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asians hotel

the picture are one of hotel in asia

wanna know much information about hotel in asia? just stay tune with this blog and i will update many information about hotel in asia.


located on east java, surabaya are a second largest capital city after jakarta, jakarta also near with disaster city of lump porong lapindo. surabaya also have the longest bridges in asia, suramadu bridges that newly legalized by present president, susilo bambang youdhoyono.

surabaya are a capital city of east java, in east java, you can also find many tourism resort like songgoriti and sengkaling in malang, safari park and jatim park at pasuruan, sarangan at magetan east java, and pasir putih beach. pasir putih beach means white sand beach located on south of java island.

bunaken diving site

bunaken located at indonesia, it is origins owned by indonesian government, not malaysian, in case they are keep claim our teritory or our culture, we're all ready to go war.

bunaken known as a most beautifull diving spot in indonesia. they had a complete accomodation such as a cheap hotel with food and baverages, and they also had a chep and easy acces transportation mode such as angkot, bus or indonesian motorcycle transport mode : ojek.

ojek are transportation which are very similar to a taxy but using motorcycle, they can escort you to anywhere depend on your request, make an over to the oject driver before you take it in order you got a cheap cost.

sarangan lake

offcourse, sarangan lake located on east java indonesia, you can reach there by a travel agent or something ^^, just kidding aniway, don't be angry.

here i will post you about sarangan lake, enjoy :


enjoy the picture, just click to enlarge it.

description :
Sarangan is a tourist location in the highlands of Mount Lawu, with the main object pond and waterfalls, surrounded by the typical feel of the mountains. Magetan there's still 17 km west (toward mountains) to arrive at Sarangan. Now what's west of the city Karanganyar, Solo Central Java is the way land is used as almost 75 degree rise,.

this is the way to sarangan, visible serpentine but beautiful. Make a motorcycle rider, this will be very exciting. Test driving skills at the same time enjoy the fresh of air. Make a nostalgic, if not longer do so.

Because of steep, narrow and sharp it is, the government Magetan since a few years ago the project has a more penetrating way smooth. Now the road is already so, the way through (before the begin of the main gate to Sarangan 'cemoro sewu') with this way, the Solo-Madiun Magetan Karanganyar through the usual 2 hours to 'only' 1-an hour. The story 'dream' as Puncak, Bogor

Edge of the road we can see from the pit sarangan other aitu view from the top, where all the tour sarangan can be set to spoil the air dinginnya Peak Sarangan.

Overview of the direction of the road to Cemoro Sewu, Telaga Sarangan seen that already 'is not virgin "again because it is surrounded by many buildings, the market began to Tiban hotel.

eiger adventure

in indonesia, eiger are a brands about backpack and tools for adventure activity, you can visit the website here (click here) .


mount eiger are high mount located on switzerlang, many adventurer or traveler spent their holiday and follow their adrenaline to visit this mountain

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Hotel Furniture designed for profit


The look of the furniture and fittings in your hotel is extremely important. These furnishings give your hotel a grand look and are the focus of your guests attention. People stay in hotels that look nice, offer sophistication, and are extremely comfortable, otherwise, they usually turn around and leave. Hotel Furniture is the basis of a hotel's reputation, it gives your guests their first impression, and is usually a glimpse of what they believe the service is going to be like. Guests already have an image of what Hotel furniture is supposed to be like for hospitality area, sleeping areas, living quarters and lodging. Hotel furniture is constructed with the highest quality materials like hardwood and sturdy metal that provides durability, but also materials that appear luxurious and elegant. The designs for hotel furniture vary from contemporary to the traditional and trendy, unique styles. This furniture is mostly made of out of high quality wood like cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, maple and other exotic woods. The finish of the woods, metals, upholstery, leather, wrought iron, glass, Formica, and high pressure laminates depends on what the hotel furniture requirements are.

The Hotel business is a commercial business, and customers range from executives. top business class people, to families on vacation. To suit guests' specifications and tastes the furnishings in the hotel need to be designed to their need. Richness and sophistication provides a warm welcome to the entrance and reception area of the hotel. Furniture forms the major asset for the hotel and the selection of hotel furniture should be made according to that.

Returning guests to a hotel, usually are returning because they prefer the design of that hotel furniture. Hotel furniture is designed to be profitable for the hotel and is designed according to the specifications offered by the buyer. Hotel furniture includes armoires, dressing tables, head boards, night tables, mirrors, desks, drawers, beds, sofas, restaurant furniture, bar furniture, patio furniture and tables and they are specifically designed to suit the needs of the design professionals, hotel operators and hotel owners. Hotel furniture is made specifically with the quality, craftsmanship and durability that the hotel industry needs, as well as at the price that the hotel industry needs. The hotel furniture you choose will depend on the size of the hotel furniture requirements, the manufacturers you want, and what you need to do to satisfy the needs of your clients.

Some manufacturers provide some of the finest quality materials at an unbeatable price and they build the furniture according to the needs of the buyers. The manufacturers design the hotel furniture to match the style preferred by the hotel and ultimately their guests. These manufacturers usually design hotel furniture for profit and also provide discounts among the customers to attract bulk orders.

Purchasing of furniture is the most important, or one of the most important things to think of when in the hotel business, and because of its importance, you should probably hire a professional designer to help give you the look you want. . Hotel furniture is a heavy investment and that's just another reason that the decision should be made carefully by the hotel owners. After all this furniture is what will increase your hotel profit in the long run. Purchasing furniture that is not suitable for the hotel or that is not well made, is a waste of time and money. When shopping for hotel furniture, you should get a perfect balance between the form and function. Physical appearance is the most important aspect in the purchase of hotel furniture, but you can't forget about comfort either. Comfort is also extremely important when buying hotel furniture.

Hotel furniture is designed to make a profit for the hotel owner, and some of the important guidelines in the purchase of the furniture is listed below.

* Hotel furniture is a significant physical appearance of the hotel, and one of the main reasons why guests continue to return. Therefore, the purchase of furniture should be made to attract customers' attention. This furniture should provide satisfaction and comfort to the guests.

