Sunday, August 30, 2009

indonesia can rules the world

we will told you a story about our country :

One morning in Bandar Lampung, i pick someone in airport. The man was old, 60-year range. Call him an oldman. The oldman is a businessman from Singapore, with the accent speaking style melayu, indonesia, (or english?) he experienced and tells us that life is still young. Starting from business experience, spiritual, family, even hehehe .. romance
"Your country is so rich!"
Ah it really unusual words we heard. But wait....
"Indonesia doesn't need the world, but the world need indoensia "
"Everything can be found here in Indonesia, u dont need the world "
"It's easy, Indonesia is the lungs of the world. cut of woods Borneo your self, the world would end. World need Indonesia! "
"Singapore is nothing, we cannot be rich without Indonesia. 500,000 people on holiday to Indonesia singapore each month. can imagine the money that comes into us? apartemen2 and our recent condo purchased by indonesian people, indonesian people doesn't care exorbitant prices, sells. Look at the house our hospital, the Indonesia all the treatment. " "You know how our government when Indonesia forest smoke in? yes we really really got panic. very taste, we are nothing."
"You don't know that in August last world rice crisis. included in singapore and malaysia? you're in Indonesia easily to get rice "
"Look at your country, clean water everywhere behold Our country, our water was purchased from malaysia. I never went to kalimantan, even sand also contains gems. ifglitter look no sun shines. Farmers there Rp3000/kg sold to a factory in China. And the factory sell for Rp 30,000. I see my own "
"You realize that other country was afraid to embargo Indonesia? Yes, because your country has everything. They are afraid if you become independent, hence not in the embargo. should be is your Embargo to yourselves. Buy from your own farmers, buy the cloth by your own garment and textile fabrique.
"If you can be independent, able to MYSELF embargo, Indonesia will rules the world"

i know the statement is little bit selfish, but this is the opinion of singaporean businessman. this articles taken from kaskus

benny and mice : funny indonesian cartoon

the comic above told us that we should be patient, even that malaysia always claimed our cultures

Astrid S Haryati : the Assistant of Chicago Mayor

Photo of: Astrid Haryati
Astrid are indonesian people who elected as mayor assistant in chicago, for further information, you can read the article below :

Astrid Haryati was appointed in early 2005 by Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago as the Assistant to the Mayor for Green Initiatives. Astrid’s role is to promote Chicago to be the healthiest, smartest and greenest city by initiating and implementing comprehensive, yet practical, environmental policies. This role requires a new level of collaborative public and private partnership and an advance stakeholders’ advocacy to comprehensively embrace integrated urban environment to include infrastructures, air quality and stormwater.

Astrid received her Bachelor of Architecture from Institute of Technology at Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia and received Master of Landscape Architecture from University of Colorado at Denver. She was a Faculty Member at the ITB Architecture Department and at the ITB Urban Design Center producing comprehensive studies of Indonesia's urban developments. She also serves as a Guests Critic at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Landscape Urbanism Program and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Department of Architecture, assisting the development of what will be the only Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture in the City of Chicago.

i know this website and find it very very interesting, the content mostly talk about enviromentally surrounding. for more information please direct to visit

you'll find many green building and infrastructure there. are the real internet banking

beside there are any internet banking like according to me are more simple to use than paypal because we didn't need to verify our account with VCC or credit card. so register to to save your money.

you can use the as a way to make a money while you're traveling. how does it works? haha, just simply make a website, try to get your website got a high pagerank than you apply to the perfectmoney banner program and your blog will start making money for you. just try it :D

suramadu bridge : east java indonesia

this bridge connected java island and madura island and the longest bridges in indonesia, about 5.4 kilometres.


this is the most funniest country over the world :D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kassian Cephas (15 Februari 1844 - 1912) : first indonesian photographer

Kassian Cephas (15 Februari 1844 - 1912) is the first indonesian photographer, i know ti from kaskus. fyi : kaskus is the largest indonesian community.

