Tuesday, November 23, 2010

blackberry application world

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Photographs of Miss World 2010

Miss World 2010 held in Sanya, China. Which emerged as the winner was Alexandria Mills of the United States. What kind of excitement this contest? Cekidot just below.

miss world 2010

miss world 2010

miss world 2010

miss world 2010

Cadillac One, the Office of President Obama's Super Advanced Cars

Cadillac One

Price: 300 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 4.2 billion

Width: 18 feet or 5.5 m
Height: 5 feet 10 inches, or 1.8 m
Engine: 6.5 liter
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel consumption: approximately 8 miles per gallon or 3.4 km per liter
Maximum speed: 60 mph or around 97 km / h
Acceleration 0-60 mph: 15 seconds

Made of five-inch steel plate that is designed to be resistant to bomb placed at the bottom of the car

The combination of steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramic that will withstand a variety of projectiles from carbon copies

Driver's presidency has been trained by the CIA to be able to drive a vehicle in a variety of critical circumstances

Can withstand bullets penetrating the shield (bullets designed to penetrate tank), is the only glass that can be opened for a driver still can pay the toll or to communicate with secret service agents are standing by car

Armored door as thick as eight inches and weighs as heavy as the cabin door Boeing 757 jets

Driver Compartment
Equipped with a standard steering wheel, GPS tracking systems and integrated communication system on the dashboard

Made of kevlar which is equipped with a steel belt, so antirusak and leakproof. Although it was detonated, the tire will remain strong so that the car will still be able to escape from attack

Defense Accessories
Equipped with night vision cameras, shotguns, and tear gas cannons. The car also provides blood reserves president, if at any time he needed an emergency blood transfusion

Rear Compartment
Can carry four passengers and separated by a glass partition that can only be dinaik down by President Obama. The window is more bear than the previous presidential vehicle. Panic Button button is also provided if at any time the President asks for help

Rear Seat
Chairs Obama, has various features including desktop that can be folded, laptop computer, a WiFi channel, satellite phones, and direct connections to the vice president and the Pentagon

Gas tank
Coated steel and designed specifically with foam that prevents it from exploding, although beaten by a shot or similar direct

Oxygen supply and fire fighting systems

Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 most beautiful subway station in the world

stockholm tunnelbana, Swedia
subway sistem in swedia have about 100 station and almost all have great art decoration made by 140 artist. this subway station known as the longest art gallery in the world.

munich u-bahn, Munich, Germany
operated at 1972 the subway station serve for about98 destination in munich. germanny

Bilbao metro, Spain
this is the fourth subway station build in spain and third biggest subway station on that country.

Shanghai bund sightseeing tunnel, China
Actually this is not subway station but the long tunnel that connect among the passenger.

Metro station, Dubai
Dubai subway station is the new subway station and operated at september 2009

Tokyo - iidabashi station, Japan

This Station is the most crowded station in the world and also known for architecture design.

Prague Line a, Cekoslowakia
this subway station are very colorful

Komsomolskaya station, Moscow
build at 1930 this station are very beautiful and artistic.

toronto - museum station, Kanada
the first subway station that looks like museum, build in egypt.

Drassanes station, barcelona, Spanyol

Friday, November 5, 2010

10 The body of the man that woman want

Which parts of the body of your partner most like? The answer is certainly varied, it tastes of different backgrounds. But in fact, from a survey involving more than 100 women, 10 parts of the body revealed a man who makes them passionate - crazy. Want to know what are they? Much was predictable, but there are other parts that might escape the attention of men who turned out to also attract women.

1. Buttocks
Rump was ranked first preferred male body part women. It shows women are not much different from men. Some women said they liked the buttock-shaped "half moon", while others prefer ass "a little turn."

2. Mr. P
Mainstay of this man's body parts are in the order of two. The survey revealed that women do not specialize in the problem size Mr. P, as the saying goes "size doesn't matter", tetep still valid. But more importantly, many women mention the area around Mr. P is very important, of which Mr skin color. P is proportional, not too deep, not too short, not very large, thick & also of concern is the smell of Mr. womanhood. P. Men highly recommended to always maintain good health so as not to produce a stinging aroma for women smell.

