Tuesday, August 31, 2010

blogger had a blog stat and lets kick wordpress

i am user of wordpress and blogger, first time blogging i am using blogspot and then move to wordpress because wordpress had great feature such as blog stat. but now i am considering to move back to blogger because blogger had that great feature too.


yeah, blogger now had blog stat on their dashboard, and i am sure that i want to move from wordpress because wordpress had to many rules so we can't be free blogger. especially wordpress not let us to put some advertisement programme on our blog, so i can't monetize my blog.

now it is time to kick wordpress!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

travel to beluga

Three Beluga vessels, Fraternity, Foresight and Family are now in transit or in port along Russia’s Arctic-facing northern shore, the fabled Northeast Passage. Due to global warming, the passage is now nearly ice free for a few short weeks in the summer. Two of these three Beluga vessels will be the first non-Russian commercial vessels to transit the entire passage.


The three ice-class 12,744 deadweight-ton ships are carrying Russian ice pilots to assist the ships’ masters and relying on data from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg and ice reports from the University of Bremen, which is the city where Beluga Shipping is headquartered.

The Fraternity and the Foresight entered the passage’s eastern end at Vladivostock and will continue the entire length of the northeast passage to Europe after they discharge project cargo at the Siberian port of Novvy. The Beluga Family entered the passage at Murmansk, at the western end, and is currently at Yamburg, near Novvy Port, already discharging. The Family will turn around, return to Murmansk and go on to Rotterdam.

All three vessels are carrying power plant equipment that will be barged to the Siberian city of Surgut from Novvy and Yamburg.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

another fashion kicker

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

kaos asli bandung

bagi yang mencari produk kaos kaos asli bandung, bisa langsung klik alamat berikut ini :
kaos asli bandung

salah satu desain nya adalah sebagai berikut :

IDR 45.000

Sunday, August 1, 2010

mount tampomas Indonesia

Tampomas Mountain Natural Park are located in Buah Dua District ,Congeang, Sindangkerta and Cibeureum Sumedang. State of the field area of this Park is mountainous with an altitude between 625-1684 meters above mean sea level. According to Schmidt and Ferguson's classification below:

Climate including climate type B, the average rainfall is 3518 mm per year.

flora vegetation of this region including the type of rainforrest, the flora consists of a wide range of woody tree species and the types of groups and epiphyt liana. Flora that dominates the region are: Jamuju (Podocarpus imbricatus) Rasamala (Altingia excelsea) Saninten (Castanea argentea) Fauna Wildlife that live in this area are: Kancil (Tragullus javanicus) monkey (Trachypithecus auratus) Warthog (Sus vitatus) Some bird species .

Some Fascination Object and interesting sights in the area of Mount Tampomas namely: Peak of Mount Tampomas (Sangiang Taraje) With a height of ± 1684 m above sea level, covering an area of Ha is open. This location has a high aesthetic value because of these places tourists can enjoy beautiful natural scenery to the Soil and surrounding areas. The existence of the crater holes and big rocks are black to add richness to the imagination of the beholder.

Sacred Tomb Located ± 300 m to North Peak Sangiang Taraje, this place is better known by the name Pasarean. According to the story, the two tombs is a relic (patilasan) from Samaji and King Dalem Siliwangi old at the time of the royal Pajajaran

Water source, located at the foot of Mount Tampomas the North, with the debit of water 202 liters per second. The beauty of nature with flora and fauna which are still intact original Nature Tourism Activities That Can Do

Nature tourism activities that can be done is: Enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool mountain climbing and cross country Photographing Camping Facilities and Infrastructure The infrastructure is still very minimal, there are currently only: Pos Pos guard trail tickets.

Travel route to get to the location of Mount Tampomas Natural Park are:
Bandung - Soil - Cibeureum Wetan - Cimalaka, as far as ± 53 km Cirebon - Duchy - Cibeureum Wetan ± 74 Km From Cibeureum Wetan - Cimalaka to the location (entrance area) ± 6 km, with the condition of the gravel road.

one year kick the world

kick the world blog had been already one year on age, and had serve a lot of travel articles and post many information about hotel for traveler and hostle for backpacker, we way thank you for all reader and we hope this blog will getting larger soon so could serve a lot of traveler, backpacker and adventurer in the whole the world.

see you :)