this is the portrait of Kassian Chepas :

and this is several photo of his creation :

batavian topeng dance *cmiiw*

cutting tobacco leaves

borobudur temples

one of many hystoricall temple in indonesia

javanese/ indonesian woman

king of java, indonesia

below are the photograph about indonesian human interest by Kassian Chepas

indonesian girl

mostly of the pictures are taken from kaskus, i just wanna share about the rich of indonesian cultures, if you are the owner of the picture and don't like your picture put on here, just send me and email and i will remove it.


malaysia truly indonesia

"malaysia truly indonesia"
i heard this tagline from my friend's yahoo massenger status, and i think that the tagline are suit with malaysia. many of their cultures are belongs to indonesia, hha.

so, let's singing together everyone

malaysia truly indonesiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

wayang kulit : indonesian shadow puppet

this is indonesian shadow puppet, the master who run the puppet called dalang, this is one of indonesian cultures came from javanese island

just enjoy it, and don't let other nation claim our cultures

sing to the dawn : indonesian animation movie

this is indonesia animation movie, the title are "sing to the dawn" or in indonesian title are "meraih mimpi"


and starring gita gutawa, patton, surya saputra, cut mini, shanty, indra bekti, uli herdinansyah, ria irawan, jajang c noer and tike priatnakusumah.

you can see the complete information on the official site :

most beautiful under sea are located in indonesia

sorry for title, maybe will confuse all of you, just correct it if you had more fit title.
this beautiful under sea located on derawan island, indonesia. derawan islands are one of beautiful tourism resort located in indonesia.

souces : <-- indonesian largest community here the complete articles : If you like marine tourism, visit the Marine Conservation Area (MPA) Derawan Islands, Berau, East Kalimantan, newsworthy event. Although only developed into tourist attractions, the potential and beauty of the waters is not inferior to other regions. This region is the sea and mangrove areas are arranged for purposes of sustainable fisheries activities, marine tourism, research, and socio-economic development of society, and the utilization of other marine resources sustainably. There are currently no direct flights to get to this area. The flight from Jakarta to Balikpapan only to replace the small plane to Cape Redeb, the capital of Berau District. From Cape Redeb using the speedboat to the island Derawan. It took an hour down the river to reach the estuary. Do not be surprised if you see so many step on the chart. This chart is owned by the local population and the number could be thousands. On the island there are several cottages Derawan. Sea water in this area clean and clear with white sand that stretch. Derawan Islands located in the Celebes Sea, on the coast of Berau, East Kalimantan, overlooking the mouth of the estuary of the River known as Kelai and Berau Delta. This archipelago consists of six large group of islands, namely Pulau Derawan, Sangalaki Island, Kakaban, Maratua Island, Long Island, Pulau Samama, and several small islands and coral clusters. There are 21 islands in the archipelago. Derawan Islands group is only a fraction of the hundreds of islands in the east coast of East Kalimantan islands totaling 248. Of these, 138 did not have the name of the island, two islands of Sipadan and Ligitan lost, belonging to Malaysia. Waters in this island known as one of the diving spot or the best dive sites in the world. Marine tourism and conservation be developed into tourist submarine is famous for coral reefs are very beautiful. By using a snorkel you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs under the sea because the water is very clear. Do not need all the way out to sea, about 100 meters from shore, fish and colorful coral reefs can be enjoyed by renting snorkel Rp 50,000 per day. As for scuba equipment rental (self containing breathing underwater apparatus) approximately USD $ 400,000. Series of islands stretching Derawan more than 100mil along the coast of East Kalimantan, is one of the region's most biologically rich in Indonesia. On the islands of the River Berau water mixes with water from the Celebes Sea to create a unique landscape with the characteristics of a broad river delta toward the scattered reef, the coral reefs and atolls.

