Tuesday, July 28, 2009


this blog are contain some of backpacking tips, if you wanna find more information about backpacking, please visit this blog temporary and we will try to bring you some travel tips and backpacking tips.

for the beginning, we will bring you about backpacking tips in indonesia :
1. indonesian poeple are known kind to foreigner
its true, in fact, indonesian poeple are kind, they're even always smiling to other people. if you go to indonesia for business, be kind to the local people except you're a malaysian. if you came from malaysia, please don't visit this country because malaysian known bad in this country, it is because malaysia always claim indonesian cultures as their and make indonesian people hate malaysian.

2. food in indonesia are cheap
if you're low budget traveler, don't eat at restaurant, you can eat at the warung. the quality usually not too different, it was just a location.

i will update this articles later

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