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Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in 5 Beaches

Of all the tourist trails that are well worn within Australia, the trek up the East Coast from Sydney further north is the most common. The East Coast of Australia is most well-known for its magnificent beaches, and these are the main reason that people spend so much time sticking to the coastline. Once you’ve had your fill of the big city and have danced the night away in most of the Sydney bars, it’s time to make the trip up north, and what better way to do it than to jump from beach to beach, taking in the beauty as you go? Here, we tell you the best five beaches along the East Coast to use as bases for your journey north.

Avoca Beach

Just north of Sydney on the Central Coast lies beautiful Avoca Beach. The Central Coast has the rich blue waters and white sands of Sydney without the crowds or the business—and with better waves! Avoca Beach is a popular holiday spot for Sydney-siders, and once you’re set up on its fine sand, looking out at the surf and watching the dolphins play in the waves, you’ll be inclined to agree!

Boomerang Beach

Next stop along in Boomerang Beach, just near Forster on the mid-North coast. Boomerang Beach is one of the most impressive in Australia, and its remote setting makes it as idyllic as any deserted island. The length of the beach is uninterrupted by people, and although you might see the odd fisherman, you’re more likely to encounter a passing whale. Great for surfing and sun-baking alike, Boomerang Beach is the stop you’ll make that entices you to stay forever.

Flynns Beach

Next, stop in Port Macquarie and check out the surf at Flynn’s Beach. Fynn’s Beach is the most popular beach in the town of Port Macquarie, and what’s more, Port Macquarie accommodation is reasonably-priced and usually within walking distance of the beach. It’s a great stopover and provides an easy way to break up the big drive north.

Byron Bay

You can’t pass the signs for Byron Bay without turning in, and once you do you’ll want to stay forever. Byron Bay is a beautiful beachside town with a hippy population with lush rainforest surrounds. Try some local organic coffee and then head out for a surf with the dolphins. Ahh, bliss.

Maroochydore Beach

Maroochydore is one of the best beaches on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, a haven for surfy types who prefer the laid-back life. Maroochydore Beach boasts pristine sand, clear water, clean waves and an enviable way of life. Grab a board and take a surf lesson or simply plant yourself on the sand and stare out at the great blue beyond—here is a beach you can lose yourself on.

Australia is (deservedly) famous for its beaches. Incorporate them into your travels and experience the joys of the smaller, less well-known stretches of sand. You’ll be glad you did.

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4 Essential South Pacific Experiences

The beautiful South Pacific. Whether you’re planning a Fiji holiday or a fishing expedition off the Cook Islands, there’s something truly enchanting about this incredibly stretch of ocean and islands. With so much to see and do, (and so many sunsets to witness) fitting it all in can be a mission. Here, we share four experiences that most encapsulate the spirit and vibe of the tropical paradise that awaits you.

Tongan Village

Many nations of the South Pacific are unique in that although they follow contemporary systems of parliament, many of the more rural areas still adhere to traditional customs, such as having a tribal structure. Tonga is one such place. Tonga is a kingdom, with a functioning royal family, and smaller villages are organised through a tribal structure. The chief of a Tongan village is still afforded much respect and plays a real role in its governance, which means that visiting a Tongan village can be an incredible cultural and educational experience. Tonga earned the nickname of ‘The Friendly Isles’ when Captain James Cook first explored the islands and received a hearty welcome. This nickname still rings true, with families and villagers only too happy to welcome visitors into their world. Share a meal with locals and learn about the customs and traditions of that region—you’ll never forget the experience.

Samoan Rugby Match

For some contemporary Pacific Islands culture, try to take in a rugby match in Samoa. A love of football has long swept the island, both in regards to American Football (American Samoa) and the more popular Rugby. Samoans not only have a raging passion for the sport, but the body mass and skills to make them formidable players. Many Samoan players are signed to Australian and New Zealand rugby teams, but the national team doesn’t do too badly either! Get swept up in the passion and watch the traditional battle dance before the match commences (this is much like the Maori ‘Haka’).