Derawan Islands there are more than 460 species of coral. This makes Derawan Islands as areas with the highest diversity of hard coral in the world number two after the Raja Ampat Islands in Eastern Indonesia. The study also notes that there is more than 870 species of fish, ranging from Pygmy seahorses are very small to giant manta rays. Very often found in a large group of manta rays, amounting to 50 tail was visible were foraging in the waters Derawan. Variety of flora and fauna are also found in this area include: 347 species of reef fish; 222 types of mollusks (including 5 types of chemicals); 27 types of crustaceans, 183 species of coral; 7 seagrass species; and other biota such as rare green turtles (Chelonia mydas) , hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), dugongs (Dugong dugori), fish belebele / Napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus], shell clam (Tridacna sp.), and crab crab (Birgus latrd). Several types of biota significant economic value that exists between different shrimp lobsters, grouper, red fish, kurisi fish, sharks, sea cucumbers, and oysters. Some rock groups, like the Moras, latitude, Malalangun, Gasongan, Baliulin and also in Masimbung Derawan Islands. Waters around this reef ecosystems under the sea has a very amazing. The beauty of coral reefs, the diversity of different types of coral, fish and biota of reefs and white sandy beaches clean the charm of this place. A number of rare animals in Indonesia now East of snail species found in some of these coral islands. This area is also famous for its habitat for green turtle (Chelonia mydas) are rare and the largest in Indonesia. Derawan Islands as one of the richest and most unique in the world could be your next destination. Make sure you schedule it on the next vacation.


i am tired to keep talking about malaysia, i think indonesia should say thanks to them, because of them, we (indonesia) realized that indonesian cultures are very great cultures, indonesian cultures are bautiful, we indonesia have many cultures to be keep from malaysia claim. in moslem religion, if people stole the others things, the hand should be cut. if nation stole the another nation, what should we do to them?
as indonesian people, i can only say, that we should more care to our cultures, we should take care all of our culture in order another nation (especially malaysia) didn't keep our cultures. its the time to unite!!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

malaysia claimed pendet balinese dance as their cultures

IMG_09431.jpg tari bali image by disromantique
balinese dance

malaysia stole indonesian cultures again, now they're claimed pendet dances as their culture. see the complete information about malaysia claim indonesian dance.

to malaysia :
c'mmon, make your own culture, i believe you can, we're all have creativity.

Friday, August 21, 2009

free listing

Free links website directory for webmasters.

this is free listing website,

this is ramadhan here in indonesia. ramadhan to us is a like fasting month, we should fast from 4.00 am to 18.00 pm. ramadhan are so lovely month to us. i love ramadhan :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i have not sleep yet, should make some t-shirt design. it is 00.30

i am designer

from now on, you can call me designer, copycat designer actually :D. On the implementation i always use this principe : observe, copy and modificate, we can call the OCM way, haha, just kidding.

Now i am designing jacket.

Reported from my nokia phone :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I think that blackberry smartphone are not interesting at all. why? Just because there are many blackberry in this city, everyone had their own BB, so it is not great anymore.
this is the photo of old blackberry

blogger training

I would not talk about training how to make a blog to beginer. But, i just wanna share about my blogging activity, i have 5 active blog, and i managed it all by my self.

I didn't live in a country that use english as their general language in conversation, so that, i should learn english language hardly. So i use this kicktheworld blog to improve my english skill and then i implementing it on Ok, thats all for me, just wait my next articles.

Monday, August 17, 2009

house design

I like to talk about design, especially in house design, i will brought you many picture of house design sometimes. in the recent time, green house concept are being hot.
Many people would build a house that kind to the nature, or we can say a zero waste energy house system that will not throw a dangereous rubbish to our surrounding nature.

for further information about house design, you can find the information on

Ok then, i should go to campus, i will update this articles later, see ya

first day study
It is my first day after long holiday. I should go to campus at 07.00 am and start studying. I should take a bath now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

mobile blogging
at the age of mobile technology recent times, we know that more easy to do blogging through our mobile device like smart phone or PDA. With simple application such as java app and symbian OS, we can keep update our blog and website from anywhere.
Like this blog, kicktheworld are recently updated from my cellphone, just like this post.