* The purchase of your hotel furniture should be based on your theme and style of the hotel and that style should be at the very top of your list when buying hotel furniture. Since furniture investment is heavy, you need to take your time in making the right decision.

* Designing hotel furniture for profit includes changing the look of the hotel into traditional, classic and into the latest trendiest style.

* Extensive demographic research should be done on the type of customers visiting your area and hence your hotel and the hotel furniture should be selected based on this specification.

* The guests and visitors of the hotel should be provided with the utmost comfort and care. The needs of the customers should be put above everything else and so the hotel furniture should be designed with this guideline in mind..

* The rooms of the hotel are constructed differently. For example single bedroom, double bedroom and master bedroom. The hotel furniture should serve the distinct purposes. They should also provide comfort and elegance to the customers.

* The hotel furniture should be designed with quality in mind, and the investment should only be made in high quality furniture from reputable manufacturers, who provide a guarantee, durability and flexibility.

Hotel furniture plays an absolutely essential role in the overall physical appearance of the hotel and presents the foundation of quality services offered by the hotel. Purchasing of the best and ideal hotel furniture is a crucial factor in the success of the hotel business.

So in conclusion, this is the area that you want to take great care in, choose the right furniture and your new hotel will be a success, but choose the wrong furniture and your hotel will be a total failure. This is something you really want to be careful about, and be a part of the decision every step of the way.

collection of panama canal

this is the collection of panama canal located at america, go there and feel the backpackers way travel


dubai uni emirates arabs - the new travel destination



this is the photo of infrastructure on dubai, dubai are the new travel distination, enjoy traveling there.

tips :
you should have much money before you go there, because we heard that the hotel cost are viry expencive.


Cheap Hotels Near Arundel

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france's new hotel classification

article by Mon "Hotel" New hotel classification in France

A reform of the hotel classification has been on the news since more than a year: Indeed until now there were no five stars hotels in France, but since the beginning of 2009 the change is on: Hotels that volunteer will be rated from one to five stars for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. The evaluation will be done, at the expense of the volunteers. Moreover the ratings will have to be approved by the French government

The point of this new classification system is simply to mix different point of views related to norms and understand and respond better to the clients’ needs by responding better to the comfort criteria that are a “must have” and other criteria that can please the clients.

The move was of course orchestrated by the French government whose goal is to place tourism “at the heart of the economical growth “ by defining a new political plan concerning tourism: “destination France 2020 “the matter was discussed this summer at the “Assises nationale du tourisme” that took place this summer.

The challenge is to support tourism which is the first industry of France: With the globalisation and the client’s changing needs France has to be competitive with other destinations concerning the clients’ behaviours and needs. (Not having a five star rating is a serious handicap considering that the client doesn’t always know the fact that France’s highest class of hotel is “four star luxe”).

Objectively what is going to be different about this new classification?
Firstly it is interesting to know that it is the first time in twenty two years that the classification grid is being changed: And indeed clients needs have changed a lot in twenty two years!.

The new classification is bringing major changes to satisfy the clients: - no star hotels will disappear: The hotels that volunteer will all be classified one star consequently a fifth star has been added to replace the “four star luxe” appellation. This is useful to hotel owners; it will allow French hotels to be competitive compared to hotel in competing countries. - The new classification system promises to be more exigent : let’s do a little comparison with the old classification

Old classification New classification For a first star rating 30 criteria were needed First star rating:61 criteria needed For a two star rating 30 criteria were needed two star rating:68 criteria needed For a three star rating 30 criteria were needed three star rating:75 criteria needed For a four star rating 33 criteria were needed Four star rating:94 criteria needed For a four star luxe rating 33 criteria were needed Five star rating:124 criteria needed

The classification will also comprise of optional points: Every hotels that volunteer to get reclassified will have the chance to have optional points, these optional criteria will give establishments the chance to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to show the client the diversity of French hostelry (These optional criteria will not be imposed, hotel managers will choose them). Let’s take a moment to summarise and understand this new classification: To be rated hotels will have to respond to the following exigencies: - they will have to be compliant to a number of obligatory criteria (See above page) - they will have to be compliant to a number of optional criteria

These criteria will give hotels points, and it will be the points that will be taken into account for the ratings:

  • To be rated “one star”, 141 obligatory points will be needed with an addition of 24 personal, optional points to the hotel.
  • To be rated “two star”, 161 obligatory points will be needed with an addition of 24 personal, optional points to the hotel.
  • To be rated “three star”, 177 obligatory points will be needed with an addition of 24 personal, optional points to the hotel.
  • To be rated “four star”, 226 obligatory points will be needed with an addition of 24 personal, optional points to the hotel.
  • To be rated “five star”,298 obligatory points will be needed with an addition of 24 personal, optional points to the hotel.

Note: hotels will be given a 5% flexibility margin: if they can not comply to all the points needed to be rated in one category they can make up for these criteria by adding optional points ,but optional points and obligatory points do not have the same value: One obligatory point is equal to three optional points. The heart of this new classification is the client: While the previous classification paid particular attention to surfaces and equipments the new classification pays particular attention to services proposed to the client (in addition to paying attention to the equipment and surfaces.) In addition to that the client will be informed about the new classification and can be solicited to make suggestions about it. Note: hotels will be given a 5% flexibility margin: if they can not comply to all the points needed to be rated in one category they can make up for these criteria by adding optional points ,but optional points and obligatory points do not have the same value: One obligatory point is equal to three optional points. The heart of this new classification is the client: While the previous classification paid particular attention to surfaces and equipments the new classification pays particular attention to services proposed to the client (in addition to paying attention to the equipment and surfaces.) In addition to that the client will be informed about the new classification and can be solicited to make suggestions about it. monhotel.fr

In terms of competitive positioning a change was inevitable: The hotels of the world’s first tourism destination could no longer afford to avoid comparisons with their international competitors! Indeed the creation or more appropriately the adoption of the fifth star will change this fact.