Fishing off the Cook Islands

Ethnically Maori, the people of the Cook Islands have a love affair with the sea that stretches back millennia. The relatively unspoiled islands that make up the Cook Islands are perched amid some of the best fishing spots anywhere in the world, which means a fishing tour with a local is almost certain to yield fruit. Cook your fish in the sand in a traditional Hangi once you return, and relish the taste of fresh seafood eaten the way nature intended it.

Snorkeling in Fiji

The waters around the Fijian islands are teeming with life, and if you fancy a look at some truly beautiful coral reefs and underwater eco-systems, there are few places better than Fiji in which to do it. Swim alongside sea turtles and see if you can find Nemo—but remember to bring that underwater camera!

Weather you’re testing the waters on a Fiji cruise or simply island hopping through the South Pacific, there are activities and sights everywhere that’ll make it incredibly hard to leave.

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Sun, Sand and Surf – Where to Stay in Australia

One of the many great attractions of Australia is the ability to surf and enjoy beaches in the sun at most times of the year. But there is more to any visit to Australia than just surfing - you need the nightlife too. So where are the best places to go to surf and enjoy the sun whilst remaining close enough to the cities to enjoy them at night?


The first choice of course has to be Queensland. Queensland is renowned worldwide for its surfing. With surfing events are a regular feature on the beaches, and more surf schools than you would care to count, Queensland is the place to be for a surfing holiday. Gold Coast apartments are plentiful and will offer you the pleasure of the beaches and the sea whilst being situated in the heart of one of the most vibrant areas of Australia.

What is within reach?

Surfers Paradise: With a name like Surfers Paradise it is clear to all that this is the place to go for good waves in the sun. This stretch of 3 kilometres of golden sand faces onto the Pacific Ocean and offers thrillseekers some of the best waves available. The beach is patrolled by Surf Lifesavers who will ensure that you are safe at all times.

Gold Coast nightlife: The Gold Coast has a vibrant and exciting nightlife full of people relaxing after a hard day of surfing. Whether you want to find yourself some fine dining or chow down on a kangaroo burger before hitting the bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice on the Gold Coast.

The Great Barrier Reef: No trip to Australia can neglect a journey to the Great Barrier Reef. It is the largest structure made by living organisms on the planet and you can even see it from space!


Sydney boasts a vast number of fantastic beaches where you can enjoy the surf of Australia. Stretching golden sands can be found all along the coast of Sydney and there are endless places to learn to surf and hit the big waves. Sydney has a fantastic city life so finding a good serviced apartment in Sydney will enable you to experience the best of both worlds. Whether you want to spend your time on the beach or enjoy the views over Sydney from the top of the Harbour Bridge, you will never be bored in Sydney.

What is within reach?

Sydney nightlife: Darling Harbour, Oxford Street, Kings Cross, George Street and Circular Quay are but a few of the many locations in Sydney where you can have a fantastic night out. There will never be an end to night time entertainment in Sydney.

The Blue Mountains: If you should find that you’ve had enough surfing for the week, a trip to the Blue Mountains is essential. The views that await you at the peak of 1,215 metre high sandstone plateaus are indescribable.

The Opera House: No visit to Sydney is complete without a visit to the Opera House. It is iconic and impressive from the outside but just wait until you see a sell-out show in this phenomenal building.

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Central Aspects Of Golfer And Golfing

There are few central aspects, a golfer must know.

The first is that, the golf head covers should be protected that is protective – one of the reasons for them to be used is the protection that they offer to the clubs. The clubs are maid from the material that cannot be damaged easily, if they are not handled carefully, then make sure, you do not damage it.

Therefore, the material required to use for head covers should be soft and nice; this will protect the club from damage and help you to power your shot as usual.

And now day’s markets are flooded with various kinds of golf head covers made out of different and cool materials, colors, designs patterns and themes. You can match your golf head covers with your favorite team.

If you are a fan of any golf team or you want to follow it your dream team, you can create or personalize your cover with that team ones. The market offers every colour you need to match to your favorite team.

You must match your Golf Club Cover with your individuality or personality; nowadays most of the people want to stay what they really are and therefore avoid copying the other ones. So, they modify or make their golf head covers completely suiting their personalities. You can also purchase a fun head covers for golf clubs from the market which simply defines your personality. If you are quite amusing and funny, then you can go for a clown head cover or if you are mischievous, a devils face will be best suited for you. They can be easily found in various shops and websites. Some of the outlets even let you yourself sketch your desired head covers golf clubs and later delight you creating the same.

