north-east of Mexico city

- 94 -
The Burj al arab hotel
country : the United Arab Emirates
place : Dubai

- 95 -
country : Sri Lanka
place : in the middle of the country

- 96 -
The mosque of Djenné
country : Mali
place : Djenné, east of Bamako

- 97 -
The golden gate bridge and the San Francisco bay
country : United States of America
place : California state

- 98 -
The Kennedy space center
country : United States of America
place : south-east of the country, Florida state

- 99 -
The Ermitage winter palace
country : Russia
place : Saint-Petersburg