What exactly does the fifth star represent? It will represent the best of French hostelry, the fifth star will be the distinction of excellence and it will of course offer a better readability to international clients. What exactly does the fifth star represent? It will represent the best of French hostelry, the fifth star will be the distinction of excellence and it will of course offer a better readability to international clients.


A new classification procedure: If the new classification is supposed to make French hotels compliant to international standards the attributions of stars would also be made according to the techniques used by our international competitors. The evaluation will be done by specialised audit firms which will visit hotels regularly and will be more or less exigent (depending on the rating of the hotel), moreover surprise visit will be made to hotels rated four stars and above

Every five years the classification will be subjected to changes (according to the progress or regression of the establishments).
The “Agence de developpement touristique” or Tourism development agency in English will have to support the procedure and animate it. Transition phase:
Given the time that hotels will need to adopt the classification the new and the old classification will co exist during three years strating from the publication of the “Loi Tourisme” or tourism law (which I will present later in this article). After three years the old classification will cease to exist.

A point on investments: As I said earlier the point of this classification is mostly to modernize French Hotels and it will ssdetermine new economical parameters on which establishments will build their new economical system, and to build a new economical system one needs funds. Two organisms will help hotels to find funds:
-caisse des depots
The Loi Tourisme
This law will modernize the regulations for professionals working in the travel business to allow them to be more competitive in the international sector. This law’s aim is to make easy the sales of tickets for travel agencies: -this law will suppress the four steps that one had to pass to have authorisation to sell trips - Every operator wanting to sale trip formulas will have to declare his activity to a national register managed by the future “Agence de developpement Touristique”. The law will be according to reports constituted of thirteen articles.

common cultures in indonesia

i wanna tell you something about common cultures in indonesia, so you can act wisely before go make a trip or travel to indonesia.

fact :
1. indonesian people are not on time, when you make appointment to indonesian people at 10.00 am, don't be angry if they are came at 11.00 am.
2. indonesian people are very informative, you can ask anything you wanna know about, especially direction
3. indonesian people are very kind, they are usually smile even at strange person.
4. they ate rice, not a bread.
5. they are tend to be a very very rileks person.

okey, that's all, i will update some articles like this later


travel to jakarta

tips of the day

jakarta are capital city if indonesia, there is hot, pollution and any others. but if you wanna make a trip to bautifull places in indonesia, you should visit jakarta first to transit from your flight. but in some island like bali, you don't need to visit jakarta first, there is international airport called bandara ngurah rai.

so, if you wanna make a trip to bali, please flight straight to ngurah rai airport.


location :
central java, indonesia

description :
according to the folk story, this prambanan temples was made by bandung bondowoso in order to marry loro jonggrang, who is roro jonggrang? actually, maybe she is the hottest local babes that time, so bandung bondowoso want to marry her.

but, roro jonggrang didn't like bandung bondowoso so she make a provision in order bandung bondowoso cannot marry her. the provition are to make a thousands temples in just one night, but bandung bondowoso are a fairy person so he asking a help from the local devil :P.

realizing that bandung cheating, roro mad, he kick the "lesung" and make local cock gobble, realizes that the cock had gobbled, the devils thought that it had reached morning and they are run away, and the temples are didn't finished yet. it just finished at 999.

bandung mad too, they are cheating each other, so he cure roro as a stone, to complete the last temples.

haha, sorry, this is the folk story i ever heard, little funny isn't it? but i am not believe it. :P

borobudur temple - indonesia

description :
Borobudur is a ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist Monument in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa.

The monument is both a shrine to the Lord Buddha and a place for Buddhist pilgrimage. The journey for pilgrims begins at the base of the monument and follows a path circumambulating the monument while ascending to the top through the three levels of Buddhist cosmology, namely Kāmadhātu (the world of desire), Rupadhatu (the world of forms) and Arupadhatu (the world of formlessness). During the journey the monument guides the pilgrims through a system of stairways and corridors with 1,460 narrative relief panels on the wall and the balustrades.

Evidence suggests Borobudur was abandoned following the fourteenth century decline of Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms in Java, and the Javanese conversion to Islam. Worldwide knowledge of its existence was sparked in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the then British ruler of Java, who was advised of its location by native Indonesians. Borobudur has since been preserved through several restorations. The largest restoration project was undertaken between 1975 and 1982 by the Indonesian government and UNESCO, following which the monument was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Borobudur is still used for pilgrimage; once a year Buddhists in Indonesia celebrate Vesak at the monument, and Borobudur is Indonesia's single most visited tourist attraction

location :

magelang, central java, indonesia

maps of borobudur :

Borobudur is located in Java Topography

the relief

hint : you should already know where indonesia is, then you should know where java island, borobudur located on the center of java island.


the great canyon of colorado


description :
The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park — one of the first national parks in the United States. President Theodore Roosevelt was a major proponent of preservation of the Grand Canyon area, and visited it on numerous occasions to hunt and enjoy the scenery.

location :
United States of America

The Tadj Mahall

location :

Agra, south-west of Delhi, india

how to acces :

by plane, by bus, by swimming :D, by foot, or ride a cow :P

most beautifull place in the world

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Paddock Wood Hotels, Cheap Hotels in Paddock Wood Kent

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Worldwide Hotels Guide

Worldwide hotels offers

Making a distinction regarding big geographical areas, the current situation of hotel offers and receptive structures it can be schematically distributed as follows.

In countries with a tourism largely promoted by big tour-operator, like the Mediterranean coast and the islands of Spain, the largest Greek islands, the Tunisia and Morocco costs, the countries of the Center and South America, they have been developed, frequently in a disordered fashion, hotel offers and tourist centers characterized by the presence of large hotels, located in very attractive areas, endowed with numerous services, destined to be shown as beautiful as they appear in the catalogues of tour-operators in charge of filling them, but frequently poorly finished, with ordinary furniture and inadequate maintenance. There are hotel offers at particularly advantageous prices on behalf of big travel promoters which propose lodging places for trips to lower price; prices applied only to the occasional client, are on the other hand far greater

These same geographical areas have seen the surfacing of several hotels belonging to big chains, with hotel offers and diversified clientele (not just of tourists sent by tour operators) and with controlled standards of more comfort.