mobile blogging

at the age of mobile technology recent times, we know that more easy to do blogging through our mobile device like smart phone or PDA. With simple application such as java app and symbian OS, we can keep update our blog and website from anywhere.
Like this blog, kicktheworld are recently updated from my cellphone, just like this post.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

business is just business

business is sometimes fun, sometimes dumb, sometime make us happy and sad in another time, especially when complaint came from our customer.

business is not about winning, but how to satisfy the other, is not about money or material but bout a benefit and provit.


business is always business

indonesia independence day

indonesia had been in war with holand and japan for 385 years, and reach it independence day at august 17, 1945.

soekarno, the proklamator and the founding father of republic indonesia

the indonesian flag came from the holand red white blue flag, the indonesian soldier trow the blue one and become red and white indonesian flag

indonesian flag in .gif format

independent day ceremony on every august 17, 1945

G.I. Joe

watching this movie yesterday, an find it interesting.
i think it more interesting that transformer 2
enjoy this movie


doing some tv project on my campus :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

google indonesia

merah putih the movie

the new indonesian war movie, the effect maker are same with saving private ryan
i should watch this movie at cinema

i scream for ice cream

the name was unique, i found that ice cream cafe at bandung, but i have no chance yet visiting there, i hope sometimes


babes, i know i had been misunderstanding on you for so long, i though you didn't love me, but i totally wrong, i always feel that you ignoring me sometimes, act like you never need me, but i know you're not. you do that just because very very simple reason that out of my mind, you love me. and i love you

Thursday, August 13, 2009

nokia 5800

this express music nokia phone are just like iphone right?
i wanna make this cell phone as mine.
or we can say it as my target
i will get you soon :D

here the complete information about nokia 5800 :

Circulating newspapers are preparing for the Nokia music phone with touch screen concept. How it works like a mobile-phone touch screen that has been most outstanding. Only a LG Viewty, Samsung i900 omnia, and even the iPhone. Although still a rumor, but the newspaper said circulating that Nokia will launch a similar phone next month. Series and identify any existing XPRESSMUSIC ie Nokia 5800.

This mobile phone will have a screen measuring 32 inches with technology TFT display 16 million colors depth. Reach the screen dimensions are 640x360 pixels for a similar phone. Display interface alias user interface using a series 60 5th.

Nokia 5800 XPRESSMUSIC also start the camera with 3 megapixel quality following autofocus technology. Lens used was not a usual product but the lens from carl zeiss lens. Included also GPS feature.

This mobile phone manufacturer, the device weight is 104 grams to run on the GSM network, 3G UMTS, and HSDPA. User will be pampered with a wireless Internet connection via Wi Fi. If you feel less wide-screen display and large, Nokia has been facilitated with the TV series output, so the screen can be displayed on the television screen.

Facilities, of course, the music player into a major vendor to be Nokia. Have A2DP technology and stock memory slot up to 8 Gb. Resistance is adjusted to the battery power of 1320 mAh.

you can find other information about nokia 5800 by google

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

photo of lily allen

Lily Rose Beatrice Allen (born 2 May 1985) is a UK singer and actress . He was the brothers from the singer / actor / comedy Keith Allen and film director.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

i-pnone 3G s
this is the coolest smartphone ever i think


wise man says
" thousands miles of journey begin from single steps "

michael jackson

this the photo of michael jackson casanova live in concert

red and white roses for you
yesterday are the first time i give a flower to a girl, feel very shy ^^

adsense problem

i found my adsense on this website occured error. the ads won't show up. i just confuse, how to trubleshot it. anybody could helps?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

its all about hotel design

if we talk about design, we talk about capability of drawing and concept, on how we can make our dream ( concept ) and make it real (drawing) so it can be use by another person. the design capabilty can be used to make such as luxurious and beutiful hotel and apartment. talking about nice hotel, let's we look hotel below :
luxury hotel in dubai

for another image and information about luxury hotel and its accommodation, you can search it on google are direct visit this link