Sunday, June 29, 2008

Germany vs spain

Now we out from talking about tourism trip, and let's just talk about final euro 2008 this night.

What do you think? Which nation will become a winner a euro 2008?

I support spain

gracias and see ya

traffic jam in bandung

avoid to travell to bandung at weekend because you'll get a hard depretion.

Jakarta usually share their traffic jam and pollution at weekend

Saturday, June 28, 2008

dago resort

it is a long time i didn't periodically update my blog, i had no preparation to edit some photos to put here because tomorow i had a math exam. So, yesterday (this weekend) i go to dago resort at north of bandung, you can see the view of bandung from the top there.

dago known as a shopping place, dago is a street that full of factory outlet and distribution outlet known as distro.
dago street, indonesia

On the dago hill, you can find many tourism resort or place to hangout such as "rumah kopi" or house of coffee where you can relax while you are enjoy the view of bandung.

There is also a lot of foodcourt and origin forrest so you can do a cullinaire vacation and breathe a clear and pure air on the forrest. The forrest are tourism ressort not such as a wild jungle.

How can we reach dago ressort? Calm, it is easy to reach, just go to bandung and find dago (ir. H juanda) street and go straight up to the north and you will arrive at dago ressort imidiately.

There is also a lot of cheap hotel and villas to stay with variated price

so visit indonesia 2008 and enjoy

see ya

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Long time didn't update this blog yet, i have no time, this posting posted from my nokia cellphone. I'll update this blog as soon as possible,

see ya

Monday, June 23, 2008

bandung, the capital sity of west java, indonesia

Finally, i came here at bandung, my favourite cities in indonesia. The place where i learn a lot of things. And the place where i have fun. you can see the picture of bandung by this bandung city daily photo site.

I had some photos from my origin city to upload, just wait

see ya

Friday, June 20, 2008

naked traveller

Finally i saw the writer of blog and book "naked traveller". I saw her at a local tv programme, i admire her so much actually, the way she tell to us while she backpacking arround the world, it is inspiring me so much.

Aniway, i don't buy the book yet. But i had rode her blog at
i'll gave the link later.

update :
i had buy the book and her experience about traveling was very great.

See ya

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

canon powershot A630

i wanna make some review for my camera, i add the image later ok? I post this article from my nokia 6260 cellphone so it is rather difficult to upload some image.

According to my, this canon powershot A630 is good in any day condition basically but veri bad at night capture

i'll add the spesification of canon powershot A630 later, it is uneasy to type a word from my nokia cellphone.

See ya

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

travel to java

many people in jakarta and bandung always called east and middle java as a "java". And where they're tough jakarta and bandung located actually? Yes, it is on java island too.

I arrived at east java from bandung just now, not an travel nor business trip, only going to home. And here i am, on my lovely home at foot of mount lawu. You should go to here sometimes, it is located near solo.

See ya

Sunday, June 15, 2008

refresh your stress by visiting lembang west java

that is the view of lembang from manggalagiri villa. lembang located on north bandung wast java, one of many tourism spot in bandung. in lembang we can go to many beautiful tourism resort like mount tangkubanperahu, tangkubanperahu forrest, strawberry garden, to fall, and many others. there is also villas and hotels to stay.

d'cinnamons live

d'cinnamons live concert in ITB bandung.

use france map to explore france when you do traveling there

I found some good article on articlecity . and I tough that this article are interesting so i copy it here in my blog, enjoy

France Map - Great Holiday Ideas

by: Nancy Eben

Be ready to get impressed on your travel France as the country has everything that one could expect from a holiday. Amongst the five top most tourist destinations in the world, facts about France let you see why it is so. It has the fashion capital Paris as its capital city, beautiful nature, beaches, the mountain scenery, and monuments all make it a great tourist destination. Moreover, the experience of visiting the country can vary as to the place you select for your holiday. Holidays on a beach, in the countryside, the big cities to the beautiful villages, all have something on offer for its visitors. There is plenty to explore and discover, loads of activities to get involved in and certainly life long memories to take back home. A great destination, France provides number of holiday ideas a few are mentioned here.