The prevalence of large receptive complex regarding those of small dimensions is the most typical characteristic in these geographical areas, marked, by the hotel offers, for the logic of big travel promoters.

They are few the pensions and hostels; the small receptive exercises are almost always administered as small residences or, they are simply arranged by houses in which rooms or apartments are rented.

Diversified hotel offers

In more industrialized countries which are those where the diffusion of tourism is older and consolidated, the receptive structure is very varied as well as the hotel offers. There’s a consistent sector of receptivity called complementary called or extra-hotel next to the hotel structures, constituted by residences, camping sites, tourist villages, inns, holidays houses, private lodgings.

Everywhere the appropriate equipment, comfort, cleaning in offers hotel reaches acceptable levels. Particularly, in Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, mainly if the urban areas are avoided, the lodgings, of any sort are pleasant and welcoming.

Contrary to the countries included in the area marked with number 1), the richest European countries have hotel offers traditionally based on the small individual initiative.

Today no receptive structure can live waiting for the client, customer or occasional. The client is looked for, cheered up with the hotel offers, the hotel reservation should be simplified, standards of service should be guaranteed admitting growing costs: most people request rooms with bathroom, telephone and television, with the whole comfort that doesn't make them miss their own houses.

Thus have been developed the associations among hotel owners, for the qualification of services, the reservation in common, for the distribution of costs, the administration of hotel offers.

Hotel chains have spread guaranteeing in all countries similar services that allow the quick reservation, through free telephone calls, the twenty-four hours.

Born in the United States, country where the most famous hotel chains are found, today widely diffused in Europe as well, like the Hilton, the Marriot, the Ramada, the Holiday Inn, in a beginning chains brought together only the hotels of higher category, the most luxurious, and also most expensive from the viewpoint of hotel offers.

Nowadays is no longer this way; next to the most important chains, endowed with expensive hotels, like the Hilton, the Sheraton, and the Holiday Inn, Americans like the CIGA and the Italian Jolly Hotel, like the French Sofitel, the Swiss Hotelplan, the British Forte, there are chains with more modest category hotels and more affordable prices, hence diversifying the hotel offers.

Hotels offers and facilities>

France and Italy, countries of the oldest tourist tradition, present a fractional receptive structure, aimed at receiving individual tourism.

Like Giorgio Castoldi writes in the "Manual of tourist technique", Hoepli, in Italy, on one hand is favored by the continuous appearance, in big cities, of offers of big hotels, of higher category, provided with the most modern services (congress rooms with its complementary equipment, fax, internal television circuits, etc.) easily reservables from any place in the worldhosting mainly people who travel for business matters; and on the other hand when maintaining the offer of small hotels, most of the time with family administration, of lower category, those who prefer not to grow for not modifying their administration, based on the work of people motivated by the good operation of the company and willing to sacrifices that could not be requested to clerks in regular hotels. Their work is often not quantified: the entire family collaborates, from children to old men, frequently in partial way, or in very busy moments, without the need of some retribution. Therefore these hotels are able to apply affordable rates for the average tourist, for the family in vacations. They are usually able to obtain enough earnings for the entire family with hotels offers for only four or five months a year. Once the season is finished old men rest, children return to their school, the rest is in charge of maintenance, repairing, and the hotels offers to clients for the following season.

These small formats hotels, with generally seasonal operation, represent most hotels in Italy and they are the backbone of a receptive structure that doesn't adapt to the demands of big tour operators that need hotels offers of large facilities, internally reservables. For this reason Italy is not goal of lodging for big tour operators in Northern Europe, contrary to countries like Greece, and Spain. The negative aspect of this approach, for Italy, lies on the fact that, by doing so, it´s given up to a wide range of potential clients who would assure the constant floow of tourists for differentiated hotels offers, besides the traditional periods of high season. The positive aspect rests on the fact that individual clients represent greater profits to the hotels, while the tour operator client represents sure arrivals for many months in the year, satisfying the offers, but paying little and with delay. It´s not just that, big tour operators seek offers of far more hotels that usually alter the landscape and atmosphere, transforming the coasts, like it has happened in a large part of Spain, Greece, and Tunisia, in urban centers dominated by the imposing profiles of big hotels.

Changes in the hotels offers in Italy

Substantial changes in hotels offers are being witnessed in Italy. Small pensions have decreased in number because the client-type of these hotels, fundamentally families in vacations, always uses the self-catering type structures (trailer houses, rooms for rent, etc.).

Besides the growing in the offers of higher category hotels that satisfy a tourism different from the recreational one, the offers of three-star hotels that have, in Italy, an average of 39 rooms. Divorcing from the family administration, but keeping their opening for seasons. These hotels are fundamentally located in regions goal of recreational tourism: the region that more hotel offers present is the Trentino Alto Adige, the Emilia Romagna, and the Tuscan.

Why? Probably because these hotels represent the Italian answer to the demand of tour operators. These hotels are in conditions of lodging groups, allows work in longer seasons in relation to small hotels therefore coping with higher costs than what their administration implies.

Also with the demand of tour operators, these hotels are able to enlarge the traditional seasons of recreational tourism thanks to the hotels offers for congresses, manifestations, and agreements with extralaboral associations or entities of public attendance that fill facilities during low season.

In a nutshell, the situation of hotels offers in Italy can be schematized as follows:

Higher category hotels, of large facilities, mainly dedicated to business tourism, increase in number thanks to the growth of this sort of demand they satisfy with their hotels offers;

Low category hotels, of small facilities, temporaries, of family administration, are still in some regions the center of hotel offers; they have the family in vacations as client-type; which decreases in number in relation to the modification of the families´demand, with strong tendency towards self-catering;

Mediumcategory hotels grow to satisfy mainly the demand of group tourism of tour operators, of congresses organizers, of assistance entities; they are often exercises of inferior category which, growing, transform their administration, they make it more professional and less family-like, to satisfy this new demand with their hotels offers.