Find Head Covers within the House
If you are completely bored of head covers golf which are ready made or quite embellished or don’t want to spend much buying the golf head covers, then you can make one using daily-need items that are already available around your home to sheathe your golf club heads. If you have only 1 leg socks left with you, use it as a cover. You can also stick an old boxing glove to protect your golf head. You can basically use anything that can fit well on the head of your club and also fits nicely in your golf bag.

Golf head covers are often sold as unique gifts, but they are really quite decisive and purposeful. They help keeps your clubs dry, clean and free dings and scratches when you store transport in them.

Golf Club Headcovers are commonly used these days and are made of different kinds of materials. If you are a player, then you only would have seen different kinds of materials and designs being used in the golf head covers.

Therefore its very much understood, the need of golf head covers and their uses.

Information About Yachts And Greece

There is a time when you really need to relax your serene self. You want to drown in beautiful vast sky… or want to fly in the huge river…or want to get lost in the peaceful green. But theirs no beautiful place to get lost, than this beautiful vast enchanting world. The better thing is to try something new, something different from your same vacations. Let’s fly in the drizzling and at the same time in the calm, water. Let’s go sailing this time in ’Greece’ - on a yacht - in the turquoise bed.

Let’s go sailing on yachtcharter griechenland…i.e. yacht charter Greece

Yacht Charter Greece - The classic sailing in the Mediterranean region in general. The Cyclades Islands are a day trip from Athens to reach. The countless islands that usually no more than half a daily distance (25 nm) apart, have a distinctive charm. The Cyclades have anything to offer, what is called "experience-hungry holidaymakers' could only wish. Lonely little islands with idyllic beaches and anchorages or exclusive nightlife on the islands of Mykonos and Paros. On the islands there are plenty of testimonies from the ancient world, the best known is probably the island of Santorini. On the islands there is much to discover and they are interesting if only because of its importance in antiquity.

Since most of the islands lie within sight of each other, you can take in the island group of Cyclades spontaneous decisions and not have to "submit" your next year program.

Greece has all the wonder part in it. Be it the mythological history or the shinny present. The major part of the Greece is surrounded with water; it has more 6000 islands and the best part hopping from one island to another one that too in yacht charter Greece.

Beach in Mykonos – it is the party island, well it is most multinational beach island of Greece, often visited by famous Hollywood stars. It has the most globus and delirious nightlife parties and day time leisure’s. Sandy beaches, white washed windmills, traditional alleys and strong northern winds. There are many luxurious villas near the beach side of Mykonos. The neighboring of Mykonos that is Delos, it is very beautiful and has great archeological sites.

Third is Rhodes – it is specially known as the islands of knights; the medieval walls, built by the knights of Saint John surrounded by the old churches are really good.

Then Corfu, it the most hang out islands and architecture influenced area in Greece by its long Venetian occupation. It has basically four fortresses and many churches spread along the coastal line if islands. The most popular resorts in Corfu are gouvia, dais and kavos. The islands are extremely popular among the British’s.

Zakynthos – this is the Ionian island famous for its vast flora and fauna. The beaches in zakynthos are so clean and tidy that an endangered species, the caretta sea turtle goes down to lay eggs. There are lots of beach bars in the islands. And the most popular resorts are kalamaki, laganas, argassi, tsilvi and basilicas.

Paros – it is the attractive Cycladic Island, known for its traditional chapels, clean beaches and romantic nightlife’s. Winds blow very often their and that’s why the windsurfing is held their. It has a golden beach.

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The latest fashion for golf sticks is golf head covers, golf club head covers are commonly used these days and are made of different kinds of materials and designs being used in golf head covers – they are few central aspects, a golfer must know.

The first is that, the golf head covers should be protected that is protective – one of the reasons for them to be used is the protection that they offer to the clubs. The clubs are maid from the material that cannot be damaged easily, if they are not handled carefully, then make sure, you do not damage it. Therefore, the material required to use for head covers should be soft and nice; this will protect the club from damage and help you to power your shot as usual.

confused? Knitted or sewn – well don’t be as , here directions are given for both , head covers golf .