• Adventure Holidays

Take on an adventure holiday to see the real France. For those who love adventure travel, adventure holidays can be a fantastic option. Get a taste of the place, meet the local people when you head on an adventure holiday. On offer are all kinds of different activities that one can pick from like from the extreme sports to the more ordinary. These holidays come in complete package holidays, and tailor made for adult only adventures or for a family holiday that can cater for all ages of children. It’s the horse riding that catches your fancy, mountain biking or is it the hiking, you can find all this and much more for your holiday.

• Cycling holidays

With cycling being a national pastime in France, the organized cycling holidays are becoming very popular. These holidays provide with an opportunity for the visitors to cycle their way into the country and explore the region while having a go at the sport. This year round activity is a very popular among all ages and weather has a big role to play. In addition there are quite and beautiful countryside, with number of roads available for cycling. The well-maintained roads provide excellent cycling areas for cycling. Tour de France, the greatest cycling event in the world takes here in the country. For not the regular cyclists there are organized cycling trips, which combine cycling with accommodation, visits to the areas along the route.

• Skiing holidays

If you are on travel France for a skiing holiday then you will find the country has some of the best ski areas and ski resorts. France is a very popular destination among the tourists and if you skiing is your cup of tea, then Alps provide with excellent ski areas. With many ski classes made available for the tourists who are beginners, everyone can enjoy. Tourists can choose from a wide range of ski accommodation from ski resorts, private ski chalets, chalet apartments to hotels. The ski accommodation meets the needs of all skiers.

• Golfing holidays

France can turn out to be an excellent choice for a golfing holiday for both the professional and amateur golfers, as the country has a variety of golf courses. Playing golf amidst snow-capped mountains or Mediterranean views, it is a wonderful experience. France is a fantastic destination for golf holidays all the year round and plenty of sunshine adds on to the charm of the place. There is a lot of choice as the France map is dotted all over with golf courses. With the specially designed golf holidays, wherein one stays in a luxury villa, a private golf course and this blend of comfort and quality with golf is a quite experience.

• Holiday on a River Cruise

With the varied landscape that France has, a river cruise holiday is a perfect way to enjoy the countryside, the history and the culture as one travels from one place to another. It is the right idea for a relaxing and a different kind of holiday. A river cruise lets you experience, what you can never otherwise see, with every region having its own specialty and beauty.

• Camping holidays

Travel to France for great camping holiday, which is a great holiday idea for fun and adventure. In the recent years, camping has caught on with the tourists and with thousands of campsites available, it is all the much easier to embark on a camping holiday. One will get easily spoiled for choices, with so many to choose from, right from hiring your own tent, caravans, or even a mobile home, is a great way of touring the country. The campsites are well maintained and organized, offering all the facilities for relaxing and entertaining holidays.

Wherever you travel a France map would be a handy tool and should be your accompanist all through your holiday.

bandung apartment

ones of apartment in Bandung, if you search for apartment or room to stay while you're traveling to bandung, Indonesia just go to Dago street because there are lot of hotels with variation price.

the image are courtesy of

braga street

this is a braga street on a pass, braga street was famous historicall street located in bandung, west java, Indonesia. if visit indonesia for travelling or vacation, don't forget to go to bandung, on of many tourism spot in Indonesia.

see ya and visit indonesia 2008

parking area

did I ever upload this photo? this photo was taken at my campus, using canon A 630 camera and edit it's level on adobe photoshop cs. there is parking area behind that trees

woman's day and emansipation

this is ITB student's speak at Kartini's day. they also wear Batik, an indonesian traditional textile motif.