Classification and hotels reservation

Regarding Italy, law differentiates the hotel services in:

- hotels: receptive services open to the public, with unitary administration providing lodging, possibly food and other accessory services, thanks to the reservation of rooms in hotels;

- motel: hotels particularly equipped for the stop and services of vehicles or crafts assuring them repair services and fuel supply;

- villages hotel: hotels that, in a single area, give centralized services to users of residence units located in more establishments.

This distinction, besides substituting the traditional structure among hotels, pensions, and inns, cancels the distribution in the traditional categories (from first to fourth), and hold the same rules regarding reservation of rooms in hotels.

The law stipulates that hotels be marked, in descending order, from 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 star. The enclosed denomination "luxury" is also stipulated, for five-stars hotels classified according to typical standards of international class.

Local authorities must fix the criteria for the classification of the receptive structures keeping in mind the dimensions, the structural requirements, the services offered and the qualification of specialists, the criteria and modalities in the reservation of rooms. The law limited itself to set down the minimum requirements that should have the receptive services to be classified as hotels. They are:

- receptive capacity not lower than seven rooms;

- presence of at least a hygienic service for every ten beds;

- a bathroom with hot and cold current water for each room;

- a room for common use;

- technological facilities and an appropriate amount of qualified specialists for the running of the installation.

To determine the categories of hotels, that is, to assign the adequate number of stars, it’s used a punctuation expressing the quality of the best offerings of the facilities, the services the hotels are able to guarantee, the location, etc. Also in this case, as explained before for travel agencies, local laws are quite uniform and use very similar features, as well as for the reservation of rooms. They dispose, for one-star hotels to have characteristic for which at least thirty points must have been assigned, for two-stars at least eighty points, until the 340 points of five-stars luxury hotels.

The private bathroom in all the rooms vouches 30 points, if 90% of the rooms is endowed with bathroom 25 points must be assigned, if the rooms with bathroom are the 70% the points must be 20, etc.

The night porter vouches 10 points, as well as the 24-hours room services; direct line telephone in each room gives 8 points, the same thing for the telex; color television in each room accounts 5 points, black and white television 4; for the covered pool 10 points, the uncovered one 5; and so forth.

The classification of hotels is made on the request of the hotel itself, which should indicate, in its application, the punctuation reached, result of the sum of parameters they offer.

The entity to which the request is made varies from Region to Region. In certain cases it is the Province, in others the Region itself. The assignment of the category is done after a confirmation made by the competent organization.

The request is renewed every five years.

Therefore it could be considered that an objective classification as indicated always allows equal evaluations and that hotel classifications are assigned in uniformly. In reality it doesn’t work that way: hotels with the same number of stars present, frequently, different qualitative standards.

The reasons are many. The hotel classification must be renovated every five years, it has been said. Many people considered this a very long period of time, during which the initially available equipment can decrease. If televisions sets in the rooms break and are not repaired, if the minibars are moved, if elevators stop, if the garage closes, if the reservation of rooms is inaccurate and causes discontentment, these facts can be increased over the following years.

In many Regions the controls that must be done, either when the category should be assigned or when must be verified that the conditions have not been changed, are not sufficiently rigorous.

And the quality of hotel service consists of so many elements that cannot be measured precisely: a hotel can have televisions, telephones, and minibar in the room, can have elevators, pools, garage, and restaurant that make it classify for a superior category, but if its cleaning is to be questioned, if the reservation of rooms works poorly, if bathrooms faucets leak, if windows don't close, if the rooms walls are dirty, if beds crack, if personnel is not competent, to the high punctuation the hotel gets in reality deserves a modest service.

It could be said that this point must be given a market control: the unsatisfied client doesn't return to the hotels where they have been treated unsatisfactorily. The word gets around, few new clients will request a room reservation. However, the particular role of the hotel, for which new clients continually go through who often make the reservation of rooms in hotels through CRS, without knowing the hotel where they will be destined, without making their election and reservation under somebody’s advised who has previously been in the hotel, all this leads to a reduced control.

The possible solutions follow three approaches:

a strict and continuous public control (as it’s done in Austria and Switzerland);

a control on behalf of consumers' associations (particularly diffused in countries like Germany, and Great Britain);

an associative control: incorporate hotels to consortia, associations, groups, chains receive the control from the associations to which they belong, so the client who makes the reservation of rooms in hotels belonging to a certain group, knows that the hotel has the qualitative standard guaranteed by the group.

The latter control is, so far, what in Italy seems to be more effective.

The stars classification applied in Italy is, in the base, similar to the one applied in most European countries. Therefore, the tourist who travels through Europe should not have problems in determining the quality of the hotel service.

More difficult could be the election when he travels outside Europe: there are many countries where hotel classifications don't exist.

Prices and hotel reservations

Hotels establish freely the prices of their services and they should you at the moment of the client’s reservations, either for knowledge to the Regions that entrust the control to the same organizations appointed to confer the categories.

The price lists of hotels are renovated at least once a year, and they can foresee different prices according to the seasons (high, low, and middle) and according to the hotel reservations. Diverse rates are generally indicated by:

- single room with and without bathroom,

- double rooms with and without bathroom,

- complete pension in room with and without bathroom,

- half pension in room with and without bathroom,

- supplements for enclosed beds,

- prices of foods.

All these prices can be assorted between a minimum and a maximum. This is justified with the position and structure of the different rooms: the widest, more comfortable rooms, with view, the quieter etc., are more expensive than the smaller, darker, and noisier of the hotels. Therefore prices varied from a minimum to a maximum for the single rooms without bathroom, for the single ones with bathroom, for the double with and without bathroom and, consequently, for the treatment of half pension and complete pension. Besides the price also depends on who makes the reservations in the hotels if it’s the client, the agency or the tour operator.

The prices of the rooms, with included IVA, must be shown in all rooms. The prices of the other hotel services should be exposed in rooms commonly used. Of course, hotel clients cannot be asked amounts higher than the ones requested in the lists, or agreed during the reservations.

The prices of Italian hotels are the target of criticism for many parts.