3. Stomach
Not surprisingly, most women love a man who flat stomach. Some women do not want a muscular stomach, but a flat stomach is more than good.

read the complete articles at : http://daydaily.com/2010/11/06/10-the-body-of-the-man-that-woman-want/

frank zappa day

This past weekend we got to be a part of Frank Zappa day in Baltimore. Frank's music is so strongly tied to southern California that few people know that he was born in Baltimore. Well, now there's an impressive statue proudly informing everyone who comes to the corner of Eastern Avenue and Conkling Street, newly renamed Frank Zappa Way, that Baltimore is proud to call Frank their own. Head over to Zappa.com to see the actual proclamation and some more pictures from the event. I think it's a pretty amazing sign of how things have changed that a controversial public figure such as Frank can finally be recognized in such an official way, for both his musical output as well as his part in the fight for free speech.
Before we go back on tour with ZPZ in November and December (with new video footage!), Gryphon Labs will be playing once again at the world famous Baked Potato on Thursday October 7th, with our good friend Paul Barrere from Little Feat sitting in. Come on out, it may be our last show of 2010!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Unique Images with Photoshop

Photoshop can be used for things unique. No exception eliminates the existing objects in the picture. Be unique photographs, other than the other. Below are 5 unique images created with photoshop.

1. racer without motorbike

Pembalap tanpa motor

2. racer without bike

Pembalap tanpa sepeda

3. plane without wings

pesawat tanpa pesawat

4. F1 racer without car

pembalap F1 tanpa mobil

5. dating without bench

tanpa bangku

absolutely photoshoper is great :D

Mountain Hardwear Monkey Jackets

There are many styles of Mountain Hardwear jackets available depending on the level of extreme that you are looking for. The famous Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero Jackets protects you from the bitter temperatures without putting your body at risk. A wide selection of sweatshirts effectively to keep you dry while maintaining breathability in wet conditions. Mountain Hardwear Monkey jackets will surely be a favorite wool jacket for sale this season. Not only is this jacket Mountain Hardwear elegant, but also work perfectly in a variety of conditions. Mountain Hardwear monkeyman impressive provides warmth to weight ratio allows it to be used as an outdoor room for sightseeing or a piece of the stratification of the most rigorous.


The materials used in this Mountain Hardwear jackets gives a durable, non-pilling, highly breathable fabric. In addition, the Mountain Hardwear Monkey Jackets accented with cuffs and waistband PowerStrech compose a perfect fit. But Mountain Hardwear Monkeyman is only one piece of insulating fleece lining mature. You can always choose a high wind resistance as fleece jacket Mountain Hardwear Windstopper Tech or a more technical fleece jacket Lynx.

Mountain Hardwear built his team to withstand a hostile environment and has received numerous awards for the implementation of innovative concepts in the market. A complete range of Mountain Hardwear jackets, tents and bags make the perfect introduction for any trip. The variety of packages including Mountain Hardwear jackets, backpacks and sports bags of all shapes and sizes.

Things to Avoid When Making love

Already tired-tired of preparing everything for creating a romantic atmosphere with a partner, uh, so in the mood for romance has gone up, suddenly the wife immediately "sluggish" even cranky do not want to continue the activities of sex. The men did should know these things what can make a passionate woman suddenly extinguished, even when you're ready "fighter".

Mention the name of ex girlfriend
Every lady hopes that she only exists in your heart, even though he knew before with him maybe you have a relationship with several women. Sprained tongue until another woman's name or your ex is certainly going to obscure his expectations. Even if you do not accidentally do this, he would immediately accuse you think of other women when with him.

His anger may be prolonged. To redeem the error, make sure that only he who is in your heart. Do fun activities with him, like they re on your first date with him or help him do chores that you would normally avoid.

Being too aggressive
You are indeed loved ones, but your wife also have the desire and desire alone. Impose the will and being too aggressive can make it refuses berintim-intimate with you because you do not understand how to turn his passion.

Before entering the main game, make sure the he was in a good mood for sex. Seduction and relaxing massage will increase the passion. Exploration of all the sensitive points in his body and doing turns. Ask him at what point he wants to be touched to achieve satisfaction together. Remember that communication is also part of a successful sexual relationship.

Men who like to force altogether unattractive in the eyes of women. If you want to do something, such as oral sex, why not do it first. Make a game he was helpless with your tongue. Guaranteed he will also be challenged to do the same for you.

