Tuesday, June 3, 2008

wedding photography

i got tips to get a better shoot on wedding photography,it is on a snap magazine before this magazine were died.

here is the tips :

first. get close to the couple

we must learn about personality of the couple and know them emotionally so we can approaching the strong caracter of the object and optimize the qulity o our photos. yes, it is uneasy to get close fastly wit the people because people are unique and different. or it'is better go to bookstore and learn about psycology so we can easy close with other person ;P

make a sketch

you better do brainstorming before you take a photo, so you know what your concept and easy to do next step. or you can make sketch and some illustration on a paper to poure your ideas, remember basically we're all creative, just what the effective way to realizing your imagination and become our own masterpieces.

extra memory card

it is accident if you forgot your memory card so you missed the moment, make a sure that you had already carry your memory card and batteries and put them on your gadget bag. take the photos as much as possible and edit it later on a adobe photoshop in addition to satisfy your customer.

enjoy and sorry for the article, I am a very newbe

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