google analytics and sitemap

I installed google analytics widget on this blog just now, and yes, it works yeah. I install sitemap too to this blogger website and it works too. I'll write how to add sitemap to blogger website later maybe

see ya

i am dreaming to travel to america

i am dreaming about travel to america. when i able to go there and see the liberty statue, if i got a scholarship to study to america, i 'll be happy then, yihaaaa, and i would become indian people who live freely there. sorry, just my imagination anyway

see ya and happy holiday

national geographic simpanze

i type word "good photos" on google search engine and found that picture, hehe. I don't know why that simpanze appear but there is no doubt it was become a good photo because it take by national geographic photographer. and national geographic photographer was the great photographer ever.

see ya

picture taken from here : vs deviantart

here in the largest photography website community in Indonesia, you can visit , the site where I learn photography and the site where many Indonesian professional photographer gather, or for art you can also visit many product of professional designer put in there, you can find many great design and you can use it freely.

these two website has a similarity, that is image uploading. you can also find many product of camera where you're in, be a member are recomennded. so if you are newbe photographer like me, just feel enjoy to join on a photgraphy forum so you can learn much from a professional photographer.

just wild flowers

take this photo long time ago when I went home, this photo was taken at mount lawu ( 3265 m above mean sea level ) in Indonesia. actually, these are just a wild flowers grew beside the road. to the newbe and amateur photogapher like me, the way to get beautifull photos are just simple, get some nice photos and you'll get the good picture. for example are flower like that. oh ya, don't forget to edit it on a adobe photoshop or other image editing software.

image source :
see ya

Thursday, June 12, 2008

thanks for caring

The friend of mine asking me question
him : are you had a problem?
me : :-)
him : i can see that through your eyes
me : :-)

thanks for care to me, everybody had a problem my friends

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

good morning everybody

the day are shining bright to me. I had install some add advertise unit on this blog, but it seems doesn't appear yet. Ok, thats no groblem.

The video i take care about are almost done, but there are many responsible wait to be executed. But it's okay.

Had a long time doesn't write article related on backpacking and travelling. But yesterday, i found nice book titled "naked travellers", there is no nudity there, just backpackers (trinity) experiences wrote nicely.

Didn't quite ready to post photographycal article. Didn't have stock enough to publish. Hope you're all understand. Thanks

see ya

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the day of nothing

the trusted friend of mine had betraying me, what should I do to him?

I hate him so much actually, but i wont do that. The feel "hate" must be destroyed from my heart. Yeah, what can I do, it's hurt me much.

Maybe I must forget it and traveling to someplace. The place where there is no others so i can think clearly.

May be i should do travel to africa or sahara,

yeah, the day of nothing.

Miss my home and my mom.

See ya

Monday, June 9, 2008

national geographic photographer

I still curious what national geographic photographer's did and what gadget they use so they can get great photos like that.

go home next monday

i woke up very late this day, confused with so many responsible that i can't fulfill yet. I planed to go home next monday. To may origin place.

And i'll take my 8 megapixels canon powershot A630 camera and shot everything i see and posting it on this blog. Just wait :D.

I'll make some reviews about my camera later.

see ya

greatest tips to become a real photographer

On my own opinion, tips to become real photographer are just simple, here is it :

1. Turn on your camera
2. Aim your target
3. Shot as much as you can

as many experiences you had, more great photographer you will be. and that will support your traveling very much, while the others spent their money for shopping, you can use your skill as a money maker while traveling.

related traveling articles :
* making money while you traveling

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi for sale

i checked my email this morning and get email that testmonkey sell their canon EOS 400D camera or digital rebel Xti. if interest just see the camera on their multiply, the link bellow
Jun 1, '08 1:34 PMby Test for everyone

Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi for sale-comes with :
• Kit lens EF 18-55mm
• Original Canon Battery grip (BG-E3) (perfect for vertical Shooting)
• 2 batteries and a battery charger
• Kit canon strap
• Cable for TV out
• 1 GIG Ridata CF card
• Wireless Remote Controller RC-5 (enable remote shooting up to 16 ft)
• Cd’s and manual-still under canon warranty-in very good condition no scratches-used just for hobbies -bought in HK last September
-No box
P29,500.00 last priceYou can PM me or text me if you are interested here is my number 09162232366

Saturday, June 7, 2008

psm project

last night, my team had documented itb choir in concert 2008 conducted by Indra Listiyanto. the choir it self performing rennaissance, romantic and modern choral works and world premiere Ananda Sukarlan's

Jokpiniana no. 01 (an etude on antiphonal dangdut)

now we must edit it as good as we can to satisfy them

see ya

my favourite city

in Indonesia, my favourite city are Bandung and Jogjakarta. many old buildings there. In bandung we can go to Braga Street that many historical building arround. In Jogjakarta, we can find Malioboro, ones of many famous street in Indonesia. almost forget, i like bali too. the scenery was beautifull, just like another cities in Indonesia.

so, come and visit Indonesia 2008 to go to vacation

Friday, June 6, 2008

good news

just a few hours when i complained about my blog, just now i check to search my own website on google. And you know, my blog had indexed by google, yay. Hmmmh, the sunsine are shining bright to me :D

nb: still confused for what are sitemap for? anyone can help please?

unready to publish

little confused aniway, why this blog are not indexed by google nor other search engine. Is that take such a long time?

I wanna make some update actually, but i wait until this blog quite ready to get indexed by google. While it is on process, i'll just updating it by my cellphone to keep this blog up to date.

Just for information, i update this blogsite using my nokia 6 series with operamini browser installed with. It is save on your finances. If you want to use operamini too, just type this keyword : "operamini" on your nokia original browser and the install it. I recomended operamini 3 rather than 4. Operamini 4 make my confuse by it anywhere schroll. ^^ it is difficult to say

see ya

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

travelling to gramedia

hahah, just kidding by the way. Just now, i went to gramedia to search some photography and travelling book and find many old chip photo and audio magazine. But it is not suittable for my wallet to take them all home ;P

sometimes maybe, see ya

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

why kick?

I named this blog "kicktheworld" was by accident actually. I had many blog but many of them are unupdated. In this blog i just update my lay out, it is cool? Just Tell me if not. Adding some new element and fix misspelling, and there are still many error word. And i had
just submited this blog in a search engine.

Yesterday i try to sign up in google analityc but unsuccesfull yet and make me depression >_<. I'am now edit my picture with photoshop and try to make new posting.

nb : This posting posted from my nokia cellphone

marchingband parade

"itb's marchingband parade"

little kid

sorry for the dark picture,

me : who is the president of Indonesia now?
him : Rhoma Irama

Roma Irama is Indonesian dangdut's singer

wayang kulit

"wayang" in english mean shadow, it is an traditional javanese performing art or puppet show made by skin (kulit) of an animal (usually a cow, how pity they are ;P). and it is played by one "dalang" or master of a the puppets.

see ya

arbain rambey

Arbain Rambey is one of professional photographer in Indonesia. He is a senior journalist in kompas news paper and media. i'll write more about Arbain Rambey later in new posting or updating this posting.

see ya

wedding photography

i got tips to get a better shoot on wedding photography,it is on a snap magazine before this magazine were died.

here is the tips :

first. get close to the couple

we must learn about personality of the couple and know them emotionally so we can approaching the strong caracter of the object and optimize the qulity o our photos. yes, it is uneasy to get close fastly wit the people because people are unique and different. or it'is better go to bookstore and learn about psycology so we can easy close with other person ;P

make a sketch

you better do brainstorming before you take a photo, so you know what your concept and easy to do next step. or you can make sketch and some illustration on a paper to poure your ideas, remember basically we're all creative, just what the effective way to realizing your imagination and become our own masterpieces.

extra memory card

it is accident if you forgot your memory card so you missed the moment, make a sure that you had already carry your memory card and batteries and put them on your gadget bag. take the photos as much as possible and edit it later on a adobe photoshop in addition to satisfy your customer.

enjoy and sorry for the article, I am a very newbe

nikon D200

I have dreamed about this camera for years ago, this camera have effective pixel for about 10.2 Megapixels and support wi-fi and GPS technology.