Net Less
Needless good muscular body or perfume to be a magnet for women. Men are clean and fresh is much more interesting to be approached. The aroma is fragrant and fresh body can certainly make the mood to make love more skyrocketed.

Like fingered
Men who understand the sensitive points in the body of a woman becomes the ideal of womanhood. However, know that felt like it was not sexy and it makes her feel humiliated. Touching on the part of improper and abusive manner will also make women can be in pain and loss of passion.

Treat the woman you love with appropriately, with tenderness, love, and compassion. Notice his body language. If he does not like the touch you, usually he will direct your hand to another place. If you treat him with proper and gentle, maybe he will get back more than you give.

Too vulgar
For most men, it was a bit difficult to lock the mouth in the midst of pleasure to a climax. However, often without realizing it you are removing the words dirty and rough. The expression of this vulgar than sexy can not make a woman who heard annoyed because they felt like was playing a porn scene. If you belong to a man who is difficult to control the words in the middle of lovemaking session, control your mouth by doing a kiss and kiss.

bali ngaben

The Bali royal families, foreign dignitaries and thousands of residents of Peliatan and Ubud flocked to Peliatan Palace to witness the grand cremation of the late King of Peliatan IX, Ida Dewa Agung Peliatan, on Tuesday.

Royal cremation: A wooden sarcophagus in the shape of a white bull with gold plated horns makes its way along Ubud’s crowded streets on Tuesday. The coffin  of the late Ida Dewa Agung Peliatan IX, the last king of Peliatan, with a  25-meter-tall bade cremation tower on it is seen in the background. The remains of the Balinese king were later moved from the tower and placed inside the sarcophagus  and cremated. Almost 7,000 men from 30 hamlets in Ubud took turns  to help carry the sarcophagus, the bade and the naga banda (dragon) during the funeral procession. JP/Agung Parameswara

Prior to the grand palebon agung — a cremation ritual for members of the Bali royal families — Peliatan’s royal family and nobility paid their last respects to the late King, who died from diabetes last August.

Hindu High Priest Ida Pedanda Lingsir Padang Tegal, who presided over the religious ritual, fired a sacred arrow into a 6-meter-tall dragon-shaped bridge called naga banda in a symbol of destroying the earthly desires that tormented the late king, and thus releasing his soul from the temptations of the material world.

The naga banda, presented by the Ubud royal family, was used to carry the body of the late King Peliatan to a 25-meter-tall cremation tower called a bade.

The tower has 11 pyramid-shaped roofs signifying the king’s lineage from the noblemen of East Java’s Majapahit Kingdom, which conquered the island in the 14th century.

Thousands of villagers enthusiastically carried the 20-ton bade from Peliatan Palace to Royal Dalem Cemetery. They were followed by a long procession of women carrying colorful offerings and other items as part of the ritual.

All of the members of Bali’s royal families attended the procession in the most formal of royal attire.

It took more than one hour for the hundreds of pallbearers to carry the bade over the 1.5 kilometers from Peliatan Palace, where the king had been lying in state, to the cemetery.

Pan Mandi, a theater artist from Gianyar, was one of the bade carriers.

“I am so honored to take part in the ritual. This is a sacred ritual and a reflection of our respect for the late King of Peliatan,” Pan Mandi said.

Traffic in the Ubud area ground to a halt as a sea of spectators flocked to the event. Power was turned off in the area to ensure the 11-tier cremation tower was not damaged by power cables.

Local and foreign visitors waited patiently under a scorching sun for the procession to make its way to them. Most restaurants, cafes, shops and traditional markets were closed in the morning out of respect for the event, which took the palace months to prepare for.

Peliatan Palace had also held a long series of rituals before Tuesday’s cremation ceremony.

Tjokorda Putra Nindya, the King’s nephew and the heir to the Peliatan throne, said he must follow in the late King’s footsteps by getting the palace more involved in social and cultural activities in Bali.

“Before he passed away, the late King asked me to become more actively involved in cultural dialogue for the betterment of Bali.

“We have a similar family lineage to the Ubud Royal Family, but they are more active in society,” Tjokorda Putra Nindya said.

On Oct. 7, the Palace declared Tjokorda Putra Nindya would be crowned the new king of Peliatan.

Power was turned off in the area to ensure the 11-tier cremation tower was not damaged
by power cables.