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honey bee

i take this picture as pattern to make design
i feel sorry to the creator


srikandi are javanese local heroes, you can see the figure on the picture below :
srikandi are female

remake of srikandi

srikandi are famous female warriors from java island. anybody know much about her? please share with us here on this comment post.

motekar advertising

motekar unique advertising are clothing company and digital printing in bandung.
wanna make a t-shirt you can write email to :

hotel america

there are many hotel in america, so does in indonesia. many people tought that ritz carlton and jw marriot hotel are american hotel, but they are all totally wrong. both of hotel are owned by indonesian businessman, chinese blood businessman actually.

but here i wanna make some articles about american hotel :

sorry got to go, i will update later

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

malaysian truly liar

i just read some traveling promotion from malaysian, and i want to laugh so much, they wrote about their local cuisine and wrote like this :

Local Cuisine

The unique cooking styles and flavors of the Malays, Chinese and Indians cuisine are to be experienced and enjoyed while in Malaysia. Dining out is inexpensive, and the choice of food is unbelievably large, from 5-star hotels to the local restaurants and hawker centres. The fusion of races, cultures and religion has provided this interesting and rich legacy of Malaysian cuisine and the creative styles of food preparation.


  • Satays
    These are delightful skewers of marinated beef or chicken grilled over a slow charcoal fire. The dipping sauce is made from a spicy mix and crushed peanuts.

  • Nasi Lemak
    This local cuisine is rice steamed with coconut milk and served with curry chicken or beef, fried anchovies and sambal. Sometimes pandan leaves are added when steaming rice to give it the fragrant aroma.

  • Mee Jawa
    This is a traditional noodle dish with thick spicy sauce served with prawn fritters, taufo and potato slices.

  • Soto Ayam
    This is a family favourite of the Malays. It is a spicy chicken soup served with rice cubes and cooked vegetables.


  • Hainan Chicken Rice
    This is a very popular lunch dish, made up of steamed fragrant rice and served with roasted or steam-cooked chicken. A special ginger-chili sauce complements this dish.
  • Assam Laksa
    With some Thai influence, this noodle dish is made with tamarind fish soup served with fresh cucumber and pineapple salad. It is then flavored with a black thick paste made from fermented prawns.
  • Wantan Mee
    This is a lunch delight made with egg noodles. The noodles are served with barbeque pork, prawns and dumplings
  • Claypot Rice
    This is a hearty dish of rice cooked in claypots with a combination of thick soya sauce, roast pork, Chinese sausages and mushrooms.


  • Roti Canai
    This is a very special layered pan cake made with flour and water. The fresh dough is kneaded and tossed in the air then folded into layers and cooked on a very hot iron plate. It can be eaten plain or dipped into curries.
  • Mee Goreng
    This is a spicy fried noodles cooked with a mix of chilli and tomato sauce. Ingredients such as taufo, sliced potato, prawns and eggs are added.
  • Rojak
    This is a very refreshing snack of the locals. It is a salad of fresh fruits and cucumber mixed with a thick spicy and sweet sauce. Often, thick fermented prawn paste is added for flavour.
  • Nasi Briyani
    This is a very traditional Indian rice cooked in goat butter and spices. The cooked rice is served with meat or vegetable curries.


  • Otak otak
    This is a delicious spicy steamed fish-paste cooked in banana leaves. The fish fillet is grounded, mixed with spices, coconut milk and egg white, then steamed or grilled over charcoal.
  • Mee Siam
    This is made from fine rice noodle tossed with fresh tamarind juice and soya sauce. Sliced chicken, prawns and fried eggs are normally served with the noodles.
  • Enche kabin
    This is a delicious Nyonya chicken recipe. The chicken pieces are marinated in soy and oyster sauces and flavoured with a mix of spices. It is then battered and deep fried.
  • Achar
    This is a condiment made from blanched vegetables mixed with several spices and crushed peanuts. It is normally served as a cold dish.

Local Fruits

Malaysia has a huge variety of tropical fruits. Some are seasonal but most are available through the year. Popular local fruits are papaya, water melon and pineapple.

  • Durians
    The locals call this the king of fruits. The creamy yellowish flesh which tastes bitter-sweet is covered by a hard thorny pod. Most foreigners are put off by the strong pungent smell of the fruit. Some hotels prohibit the fruit on their premises.
  • Rambutan
    This is a red coloured fruit with a 'hairy' soft shell. The flesh is white and sweet. A local favourite and available twice a year.
  • Langsat
    This is a large berry-like fruit with a thick golden skin. The flesh has a sweet-sour taste and is white in colour.
  • Ciku
    This fruit resembles the kiwi fruit. The flesh has a grainy texture and is very sweet.