  • Knitted Covers
Step 1
Cast on 40 stitches, using size 6 sock knitting needles and yarn of your choice. Divide the stitches between three needles, putting 13 stitches on two needles and 14 stitches on the third needle. Slip a stitch marker onto the end of the stitches and join the stitches to form a round.
Step 2
Knit 1; purl 1 in ribbing until the cover measures 5 inches.
Step 3
Knit two together across the row. Knit the next three rows. Increase every other stitch for the next row.
Step 4
Knit every row until the piece measures 10 inches.
Step 5
Knit two together across the row. Knit two together across the next row.
Step 6
Cut the yarn, leaving a 12-inch tail of yarn. Thread this yarn onto the darning needle and slip the remaining stitches from the knitting needles onto the yarn. Pull the yarn to gather the stitches tightly and sew in place. Trim the yarn flush with the cover.
Step 7
Decorate your golf club cover by embroidering a design with contrasting yarn or sew on decals to indicate the number of the club, or personalize the cover with the golfer's initials.

  • Sewn Covers
Step 1
Lay the golf club head onto a piece of paper and trace around it to form a pattern for the club cover. Allow an extra 2 inches on all sides to accommodate the thickness of the cover.
Step 2
Fold your fabric in half. Pin the paper pattern to one side of the fabric. Cut around the paper pattern, through the doubled fabric so that you end up with two identical pieces.
Step 3
Place the right sides of the fabric together and sew a 1/2-inch seam around three sides of the cover. Leave the bottom edge open.
Step 4
Turn the cover right side out. Slip it over the head of the cover to test for fit. If the cover is too large, sew a larger seam, but always make sure the opening of the cover is wide enough to fit over the club.
Step 5
Hem the raw edge of the opening of the cover. Turn up 1/2 inch of the fabric along the edge and sew in place. Sew number decals on the sides of the cover to indicate which golf club the cover fits.

These two will help you with head covers golf .

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Bangalore Engineering Colleges

There are many engineering colleges in India as like , engineering colleges in Delhi , engineering colleges in Gujarat , engineering colleges in west bengal , engineering colleges in Hyderabad , engineering colleges in Kerala , engineering colleges in Bangalore , engineering colleges in Karnataka , engineering colleges in maharashtra , engineering colleges in pune and more , actually the list is endless.

Engineering has mathematics and science as its sole subjects. There are round about millions of students who come to India to pursue engineering.

Well engineering is very old subject, practiced and studied by many students. It is a persisting matter, a field of art and study.

Students are much focused and with their budding career. These days engineering is a prevalent career for every aspiring student, they have made their mind to be the future engineers, be it software, technical. The IT world is getting cosmic with coming and lodging engineers. We need engineers in every facet of our work or business.

Engineering is all about practical experience, blended with science, mathematics and computers. A whole world surmounts with the working of engineering science. Engineering is one such discipline which is unparallel in many respects exclusive in the sense that unlike other professions, engineering is an application-oriented and training-based restraint and hence requires excellent infrastructure and training facilities.

Well there are three major yardsticks to judge or you may say to know which engineering college in India is the most excellent, topmost and they are –
1. Infrastructure & facilities
2. Strong Academic Staff
3. Campus Placement

Top engineering colleges in India, take admissions through common entrance test IIT JEE (IIT joint entrance test) and NITs through AIEEE (all India engineering entrance examination). Apart from these there are many other exams which are conducted by various other private institutes and universities for intakes of students in engineering programme.

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology
Address: Mallathalli (Near Jnana Bharathi Campus) Bangalore; Courses:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation Technology, Computer Science, Tele Communication, IFS, and IEMMEN

East Point College of Engineering and Technology
147, Bidarahalli, Kithaganoor Road
Virgonagar Post, Bangalore; Courses:Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Ghousia College of Engineering
Address: Ramanagara, Bangalore Rural District Bangalore; Courses:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering

Islam Institute of Technology
Address: National Park Road, Bangalore; Courses:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering

Janatha Education Trust's Vivekananda Institute of Technology
Address: Dr. Rajakumar Road, Rajajinagar,
2nd Stage, Bangalore; Courses:Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Tele Communication, and Chemical Engineering

