Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to Brisbane—A Visitor’s Guide

Brisbane, capital of Queensland and the third-largest city in Australia, is a tourist’s dream. Not only does it enjoy a warm climate year-round, but it has all the elements of a thriving modern city with the charm and friendliness of a country town. Brisbane is a bustling, busy, beautiful destination, within arm’s reach of a range of stunning natural attractions such as the Sunshine Coast, Stradbroke Island and the beautiful Glass House Mountains. If you’re planning a trip to Australia, Brisbane is an absolute must-see, so pack your travel insurance policy, your sunscreen and your sense of adventure, because Brisbane’s just waiting to blow your mind.


Brisbane has one of the most thriving dance scenes in the country and the legendary Fortitude Valley—a suburb of Brisbane city—is home to some of the craziest clubs as well. Dance the night away with the locals and listen to international DJs in clubs like Family Nightclub, as you experience the unique and pulsing nightlife that makes Brisbane such a popular party destination.


There are loads of attractions to keep you busy in Brisbane, from stunning architecture to world-class galleries. The Mt Cootha lookout and Botanical Gardens make a welcome green change within the city, and Parliament House, built in 1868 is a great way to learn a little local history. Set on the banks of the Brisbane River, the city makes the most of the picturesque setting, and shops, cafes, restaurants and bars line the promenade.


If you’re looking to give the plastic a workout, Queen Street Mall is packed with fantastic retail outlets, showcasing both local and international designers and boutiques.

Day Trips

If you want to get out of the city for a day, there are plenty of fantastic attractions within a few hours of Brisbane city that are just waiting to be explored. Why not check out the Australia Zoo, legacy of wildlife enthusiast and conservationist Steve Irwin? There’s also the Sunshine Coast a few hours to the north, Stradbroke Island a short ferry ride to the east, and the Glass House Mountains, a spectacular mountain range and national park. With Brisbane as your base you are free to explore the wonders of the region as well, and it won’t fail to impress.


There is something to fit all tastes and price ranges when it comes to Brisbane accommodation, so whether you’re looking for a serviced apartment, a youth hostel or a hotel, there are plenty of great options.

After the floods that devastated Brisbane in early 2011, the city has had to band together and rebuild itself from a devastating tragedy. Not only has Brisbane done this, but the determination, strength and camaraderie of the locals is both heartwarming and inspiring. Visit Brisbane. You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A History of Race-Day Fashion

There are so many elements involved in an enjoyable horse race, from the venue, to the odds, to the horse racing tips, to the prestige. One thing, however, that is associated with all the most prestigious races around the world, is extraordinary fashion. Race-day fashion has evolved to the point where it acts as a kind of sub-plot to the race itself, with events like ‘Fashion on the Field’ creating even more exciting come race day. The tradition of dressing up and donning fancy head-ware has a long tradition, and we’re going to explore the history of this tradition in this article.

Dressing Up…

The origins of horse racing stretch all the way back to the 1500s when British Aristocracy developed the tradition as a social occasion and opportunity to mingle in high society. As such, racing events all had an incredibly strict dress code, so as to maintain the royal tone of the events. At many races throughout history members not only of the aristocracy but of the British Royal Family itself would make appearances at races, and thus a high expectation of elegance was placed on all guests. This didn’t take long to take hold in countries such as Australia and America, and while dress-codes may have relaxed somewhat, there is still a strong expectation that people dress up to attend major races.

Those Extravagant Hats…

Doubtless the one fashion item most people associate with horse racing more than any other is the extravagant hat often spotted on lady attendees. The hats seem to get more elaborate each year, and major races across the world are opportunities for women to showcase new trends and for designers to provide many a willing clotheshorse with their latest designs.

Modern Racing Fashion Culture

These days, the tradition of fashion almost attracts more media attention than the horses themselves, and race organizers have capitalized on people’s interest in the fashion side of things by incorporating fashion shows and events into the race. At the Melbourne Cup, Myer hosts ‘Fashion on the Field’, in which women can enter and be judged on their ensembles. There are cash prizes to be won and first place is much coveted and speculated upon each year. Celebrities have embraced the fashion mania surrounding horse racing and these days races are seen as an opportunity for designers and milliners to showcase their latest projects in the media through models and actresses at the races.