GPS is a global positioning system aniway and so we can know the osition of the picture on the map ;P. the body also made from magnesium alloy. I read at magazine for the prices, it is about 1700 dollars just for the body (without any lenses). wow it will cost my anus for this camera ;P.

the D200 photos taken from here

how to get better photos

in a digital camera, it is more easy to get a bautifull photos, I always using this way to get better photos

1. take a picture as much as you can

if you are newbe like me, don't think about advanced technique like professional photographer does. just make a sure that your photo are fokus and not blur, don't think about composition, but knowing litle about composition are not bad. and then take a photo as much as you can

2. sortir and selection

make your own qualification where the good and bad photos, and then delete your bad photos.

3. editing

this is the last one, you can just optimize your good photos using digital imaging software, I my self recommended adobe photoshop. you can learn about photoshop here or just type this keyword "learn photoshop" on a google ar other search engine.

good luck, sorry this article just by my own opinion base on my newbe experiences.

canon and nikon

Nikon or canon? canon and nikon are popular at world photography. to professional photographer, both of it are just like a religion isn'it?

i my self using canon camera, powershot A630. and planning to move to nikon DSLR camera D40, it's cheap and had a great performance. according to me, the best camera is just canon or nikon, and maybe to the world also, so on 2006 this two vendor get nomination on the best camera.

canon EOS 5D become "best professional camera", canon powershot SD630 or known as ixus 65 get "best ultra compact digital camera" and on the printer, canon image PROGRAPH IPF5000 as a "best large format printer".

on the nikon, they got "best entry level digital SLR", for the nikon D50. and "best expert digital SLR" for nikon D200.

hove I have D200 or 5D someday ;P.

photos of camera taken from here

let me go home

hahaah, te title are from a song and irrelevant with this posting. it is a long time i can't go back to home, i missed with the condition in the home, the farm, my garden, my old friends, my family, the cold weather, and all the condition in the home.

i plan to go home next week, to meet my mother especially.
just wish me luck guys...

minoring in architecture

my campus had a new curriculum, there are about minoring subject. now my main subject are civil engineering and i planning to choose minor in architeture, but i doubt i can be good in that minor subject. in architecture subject, we must had many free time to make a picture, maket, or city plan. and I'am a rather busy person ;P. but architecture, they had a photography subject so i can learn more about photography there.

if there are any subject related to the traveling, i should had been picked up that subject, but what is the traveling subject? it should contain of traveling tips, how to backpacking with the low budget, how to find the low cost transportation or cheap flight, how to manage the budget during traveling and backpacking and many others. but it just on my dream, haha.

ok then, wish me luck guys

see ya


when I make this free websites, my purpose actually to make some city daily photos, but time is always running and everyone need money to survive, oh and ofcourse need soem traveling and vacation.

if you had photography hobby, and had website just join with this site, it is about city daily photos, you can free join and submit your website there, in city daily photos, there are many another city daily photos from whole the world, and you can also learn about photography on its forum or be expert on architectural photography.

and if you had a backpacking hobby, please visit this website as often as possible, because we will update this blog with many useful information about traveling and backpacking


Monday, June 2, 2008


as usually, i watch movies are always by recomendation of my friend.
the mivies which is rich with beutifful europe view and many comedy there, backpackers and travelers must watch this movie.

you can get more information about this movie at

national geographic

i always exited on this "national geographic" label. wether its magazine or channel, i love it's photography, hope someday 'll be the photographer of it's magazine so there i can travell around the world ;P.

