Monday, June 29, 2009

How to Hire a Limo in Atlanta

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Whether you have lived in Atlanta all your life, have recently moved there or are on your Georgia vacation, consider hiring an Atlanta limo service. After all, Atlanta has so many incredible buildings, unique billboards and interesting locations, you will want to be able to look around you—not be “stuck” doing all the driving. And, while hiring a limo may seem and extravagance, think about the fun you will be able to have with your travelling companions as you ride in style. However, if you are unsure about how to hire an Atlanta limo, here are 10 tips to make your limo ride everything you want it to be.

* Consider your budget. Often times, limo companies are willing to make a deal. Also, be sure to ask what the top car and amenities will cost- you may be surprised and find that it was not as pricey as you had anticipated. In addition, if you are willing to use an older vehicle, you can often save money.
* Find out what amenities are included-TV/stereo/DVD, food/bar items, tinted windows/sun roof, gaming system, etc…
* Make sure the company and its drivers are licensed and bonded.
* Be sure there are no complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.
* Make certain you know the year, make, and model of the limo you will be getting.
* Provide your itinerary well in advance.
* When deciding on what size limo, you will want to be comfortable. So, if there are 6 in your group, you may want to get a limo for 8.
* Find out if there is a minimal rent time. Often, limos must be reserved for at least 3 hours.
* Ask about customer referrals. You may even want to confirm them with past clients.
* Be sure you have a contract you are pleased with. Note that the contract includes the car’s make, model, and year as well as notes the amenities, itinerary, gratuities, deposit and cancellation fees are what you agreed on.

Renting a limo is a fantastic way to change an every day event into something special. You can save time as well as visit in style with your family, friends, or business associates while you travel in style and comfort. So, make the most of your time by hiring an Atlanta limo.

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