There’s no denying, fashion is an intrinsic part of racing culture and looks set to remain as such for the foreseeable future. So next time you’re on your way to a horse race, it’s not just your racing tips you need to get in order before you leave home---it’s your fancy threads, because even if you don’t pick a winner, you don’t want to look like anything less than one!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Greece is a place of romanticism – a diverse culture of art, drama, ancient mythology, music, literature. Greece has every thing in it, be it anything, you name it and you have it, it is filled with every quality, every culture. Greece is a world within a world. The best destination for literature person, a true destination for a socialite, the best master piece destination for an imaginative artist. If you are going for a holiday in Greece , then please pack your back with 15days baggage, well that will not be enough for you , because after staying their , you wont feel like coming back. Yachtcharter Griechenland is the most beautiful and the most heart throbbing place in the earth.

You yourself want to get lost their, Athens – capital of Greece, is diverse and vast to know, about its culture and its ancient mythology. The most romantic and cuddling place on earth. The best season to enjoy is spring and autumn, as Greece has mediterrean climate that is hot summers, and chilling winters. So tourists, pack your back at the blooming spring, and at the chill spice autumn.greece has vast, versatile land sphere, and beautiful hydrosphere, that is land and water.

The serene calm water of Greece is so good to see, very awesome very voluptuous. You really feel like getting lost in that turquoise horizon touching water. There are many yachts, which you will find their as Greece is also famous for its yacht charter Greece, they are very adventurous, and takes you around the every corner island of Greece. Greece as many beaches, they are uncountable, and unmeasureable, because they are so beautiful.

And each and every beach is different from the other one; you can hire a yacht to see the immense quite water of Greece that is yacht charter Greece. A perfect, mind blowing, soothing paradise in Greece, it is the heaven on earth. You go with family or with your friends or a couple is going just take one thing in mind, it is hard to return back from Greece, it hypnotizes you in its beauty. It intacts you in its crystal environment.

With awesome, never ending night life, great lifestyle, gracious sunrise, breathe taking sunset. Music on the sea shore side and a glass of red wine makes the perfect day in Greece. Yes, Greece – a perfect paradise on earth.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Experience a Globus Vacation to Athens

Greece is much more than we were taught at school and than we have seen in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beaches.
In Greece, you are in a crossroad of colors and cultures; you feel the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe and you discover the evolutionary course of thought, influence and experience.

Athens is the capital and largest city of Yacht Charter Greece. Athens dominates the Attica periphery and it is one of the world's oldest cities, as its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state. A centre for the arts, learning and philosophy.

The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city, represented by a number of ancient monuments and works of art, the most famous of all being the Parthenon, widely considered a key landmark of early Western civilization. The city also retains a vast variety of Roman and Byzantine monuments, as well as a smaller number of remaining Ottoman monuments projecting the city's long history across the centuries.

The dominant feature of Athens climate is alternation between prolonged warm and dry summers and mild, wet winters.
Archaeological hub - his city is one of the world's main centers’ of archaeological research. Apart from national institutions, such as Athens University, the Archaeological Society, several archaeological Museums (including the National Archaeological Museum, the Cycladic Museum, the Epigraphic Museum, the Byzantine Museum, as well as museums at the ancient Agora, Acropolis, and Kerameikos), the city is also home to the Demokritos laboratory for Archaeometry as well as several regional and national archaeological authorities that form part of the Greek Department of Culture.
Athens is the (temporary) home to hundreds of international scholars and researchers in all disciplines of archaeology.

Tourism - Athens has been a popular destination for travelers since antiquity. Over the past decade, the city's infrastructure and social amenities have improved, in part due to its successful bid to stage the 2004 Olympic Games. The Greek Government, aided by the EU, has funded major infrastructure projects such as the state-of-the-art Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, the expansion of the Athens Metro system, and the new Attiki Odos Motorway.