Statistically they are among the highest in the world, because hotel owners have a tendency to declare extremely high maximum prices. In fact, the most diverse rates are paid, according to the season, the client, the development of the hotel market, the type of reservation. The result is that few the clients pay the published rates. And the minimum rate is sometimes a tenth of the maximum price.

Except for particular cases, the license of hotel exercise foresees the obligation of opening of local throughout the year, excluding a period of vacations that should be agreed with the municipal authorities and stated to Public Security authorities.

Only in towns that are temporary tourist destinations can be given licenses that foresee the opening for certain periods in the year. Opening schedules during the day are set by the Public Security authority, in accordance with the Mayor.

The exercise license can be suspended to a hotel that has closes for more than eight days without giving word to the Public Security authority.

>Hotel contract and hotel reservation

The hotel contract following the hotel reservation, is the one specified between the hotel owner and the client. The obligations the hotel assumes with this contract are:

- the lodging supply and food to the client and the benefit of all services foreseen by the structure of the hotel (bar, television, telephone, alarm clock, laundry etc.),

- the responsibility towards people:

- a doctor should be called if they get sick

- should verify they don't have infectious illnesses

- should make the obligatory authentication in the event of death

- it’s responsible with the parents and midwife for the accusations of birth

- should reimburse those who suffer damages for their responsibility (for example anyone who falls on the stairways that haven’t had an appropriate maintenance);

- the responsibility with things on behalf of the clients, according to what’s foreseen by the articles of the civil code.

The client's obligations (booked)

- the payment of the preset price or foreseen in the lists and arranged at the moment of the hotel reservation;

- the respect of the times of arrival and departure foreseen by the contract and of the reservation of the hotel; with this purpose it’s stressed that, except other agreements, the room that has been booked, is occupied between 18.00 in the day of arrival and vacant before 14.00 in the day of departure;

- the care of the local in which the client is lodged, keep their integrity;

- the prohibition of developing in the hotel room any activity, particularly those dangerous or annoying, like ironing, cooking in the hotel, to make noise, etc..

The hotel contract is not a contract-type, in other words it’s not expressly regulated by the civil code. This fact sometimes leaves space to differentiated interpretations, especially those that have to do with the reservation of the hotel.

Among the most common unfulfilments on behalf of clients are the following:

- the client's non arrival who had already made the reservation of the hotel. The hotel owner protects himself making advance payment as guarantee, if the client regularly uses the services, it also works as an advance payment of the final bill, if the client doesn't use the reserved services, it’s then retained as compensation by the hotel;

- the client's delayed arrival or premature departure which forces the hotel owner to lose the possibility to dedicate the rooms to other clients that had been reserved;

- the not payment of the bill on behalf of the client. In this case the hotel owner is entitled to have the client’s baggage levy for an official, as a guarantee of his credit.

The hotel owner’s most common unfulfilment is given when the client who has made the reservation of the hotel, doesn't find it free as agreed. In this case the client who has given a guarantee is entitled to a compensation that comes up to double this guarantee.

Hotel booking and types of hotel contracts

To illustrate this topic we refer, as an example, to an "International Hotel Convention regarding contracts among hotel owners and travel agents", convention carried out between the A.I.H. and the F.U.A.A.V. some years ago.

a) Each hotel contract should be preceded of applications of hotel booking on behalf of the travel agent and directed to the hotel owner.

b) Each unwritten hotel reservations application will be confirmed by means of a written document (letter, telegram, telex, electronic, etc.).

c) Each application hotel booking should specify the benefits offered. The cost of these may be mentioned in the same document. In this case the payment will be guaranteed only by the travel agent until he gets knowledge of the amount mentioned.

Acceptance of hotel reservations applications on behalf of the hotel owner

a) The hotel contract won't be definitive until the acceptance of the hotel booking on behalf of the hotel owner, made according to dispositions of art. 11 a).

b) Such an acceptance of the hotel reservations will consist on a written document (letter, telegram, telex, electronic, etc.) specifically referring to the application and mentioning the price of the ordered services.

c) This confirmation of the hotel booking should take place immediately or, at least, three days after receiving the application on behalf of the hotel owner.

d) Where the travel agent demands a telegraphic reply, he should use the form of "paid reply".

Advance payments of hotel reservations

a) The hotel owner will be able to subordinate the acceptance of the order of hotel booking, to the imposition of an advance amount (guarantee or cause deposit).

This advance amount will always have the character of guarantee deposit, except for the case in which the hotel owner has specified that it’s a guarantee. If the hotel owner has requested an advance payment, the conclusion of the hotel contract won't be definitive until the imposition of the amount is not made or demonstrated the evidence of the payment.

b) The hotel owner will make acknowledgement of receipt of the advance payment of the hotel booking no later than 24 hours after receiving it.

c) the amount o be paid of the advance payment of hotel reservations is usually the price of the ordered services (room, foods, etc.) for a one-night lodging in low season and three nights in high season.

Documents of the hotel booking

1) Principle of voucher acceptance: The hotel owner is entitled to either request the prepayment or a partial advance payment. If he refuses to such power, he agrees to accept the voucher. The travel agent recognizes the voucher as a payment guarantee that must be paid according to conventional norms and terms.

2) The simple voucher. The benefits that should appear in detail, especially the arrival and departure dates, they can comprise only the normal services (room and foods).

3) Voucher "full credit". The emission of this voucher can convey an extension of the normal hotel services, should be subordinated to a specific agreement between the hotel owner and the travel agent.

Payment due to the hotel owner

The prices fixed by the hotel owner to the travel agent for the services making object of the hotel contract, will not be, in any case, higher to those of the hotel rate applied to direct clients, when the invoice is paid by the agent or liquidated directly by the traveler. When the hotel owner has agreed the special prices in the phases of the hotel reservations, he won't be able to demand greater retribution than the agreed rate.

The hotel owner agrees to respect the prices suited in the contract. In the event of any modification of prices, a 30-day adjustment term is foreseen for the application of new prices. This price modification won't be applied to the hotel reservations already confirmed.