  • Mangosteen
    The fruit is like a cricket ball with a yellow stalk. The thick pulp conceals the white flesh which is sweet and juicy.

the fact :

satays = its origins from java island indonesia, the origins name are "SATE"
mee jawa = jawa are javanese island, name of island in indonesia
soto ayam = from indonesia again :D
rojak = in indonesia we called it rujak, the origins words from java island

great house of padang

this is a picture what so called rumah minang, rumah minang are traditional house from padang, west sumatra. correct me if i wrong

indonesian cultures

here the collection pictures about indonesian cultures :

the picture are about traditional ceremony at bali

traditional wedding ceremony at lombok island

javanese wedding couple and costumes

traditional javanese dances

padang, sumatra wedding costumes

papua costumes (indonesia)

there are many others tribe in indonesia, we're different but we're one indonesia. no one can separate us!!!

popular things to do in bali

we know that bali are a beautiful island, i find the interesting articles about the most popular things to do in bali just now and got it useful to you and me, just check it out.

here the photo about bali cultures

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a marketer

its my dream to become a big marketer in internet, or we can say it as internet marketer. But its really really uneasy to get a big cash in internet marketer world.

I finished my bachelor degree and i refuse to become an employee, i wanna start my own business and after that i would start play at stock market, and be a broker.

O yeah, talk about marketing, i had a dream to promote my lovely country indonesia to whole the world. I would tell that indonesia are a very cool country to visit. That we had a lot of wonders and anything. just wait

this blog are contain some of backpacking tips, if you wanna find more information about backpacking, please visit this blog temporary and we will try to bring you some travel tips and backpacking tips.

for the beginning, we will bring you about backpacking tips in indonesia :
1. indonesian poeple are known kind to foreigner
its true, in fact, indonesian poeple are kind, they're even always smiling to other people. if you go to indonesia for business, be kind to the local people except you're a malaysian. if you came from malaysia, please don't visit this country because malaysian known bad in this country, it is because malaysia always claim indonesian cultures as their and make indonesian people hate malaysian.

2. food in indonesia are cheap
if you're low budget traveler, don't eat at restaurant, you can eat at the warung. the quality usually not too different, it was just a location.

i will update this articles later

traveler wallpaper

here i post some wallpaper about traveler, just click the image to enlarge it.
regards and enjoy

my cousins wedding party

i just came from my cousin's wedding party, now this couple enjoy their honeymoon at sheraton hotel in dago street

happy make love :P

the tale of angklung

malaysian are a damn theft country, they are always stole indonesian culture such as angklung, why didn't you created your own culture.

angklung are famous indonesian traditional music, here i brought you the picture about angklung :

just clik on the pictures to enlarge the image.

you can find more information about angklung in this website :

angklung the origins
sundanese angklung

oke, mayne the title are too over, but here i will tell you the origins of angklung. angklung are traditional music came from one of tribe in indonesia, the sundanese tribe. the sundanese tribe are located on west java, java island indonesia. so, angklung are traditional music origins from indonesia. and it means that angklung are truly indonesian culture just like batik, reog ponorogo and still many others. but how come malaysia claimed that it was their culture, they even stole it and promote this angklung, reog and batik as theirs to other country. i feel shame in malaysia, they are known as a moslem country, but how come they stole culture from their neighbor. this nation should learn more about moral and etics, and they should learn their holy qur'an

bunaken map

Bunaken National Park is representative of the ecosystem of a tropical forest ecosystem of mangroves, the yet, coral reef, ecosystem and land / coastal.

In the North island of Bunaken, Manado Tua island, the island Montehage, Siladen the island, the island Nain, Nain Kecil island, and some coastal areas Tanjung Pisok. While in the South include some coastal Tanjung Kelapa.

Potential land island national park is rich with the kind of palm, sago, woka, silar and coconut. Types of animals on the land between the coastal and other black South monkeys (Macaca nigra nigra), deer (Cervus timorensis russa), and polecat (Ailurops ursinus ursinus).

Type of vegetation in the mangrove forest Bunaken National Park, namely Rhizophora sp., Sonneratia sp., Lumnitzera sp., And Bruguiera sp. Forest is rich with various kinds of crab, shrimp, moluska and various types of birds such as sea gull, heron, sea squab, and cangak sea.