And the best is the islands, you can take your Yachtcharter Grienchenland and surf till the horizon, Athens is the must be visited place, when you visit Greece.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Ready To Indonesia

In five days, I take care of my beautiful holiday, the summer before starting a new life back home in Australia.

First destination: Queenstown, New Zealand. 11 days of snow (Oh, I hope there's snow! The current reports are just horrible), skiing, Shotover Jet and some fun winter activities. I really need to go back to the go-kart. I have made a few years ago and it was fun.

The next item concerns a week in Auckland to visit my cousin and see the sights.

After that, two weeks in Fiji. I've always wanted to go (I blame The Truman Show) and I am now. I booked the first week in a luxury inn (once might have been an oxymoron, but no more), then the second week, I'll be spontaneous. How wild and reckless depends on my budget is in place for this step.

Finally, from Melbourne to see my brother. I've never been to Melbourne but again is another place that I have heard good things and always wanted to see. I have a list of places to see and do my best to fit them all into Heck, I might even go to the fields of snow there!

After that, I think Cairns to see my mother for a few weeks. After that? Who knows!

However, before embarking on these adventures, I have to pack my life in Indonesia. It's amazing how many "things" that can win in two years, without even trying! I go into my stuff again and again, trying to bring a little to save the port. Every penny I spend on transport affect my vacation budget, which is not so juicy to begin with. You can not afford to dehydration!

About the Author:
Angelina Christy is a writer who has written numerous articles that continue to guide people around the world. Angelina is an avid traveler who has traveled more than 22 countries. She also writes about Online Diary and Father of SEO blogs.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

YACHT CHARTER – relax and refreshing activity.

There is a time when you really need to relax your serene self. You want to drown in beautiful vast sky… or want to fly in the huge river…or want to get lost in the peaceful green. But theirs no beautiful place to get lost , than this beautiful vast enchanting world...Appreciate able world. The better thing is to try something new, something different from your same vacations. Let’s fly in the drizzling and at the same time in the calm, water. Let’s go sailing this time in ’Greece’ - on a yacht - in the turquoise bed.
It is not necessary to have a yacht for sailing, you can take a yacht charter I.e. you can rent it fir a time.

Let’s go sailing on yachtcharter griechenland…i.e. yacht charter Greece

Yacht Charter Greece - The classic sailing in the Mediterranean region in general. The Cyclades Islands are a day trip from Athens to reach. The countless islands that usually no more than half a daily distance (25 nm) apart, have a distinctive charm. The Cyclades have anything to offer, what is called "experience-hungry holidaymakers' could only wish. Lonely little islands with idyllic beaches and anchorages or exclusive nightlife on the islands of Mykonos and Paros. On the islands there are plenty of testimonies from the ancient world, the best known is probably the island of Santorini. On the islands there is much to discover and they are interesting if only because of its importance in antiquity. Since most of the islands lie within sight of each other, you can take in the island group of Cyclades spontaneous decisions and not have to "submit" your next year program. They sail the Cyclades and learn about Greek life. The Saronic islands of Aegina and the peninsula Methanon, Poros, Hydra and Spetses are in the immediate neighborhood of Athens. They are very popular and are populated by thousands each year of Athenians who want to escape the busy city. These islands are also close to the Peloponnese, which are very important ancient archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus. The tourists are very interesting islands of great natural beauty, sandy beaches have clean and pretty villages and ruins of glorious times.