The benefits the travel agent will pay are those that appear in the reservation document directed to the hotel owner.

a) Except in case it’s been agreed that the invoice be paid directly by the traveler, is the travel agent who has concluded the hotel contract the one who should debit the invoice.

b) The payment of the invoice will be made by the agreed terms or, in absence of a contractual stipulation, within a 30-day frame after receiving the invoice. After the 30 days, the due sums will be increased with an interest fixed to the percentages for every month of delay. The opening amount of the debit will be increased with the 5% for recovery expenses.

c) For long duration lodgings, the hotel one will be able to request the travel agent, to pay in the course of lodging, the parts of services already given.

d) In the event of hotel booking made by the travel agent for services whose payment will be executed directly by the client, the hotel owner agrees to guarantee the agent's commission. For such reason the hotel owner can refuse to accept the payment by means of a credit card.

Glossary of terms used in hotels booking

Travel Agent: Each person or qualified society according to legal dispositions of the same country or for the national associations or for the interested International Federation and which particularly has as an specific activity to make the hotel reservation of rooms and other services in hotels to settle travelers.

Hotel: Are considered all those facilities that offer vacancies and are affiliated to the AIH, either directly through a national Association and those that classify according to the legal orders of the country where they are located.

Advance: according to the will of the parts, the amount of the advance payment requested by the hotel can be worth as guarantee deposit to the act of hotels booking.

Low season: defined according to local customs, subject to particular contracts according to the conditions of the local market.

Hotel contract: Contract with which a hotel agrees with a travel agent to give hotel services - followed by a hotel reservation - to a costumer of the aforementioned agent.

Guarantee deposit: advance imposition of the travel agent to the hotel owner, at the moment of the hotel reservation, a part of the price that will be presumed from the total amount of the invoice or should be refunded in the event of the hotels booking.

Hotel tariffs: lists of the prices on the different services given by the hotel, separately or together, officially published for travelers' use.

Individual travelers: clients who are not benefited by special rates of group.

Group Travelers: amount of people traveling together, considered by the travel agent and the hotel owner as an unique entity which obtains from the hotel owner during the hotel reservation, special conditions and rates fixed contractually.

Voucher: a voucher is a document issued by a travel agent with which he agrees to pay the hotel owner for the benefits to the agency’s costumer. These benefits or their top value will be mentioned in the voucher. In the event of non-use of all the hotel benefits mentioned in the voucher, the agent's agreement is limited according to the conditions mentioned in item 42 of the convention. The copy of a voucher can also work as confirmation.

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Santorini Cooking tour - Santorini Cuisine

Santorini, like all the Cyclades, offers a diverse and delicious cuisine. While its arid volcanic landscape does not lend itself to the production of a wide variety of products, it does provide some distinct and incomparable flavors and original recipes. Residents are well aware there is no need to look elsewhere when everything is available at home.

That’s the reason why many people in Santorini looking for food or wine tours and more the thematic tours about Santorinian cuisine. At mysantorini.com you will find the most popular cooking tour in Santorini and you can book on line for you and your company. Enjoy your stay in Santorini and book a tour to remember.

Santorini's cuisine is primarily based on the island's own agricultural products. These locally grown products nourished by the volcanic soil, the sea breeze and the sunshine of the Aegean Sea, share a unique, full taste. Combined with the almost exclusively organic cultivation of the island the result is top quality produce from ingredients used to cook the original, tasty and healthy foods you will find in most of the island's taverns and restaurants.

Sweet cherry tomatoes, beans, barley, white eggplants, zucchini, capers (whose leaves are also added to salads) and mint are all typical products served with lamb or rabbit - not to mention the essential moussaka (eggplant gratin), fava (bean purée) and pseftokeftedes (meatballs with vegetables and spices).

You should also try the fresh grilled fish or octopus salad. Everywhere tavernas and other typical bars offer Greek salad and souvlaki (meat kabobs). Cafés serve gyros (spit-roasted meat) served in pitas with salad and tzatziki, a garlicky yogurt sauce.

Meletenia is Santorini's best-known dessert. It is a flaky pastry filled with cheese and egg, covered with mastiha, a kind of sweet resin. Also “ Koufeto”, which is prepared with almonds which are boiled in local honey or syrup. Koufeto is a traditional sweet which is served at weddings.

If you add to this menu the many choice wines produced on the island, from the dry whites to the sweet dessert Vinsanto and the wonderful taste combinations that they create, you will understand why the many restaurateurs, gastronomy experts, and Greek and foreign journalists have embraced and promoted the eclectic tastes of Santorini.

This small island has already made a name for itself in the world of gourmet tastes. It is considered by most to be a must-visit destination for gastronomy connoisseurs as it is offers some of the country's best restaurants, wineries and taverns.

Fava is a puree made with Fava beans (yellow peas). Fava is an old traditional dish of Greece which can be served in many different ways according to the time of the year. What makes the Santorini Fava special is the taste of the fava beans produced on the island.

Tomatinia or Cherry Tomato is very aromatic and tasty and can be easily mistaken for cherries. In Santorini the 100% organic tomatoes will delight every lover of this fruit.

Chloro Cheese is a fresh cheese made by women of Santorini and it is not easy to find anymore.

Tomatokeftedes are meat balls without the meat... This tasty recipe of Santorini is prepared with herbs, tomatoes and butter. They are actually the island’s specialty, apart from the Fava.

The White Eggplant, a unique vegetable of the island, is considered the “national” course in Santorini. They are very small eggplants, very delicious and with a fresh flavor.

The Caper (kapari) and the Dried Caper are other products of the island and are often used in salads.

Want to learn to Cook in Santorinian way?

We present you “Santorini cooking classes” for 2009. These are new series of classes which are going to showcase the cuisine of Santorini and various cooking methods along with the famous local wines. Carefully selected recipes are going to be presented by renowed Santorinian chefs using traditional materials and preparations. At mysantorini.com you can choose between full day and three hours programs. The maximum number of students is 12 and the prices start from 50 Euros per person. Book now your Santorini Cooking

lesson and enjoy a spectacular experience in Santorini Island.

Buon appetite!