Type of seaweed found in the national park include the type of Caulerpa sp., Halimeda sp., And Padina sp. Padang which yet dominates Montehage especially in the island, and the island Nain Thalassia hemprichii, Enhallus acoroides, and Thalassodendron ciliatum.

Recorded 13 genera of living coral in the waters of Bunaken National Park, dominated by the edge type of coral reefs and coral reef barrier. The most interesting is the barrier reef vertical extent to 25-50 meters.

Approximately 91 species of fish found in the waters of Bunaken National Park, including fish gusumi horse (Hippocampus kuda), white oci (Seriola rivoliana), yellow tail lolosi (Lutjanus kasmira), goropa (Ephinephelus spilotoceps and Pseudanthias hypselosoma), ila gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus) , and others.

Type moluska like giant kima (Tridacna gigas), the goat (Cassis cornuta), hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), and tunikates / ascidian.

Visit best season: May s / d in August each year.

How well a location: Bunaken National Park can be reached through the port of Manado, Marina Nusantara Diving Center (NDC) in the Marina District and the Blue Molas loud. From the port of Manado motor boat to the island Siladen can be 20 mins, 30 mins Bunaken island, the island Montehage 50 minutes and 60 minutes Nain island. Marina Blue from using the fast boat which is available to the local tourism in Bunaken island can be within 10-15 minutes, while the NDC of the major dive in the Bunaken island with the boat speed adopted in the 20 minutes.
Office: Jl. Raya Molas, Post Box 1202
95242 Manado, North Sulawesi
Telp.: (0431) 859022
Stated ----
Appointed Minister of Forestry, Decree No. 730/Kpts-II/1991
knowledgeable 89,065 hectares
Defined ---
Minahasa District exhausted and Municipality
Manado, North Sulawesi
Air temperature 26 ° - 31 ° C
Rainfall 2500 - 3500 mm / year
Height of the 0 - 800 meter dpl
Salinity 33 - 35 ° / OO
Brightness 10 - 30 m
2.5 meter tidal
West season November until February
East season in March until October
Geography 1 ° 35 '- 1 ° 49' N, 124 ° 39 '- 124 ° 35' BT

national museum

Berkas:Museum Nasional Indonesia.jpg

this is national museum in indonesia, i take the picture from wikipedia.

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i search for zuppa zuppa everywhere in bandung and got it at oh la la cafe, oh thanks god.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

kemang mansion

kemang mansion offcourse located in jakarta, haha. but it is location where bob sadino (successful businesman in indonesia) start his first business to expatriat.

poland's flag

when we talk about poland's flag, we know that it is rather similar to indonesian flag which opposite each other on its color. Polands had white color on the top and indonesian had red on the top.

Let's go backpacking

it is my biggest dream to backpacking to europe, but it will cost me much money, i didn't ready yet. But i have a big plan to backpack to lombok, at least bali. When i had finished my bachelor degree, i will pick my backpack up immidiately and i will start my first step to do backpacking, and i will turn on my camera and shot everything interest my eyes.

kaisar hotel

i went to kaisar hotel just know, my cousins have check in there, it is located near jalan raya pasar minggu, kalibata, pancoran. You can visit zeus cafe too there,

jw marriot ii

this is not about bombing, but i just wanna say that last night i came at sudirman street and check the blast location, but i feel dissapointed because it had cleaned up.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

jakarta here i come

haha, i am at jakarta now, came for my cousins wedding party, so i will update this blog rarely through my cellular phone.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

JW marriot and ritz carlton hotel blast in indonesia

there is bomb again here in indonesia, so Manchaster United failed came to indonesia. thats good, thats means that tourism in indonesia will going down.

hope it would get better soon

motekar clothing

if you know bandung as a creative city, you should know about motekar, motekar are one of creative clothing company in bandung. you can order cloth, t-shirt, and jacket on motekar.

for more information, you can visit


batik from java

java are one of island in indonesia, we had many cultures and beautiful places ti visit. but most important things is that java had an amazing clothing motive. one of it are batik, here i show you an example of batik :

for more information, you can visit

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i just found the interesting website, it is

try that, we can communicate with people all over the worlds :P

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we love indonesia
[click the picture to enlarge]

this picture show you the spirit of indonesia, we take this picture from another website, if you didn't mind we put this picture here, please send us an email and we will add the credit of the picture or remove it.