talking about travelling around the world, it is not complete if we are not talking about map, you can see map of the world below, hehe just for bonus and kidding ;P

bali dancing

bali is one of tourism resort in Indonesia, I want to talk about its culture here, about dances, you can see the picture beside.

in bali or in the other place in Indonesia, there is many kind of dances like kecak dancing, pendet dances, or in java there are gambyong, remo, jaipong, serimpi and many others, dance is used by local people in many condition like wedding ceremony, thanksful to the god, to prevent disaster or even used in funeral ceremony.

my friend, who loves photography and traveling too like me, recommend me to visit this sites

there is no doubt that you can get much information about asian cultures by following or reading the threads in the forum, you can also asking question how to reach the beautiful places, the hotel or hostel to stay or the cost of vacation packet and any others. so, join now and enjoy the forum.

on the finest asia, you can also find some job and job opening, oh wait a minute, i little confused with this website. ago, this is a some traveling website, why now become job search website and news? oh no, it must be something wrong, i'll find the correct websites later.

see ya and wish me luck guys

gedung sate, architecture icon from indones
sate building

gedung sate are a government building located in indonesia, gedung sate had been a long time being an icon of bandung, capital city of west java. there is a history why this building called gedung sate, we can see the roof top of this building and we'll see the "sate" shaped roof. Sate are traditional food from indonesia, its made from cow or chicken meat that serve with local sauce made from ketchup or a peanut. you can see the picture of sate below, it often called satay too.

sate or satay

making this post definitely make me hungry :D


ago, i think that i can be good in photography without any help of image editing software like photoshop, adobe lightroom, or etc.
but now on, my mind had change, we still can result a beautifull photo actually, but sometimes we didn't have more time to compose or setting our camera to get the nice photo in the right momment, in this situation image editing sofware are usefull, we just can take the photo, get the momment, and fix the result later.
you can learn more about photoshop here, or heremaybe i'll write my own article later when i had advanced in photography or photoshop, i'am just beginner now :P
see ya

mount lawu
peak of mount lawu, east java, indonesia

this mount located in the middle of east and middle java province, Indonesia. the highest of this mount is for about 3265 m from mean sea level. you can reach this site by plane on adi sumarmo airport in solo, or you can reach there by bus from jakarta or surabaya and then using local transportation to the hiking point and continue hiking by foot.

you will see many beautiful views there, don't forget to bring your camera and take many photos of sunrise or sunset, you can also see the peak of mount semeru (mahameru) and merapi from the peak of lawu mountain.

if you are request more information about mount lawu, you can ask it and leave comment on this post, and i promise to make an update for this articles, thanks

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the interesting travel site :
is a blog owned by alaya setya, she is bogor people who lives in bali, so we can find many photograph of bali on her blog. alaya is the one who loves traveling so much, and luckily se loves photograph too so she can write her experience on traveling and share to us trough her blog.

i had linked this site for months ago on my wordpress blog, here the link if you love travelling, joke, books, movies, backpacking, or photography, it is recommended to you to visit this site.

i hope sometimes i can do traveling like her, and share it trough this blog. for bonus here i give you some sample of her articles and photos by alaya :

i made kastengel

far before lebaran because someone was craving of it. it has been a
long time since i made kastengel and since i’m such a lazy bum, i
looked for the simplest recipe. it’s so simple that i don’t have to run
to the nearest supermarket because all the ingredient can be found at

i hate the boring ordinary bar shape kastengel, so i created the flowery ones. it cheered me up!


regards is a funny cool website
when i brows on internet, i accidentally found this site :, such as a nice site by the way, the content is about photography, unique and creative things and many others, oh almost forget, this site sometimes contain jokes to. far from image of its name "eatnineghost", first time i found it, i though it was a websites about ghost and mystery.

We don’t know how this dad do this, but we thought that’s really cool. This is an animated gif may take a little while to load.

kung fu pa pa

enjoy :P


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