How to Hire a Limo in Atlanta

here i give you some tips traveling, i take this articles from free articles on the internet, so enjoy this articles.

Whether you have lived in Atlanta all your life, have recently moved there or are on your Georgia vacation, consider hiring an Atlanta limo service. After all, Atlanta has so many incredible buildings, unique billboards and interesting locations, you will want to be able to look around you—not be “stuck” doing all the driving. And, while hiring a limo may seem and extravagance, think about the fun you will be able to have with your travelling companions as you ride in style. However, if you are unsure about how to hire an Atlanta limo, here are 10 tips to make your limo ride everything you want it to be.

* Consider your budget. Often times, limo companies are willing to make a deal. Also, be sure to ask what the top car and amenities will cost- you may be surprised and find that it was not as pricey as you had anticipated. In addition, if you are willing to use an older vehicle, you can often save money.
* Find out what amenities are included-TV/stereo/DVD, food/bar items, tinted windows/sun roof, gaming system, etc…
* Make sure the company and its drivers are licensed and bonded.
* Be sure there are no complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.
* Make certain you know the year, make, and model of the limo you will be getting.
* Provide your itinerary well in advance.
* When deciding on what size limo, you will want to be comfortable. So, if there are 6 in your group, you may want to get a limo for 8.
* Find out if there is a minimal rent time. Often, limos must be reserved for at least 3 hours.
* Ask about customer referrals. You may even want to confirm them with past clients.
* Be sure you have a contract you are pleased with. Note that the contract includes the car’s make, model, and year as well as notes the amenities, itinerary, gratuities, deposit and cancellation fees are what you agreed on.

Renting a limo is a fantastic way to change an every day event into something special. You can save time as well as visit in style with your family, friends, or business associates while you travel in style and comfort. So, make the most of your time by hiring an Atlanta limo.

4 principles to help you save money when booking last minute travel tickets

The need for travel remains no mater the state of the economy, especially with our nuclear society. The need doesn't go away just because you may be on a tight budget. Being more flexible and creative in your travel plans means you can find more affordable deals. Using certain basic principles, you can be sure to create the best last minute travel deals for yourself time and time again.

1. Saving money is a high priority

When you are making plans, and scheduling your trip, you want the price of your ticket purchase to be the motivating factor. Look into how to cut the price of your overall trip as well. If you need a hotel, or car rental, or you are planning to visit one of the local attractions, see if there are packages available that will reduce your overall costs as opposed to booking everything separately. Don't forget the principle of comparison shopping as well as following up with those little-known tips that may land in your lap.

2. Avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes

The second principle requires you to do a bit of research when you are making your travel plans. You will want to avoid impulse buying and check out the travel service providers that you may be using before you decide upon your travel to give yourself enough time to do the appropriate research. Make sure you read the fine print and pay attention to any additional fees that may be added that may not be obviously listed.

3. be details backpackers

You should know the cancellation policies, change fees, if insurance is required and all of the other fine print details that may pop up. Don't hesitate to contact customer service and get clarification on anything you are unsure of. You will want to avoid those costly travel surprises that can seriously affect your trip.

4. Be an informed and empowered consumer

The fourth principle will allow you to make wise choices and decisions on all of your last minute travel endeavors. Creating checklists will help you easily evaluate any last minute travel deals you discover. The more you do this kind of 11th hour travel, the more adept you will become at finding deals and the better you will become at being efficient, prepared and innovative. There are many travelers who are making the most of what is available on the market, especially those travelers that are on a shoestring budget and do short-term traveling.

The principles discussed here, even though are very basic, are key in any plan to get the best deals and the best travel discounts. When you take the time to do proper research and bargain hunting, you can almost certainly lower your travel costs on airfare tickets and other elements as well. Proper and flexible planning will also allow you to take advantage of deals that others might not be organized enough to take advantage of these same deals.

5. be smart

to get survive in all condition, all you need to do is become a smart backpacker. you should do anything smartly and right in order you could survive to become a low budget traveler.

online traveling career

I did some research on this issue and found that the Internet Travel Industry is growing rapidly, and the best part is that it creates many jobs, and many people around the world create their own network of travel companies.

How did they do that? I did this assignment too, and I would like to share the information I learned from those who have succeeded and which have been a way to earn more than average income from their previous works.

There are sites that are currently providing all things necessary to start a new career in the industry, and they are called as Internet travel consultant or travel agent, online booking. One site I saw gave me some tips on how to do this, even in their own homes. One company that really got my attention Personal Travel Group. Here's what they told me: --

First, you need to watch their informative video that explains the business opportunities for you. After that, you fill out online registration application at their website. You will be invited to one of its centers for a full explanation. Once adopted and signed, they will give you access to your system, your own website and a password.

After they have given you so you can get access to their booking engine through your site. You are then able to search, place an order for 24 hours, or book and pay immediately. As soon as you start to make a reservation, you will receive a commission from your own set margins! (interesting ... ....).

I did a search on their site and they are the providers of accommodation and other services, such as making transfers, car hire, golf and insurance, and these products are only available online.

They even have a full team of professional, experienced agents, supported by the stand for any questions or issues. Reservations can be made either on line or by phone, and you can ask your support for any questions or doubts you have. I think it is very important for self-starters.

The most interesting is how you can earn money from this. They accept online bookings in real time, and payments are made through their website. They even offer various payment options that will suit your business, and that can be specified in the contract given to you their company.

To cut things short, they handle all automated. Your task is to expand its customer base, and let all the tasks will be handled by them. Take note of when it is created, the operating costs are very low. This is a very good idea. No need to search for clients in the travel agency, all online. That is the strength of the Personal Travel Group technology today.

But also know that there are other companies or sites that offer similar packages start, but I found that there are some details that were not clear enough, unlike the one I described above, and the Commission appears to be much smaller.

Important here is that a career as an online travel agency or a consultant is one of the best alternatives to increase your income. This could be the best year to start working in the tourism industry, and this is one of the best options for obtaining the first or second income. With a small investment of your time and effort, you could make a great success of this type of business. The aim here is to share this information so that it will be useful for my readers.