you can also use this indonesian picture as a wallpaper

indonesian tourism
Concepts and Definitions


The definition used for visitor corresponds to the International Union of Office Travel Organization (IUOTO) and World Tourism Organization (WTO) recommendations which covers any person who travels to a country other than that in which she/he has his/her usual residence but outside his/her usual environment for a period not exceeding 12 months and whose main purpose of visit is other than the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the country visited. In this definition includes cruise passengers who arrive in a country on a cruise ship and return to the ship each night to sleep on board even though the ship remains in the port for several days


Room Occupancy Rate is the number of room nights occupied, divided by the number of room nights available, multiplied by 100 %
Average Length of Stay (ALS) is the number of bed night used (guest nights), divided by the number of guest coming to stay at the accommodation. This average length of stay is distinguished between foreign and domestic guest
Accommodation is an establishment using a building or a part of building especially provided/reserved, that any person can stay, obtain food and service and use other facilities against payment.
Classified Hotel is an establishment using a building or a part of building especially provided/ reserved, that any person can stay, obtain food, service and use other facilities against payment, that has fulfilled the requirements as classified hotel which are determined by the Department of Culture and Tourism.

Those requirements are :

1. Physical requirements, such as location and condition of hotel.
2. Service provided.
3. Manpower qualifications, such as education and employee's welfare.
4. Sport facilities and other available recreations, such as tennis courts, swimming pools and discotheques.
5. The number of room available.

Non Classified Hotel is an establisment using a building or a part of building especially provided/reserved, that any persons can stay, obtain foods and services, and use other facilities against payment. Non Classified hotels included melati hotel, youth hostel, home stay, and other accommodation establishments.
Jasmine Hotel is a kind of accommodation which managed commercially by using a building or a part of building where any person can stay against payment.
Youth Hostel is a kind of accommodation provided for teenager who doing tourism activities for recreation, spread acknowledgement/experience of trip.
Home Stay is a kind of accommodation using a part of building/house provided/reserved, where any person can stay against payment.
Other accommodation is a kind of accommodation, other than melati hotel, youth hostel, and home stay.

what a day

this day are a very very bad day, everything were gone bad, i just dunno how to solve it. i had a psycological test this morning and i feel messed up. i miss to update this blog, i wanna upload some beutiful picture, and ofcourse i wanna do some travel journey.

भारत से पाठकों

हम भारत से, आमतौर पर वे ताजमहल की एक छवि खोज करने के लिए आए आए कई पाठकों है. हम भारत में स्थित हैं कि ताजमहल पता है, लेकिन मैं आपको बताना चाहता हूँ कि इंडोनेशिया बाली द्वीप, lombok द्वीप, cubadak द्वीप और कई अन्य जगह जैसे यात्रा करने के लिए कई खूबसूरत जगह थी. इतना यात्रा इंडोनेशिया आया

وتأتي زيارة اندونيسيا

اندونيسيا هي اكبر بلد مسلم في العالم. لذا ، يرجى تأتي لزيارتنا ، والعثور على ثقافتنا الإسلامية في إندونيسيا. لدينا الكثير من الثقافة وأجمل الأماكن في العالم.

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indonesia - know it love it


know it love it

i love indonesia t-shirt design

nkri = negara kesatuan republik indonesia

indonesian design t-shirt


click the picture to enlarge


to get it, just visit

bali art t-shirt


(click to enlarge the pitures)

the sample of bali art t-shirt, search at google to find more

shopping an art t-shirt in bali

in bali, you can buy a art t shirt in joger, it is an art t-shirt origins from bali, you can only find it in bali. beside that, you can also find more cheap art t-shirt at art market sukowati. even, you can find many art things there.


shopping in yogjakarta

we wanna make some short articles again, this time are about shopping. yogjakarta, especially on jalan malioboro ( malioboro street) are known as a shopping center at jogja. so you can find many handicraft origins from java. you can buy batik clothing, dagadu clothing, and you can find many meals there.

learning javanese language

for you whom visit yogjakarta indonesia, you should master in speaking indonesian or javanese language because many indonesian people can't speak english. so we want to teach you some javanese language. i will choose the word that usually speaken.

eat = mangan
good morning = sugeng enjing
how much? = piro / pinten?

thats all, i will update it later, hehe
see ya

list of hotel in yogjakarta

Brongto Hotel Yogyakarta
3 Stars
Jalan Suryodiningratan 26 Yogyakarta 55141

From USD 31
Cakra Kusuma Hotel Yogyakarta
3 Stars
Jalan Kaliurang Km 52 No.25 Yogyakarta 55281

From USD 100
Dusun Jogja Village Inn Yogyakarta
2 Stars
Jalan Menukan 5 Karangkajen Yogyakarta