The most beautiful regions in Yacht Charter Greece are

Yacht Charter Greece ,
Yacht Charter Athens
The islands in the Saronic Gulf
Halkidiki peninsula
Yacht Charter Corfu, Lefkas
Yacht Charter Dodecanese
Yacht charter Cyclades

General information about the yacht charter greicheland i.e. Greece lies on the Mediterranean and is bordered by Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria and the north-east to Turkey. The eastern part of Greece is situated in the Aegean Sea, the western part of the Ionian Sea. The mainland consists of the following regions: Central Greece, Attica (region of Athens), Peloponnese ('hand' of Greece), Thessaly (center / east), Epirus (west), Macedonia (north / northwest) and Thrace (northwest). Euboea, the second largest island, is located east of Attica. The Peloponnese peninsula is separated by the Gulf of Corinth from the mainland. In the south of the peninsula (near Cape Tainaro), the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea by 5015 m. In the north there are various mountain chains (such as the Pindus mountains) from north to south. To the highest mountains of Greece include the Mount Olympus (2917 m) and scrub-covered (2637 meters). Crete's highest mountain is the Ida and 2456 m. The islands take approximately 20% of one's land area. Most are located in the Aegean between the Greek and Turkish coasts. The seven Ionian islands, or are upstream of the West Coast. The Aegean archipelago includes the Dodecanese, off the Turkish coast, Rhodes is the best known. The island group in the northeastern Aegean, Lemnos, Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Ikaria. The Sporades lie off the coast of central mainland. The Cyclades consist of 39 islands of which are inhabited 24th Crete in the south is the largest Greek island.

So people its time for holiday on turquoise.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 Important Issues to Consider When Planning A Holiday to the Fiji Islands from Sydney

Cruises from Sydney out to the Fiji and Pacific Islands are an amazing way to have a proper holiday of rest and relaxation. If you are planning a holiday, it is worth having a look at a cruise over flights, waiting, and standing in lines.

Sydney Harbour cruises that go out whale watching a skirt around the nearby coastline are fun enough if you are looking to live loud and have a good time. If you are like just about all of us, and you need a holiday to get back your personality and spunk back into your life, a holiday to the Fiji Islands from Sydney is an excellent way to break the routine, and an excellent option for your time off. We only have a limited amount of time off each year, and so making the most out of it is a very good idea. Cruises are some of the best way to get the most out of your holiday time, and a great way to relax. Here are some of the reasons to consider and explanations as to why…
  • 7 Days. Anyone who works hard, and works hard for extended periods of time should consider a full seven-day holiday. A holiday for three or five days will just not be long enough. It takes several days to relax and enjoy yourself. If you go away for something like four or five days you will find by the time you have released that tension and starting to have proper fun, it is time to go home.
  • Start Straight Away. With limited time for our holiday breaks, making the most out of that time is very important. The best thing about a cruise is you start your holiday from the moment you leave. There is no waiting in airports, no lengthy immigration and waiting in airport lines. As soon as the ship leaves, get a glass of champagne and your swimwear into gear.
  • Keep Your Vibe. Have you had a great time on a holiday and then all that good vibe you accumulated was trashed in a matter of hours on your way home? It started with the airport at your departure, the delays in departure and that crammed fight home. More baggage waiting time and snotty immigration officials treating you like a drug courier or potential threat to Australian wildlife is what follows. The cruise holiday lasts right until you arrive. It is that simple.
  • Take What You Need. It is easy to get carried away with taking a huge suitcase away on a holiday. You think you will need this and that. On a cruise, there is only need for sun and fun day wear and dinner wear. It is pretty simple. If you need to wash something you can get that done. You are going to spend most of your time wearing your swimwear. If you really need something, they will have it on the ship too. That is just another advantage of a cruise holiday. Your holiday and hotel are with you from departure.
  • Book Ahead. A cruise holiday is actually very good value. The cost of accommodation and flights to a similar location will cost you more than a cruise with meals and activities included. There is no point paying any more than you have to just because it is good value. If you book well in advance huge savings are available. In general, discounts of 20% are available. When the whole week holiday with entertainment included is only going to cost you around 1800 dollars per person, the discount is still close to 400 dollars. At 1400 dollars, you will be lucky to find a holiday that compares in price and quality.
Cruises from Sydney out to the Pacific Islands and the Fiji Islands are great way to relax and have a great time. You get the full holiday experience from the moment you leave until the moment you get back. You get a great deal, and you get to visit some very exclusive locations. I have made it a personal decision to do this once a year. Once you have tried it, you will understand what I am talking about.