From USD 71
Inna Garuda Yogyakarta
4 Stars
Jalan Malioboro 60 Yogyakarta Central Java 55213

From USD 99
Jayakarta Hotel & Spa Yogyakarta
4 Stars
Jalan Laksda Adisucipto Km 8 Yogyakarta

Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel
4 Stars
Jalan Affandi Gejayan Complex Colombo Jogjakarta 55281

Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
5 Stars
Jalan Suryotomo 31 & Jalan Suryamatjan Yogyakarta Central Java 55122

From USD 69
Puri Artha Hotel Yogyakarta
3 Stars
Jalan Cendrawasih 36 Yogyakarta 55281

Saphir Hotel Yogyakarta
4 Stars
Jalan Laksda Adisucipto 38 Yogyakarta 55001

Sri Wedari Hotel Yogyakarta
3 Stars
Jalan Laksda Adisucipto Km 6 Yogyakarta 55281

note :
jalan = street

Thursday, July 9, 2009


ciwidey are one of tourism resort at south of bandung, you can go there by teleport machine, haha.
or you can attach your self through an email and send it to the ciwidey local hotel and then you will be downloaded and you can save your money and your time.

just kidding readers.

malaysian batik?

i don't know if there is malaysian batik
i just know that batik are origin came from indonesia
especially from java island
they're all a liar

Motekar Advertising

motekar itu bundar
motekar itu cokelat dan kadang-kadang pink
motekar itu tiga
motekar itu bandung
motekar itu motekar

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


papua island are one of the biggest island in indonesia, it is a very very rich of biodiversity and gold. but freeport stole the gold from us :(. freeport are a mining company from US.

here i gave you some photo about papua, the local people and their nature
the local people
the nature


lombok are a famous island from indonesia, it is located on the east of bali island, lombok are a paradise island and as beautifull as bali. go to visit there

lombok island

prambanan temple

this is prambanan temple
located in central java
java island

malaysia are totally not trully asia

asia are rich with beautifull nature and culture, so country in asia didn't need to stole or claim another country cultures to endorsing their tourism.

and malaysia did it, they stole indonesian cultures and their government didn't feel shy at all, shame on you.

as an older brother, we indonesian just wanna give you some advice, please find your own culture, i believe you are all creative person, don't stole our cultures anymore, our culture didn't made by a simply single night.

list of indonesian stolen culture by malaysian :
1. many of our folks song
2. reog, they claim it as a barong.
3. angklung <-- they almost did it
4. batik which is origins textile motif from java
5. sipadan and ligitan island
6. ambalat, our maritim teritory which is rich with raw oil
7. and there is many others, too many to list it one by one.

i hope you are all understand

finally this blog could make money

after a years endorsing this blog, finally we made a money with this blog, it because we add a advertisement on this site, google adsense, thanks for you all reader, money to us are means that this traveling and hotels blog will updated frequently :D


photo of taj mahal
picture of taj mahal, taj mahal are a kind of a tomb located at india

cubadak island photo

the picture of cubadak island tourism resort at west sumatra indonesia, the picture was taken from google, just find another photo of cubadak island tourism resort there :D


free advertisement

this blog is receive any advertisement or a review, if you wanna build a reputation or backlink through this blog, please email us and i will make a link, or add your banner or even make a review about your website or product.

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cubadak island

cubadak island located on the west sumatra, it is one of indonesian island which owned by foreign people (west people). they buy the island from local people and then make it as a tourism resort such as diving spot, surfing, snorkeling and many others.

when you manage to visit to cubadak island, please prepare your tools properly so you can research many advantages here, if i tell you about a tool, i tell you about diving tools, snorkling tools or even your surfing boards

i will add the photo laters, sorry, i always make a very simple and short articles on this blog, it is because this is a official blog. so if you wanna find many articles or information about tourism in indinesia, please visit that website.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

the mansion at kemang

kemang the mansion are the new residence at jakarta, it is residence where the expatriat live, the living place are about hotel, apartment, restaurant, mall and anything. The mansion at kemang was build by agung sedayu group construction company, or residence developer. The kemchick supermarket are located in this area too, kemchick are luxurious supermarket owned by bob sadino, a famous business man from indonesia.

Friday, July 3, 2009

my internet connection had down

my internet connection had down, so i can't update my website or blog at all, i'm sorry, but i will try to update it through my mobile browser, opera mini :D

bali wallpaper

bali are a paradise island, we are all know that, so i browse wallpaper about bali for you ^^
click the image to enlarge the wallpaper