JSS Academy of Tech Education College of Engineering
Address: 38th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore; Courses:Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Instrumentation Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management, IFS

Karnataka State Muslim Federation (HKBK) College of Engineering
6/1, Cantonment Railway station Road
Bangalore; Courses:Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, IFS

M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Address: Gokul Extension, Mathikere
Bangalore;Courses:Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, IFS, Instrumentation Technology, ARIEM, Medical Electronics, Tele Communication

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Party it Up in Australia

For most travellers, Australia represents an exciting new world of stunning natural scenery, epic beaches and a friendly, laidback culture. For many, this local culture includes a great attitude towards having a good time, and whether you’re hitting up the Sydney bars or sipping a cocktail by the pool in the Whitsundays, there is no shortage of opportunities to let your hair down. Like any large country with a diverse population, the options in terms of entertainment in Australia are almost limitless. Here, we outline a few party tips and tricks for having a good time in Oz—whatever you’re into!

Dancing the Night Away

If nightclubs are more your scene and your idea of a good night is one that goes on well into the next morning, then Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are probably your best bets. There is a vibrant clubbing culture in these cities, and while other major cities like Melbourne and Adelaide do have a range nightclubs to choose from, the focus of the population (and therefore the establishments) is slightly more on pubs and bars. Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and Sydney’s Kings Cross are both great locations if you’re looking for a heavy density of electronic music and sweaty, dancing ravers, so strap on a pair of comfortable shoes and get that booty shakin’!

Live Music

If a covers band or acoustic guitarist is your idea of a night’s entertainment, then look no further than Melbourne for a night on the town. Melbourne’s licensing laws and general artistic culture have ushered in a very distinct kind of bar—intimate, loungy and with a very laid back vibe, the typical Melbourne nightspot will feature live music and a pub-like atmosphere. Some of Australia’s best artists get their breaks on the Melbourne pub circuit, so it’s well-worth checking out the scene and soaking up the creativity.

Country Pubs

One thing Australia does exceptionally well is the country pub. In many a rural town across the country the local pub is not only the central meeting place for locals, but the beating heart of the entertainment scene. Many country pubs are moving into the food scene, and with Australia producing some of the best fresh food and wine, a meal at the pub is not longer about chicken schnitzel or a roast---this is quality food served with country charm.

Beach Bars

In the smaller, more coastal areas of Australia, the good old Aussie beach bar is a crowd favourite. Places like Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie have a strong surfie population, whose idea of a good night out involves not having to change out of their board shorts. In smaller towns the accommodation is usually right nearby the bars and nightclubs (for example, it’s possible to walk from almost any Port Macquarie hotel to any Port Macquarie bar) so the focus is really on relaxing and chilling out without the pretension of the bigger cities.

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Locuri de muncă in Romania

The economic climate in Romania is too high and competitive; due to the process of globalization and liberalization. There are many MNCs and TNCs, flowing and transferring their capital and services to the other nation. Due to FIIs and FDIs; investments there is a lot of competition every where and in Romania too. But locuri de muncă posibilitatea de is good in Romania; most of the new jobs are in the IT sector, software or service centre industries.UK fresh graduates are most likely to find a locuri de muncă în Româniain big international company.

There are few problems espied that, the high number of applicants per jobs means that the recruiters are sometimes resorted by selecting their recommendations. You can also improve and increase your locuri de muncă opportunity in multinational firms; by speaking good native English. On your CV make sure you give stress and emphasis to any of your previous work experience and language skills you have; you can take the advantage and use of employment agencies. Well Romanian language is Romania ; English is the most used foreign language used their, though in the work place or in your local area you may speak in English , but the Romanian culture appreciates the one who tries to speak and talk in their language.

There are many specialized sectors where you can actually work; like major industries – here they present and offer you profiluri de locuri de muncă in electric machinery and equipment , textiles and footwear , light machinery and auto assembly , mining , timber , construction materials , metallurgy , chemicals , food processing and petroleum refining. ; there is a good and an adaptable growth in IT industry and service industry ; there is also a bit decline in industry sector , due to the rise in economic factors and reform crisis though they are in recovery period now. There is good Oferte de munca Oradea and Oferte de munca Brasov ; you can also go for Locuri de munca Jurist .

  1. Shortage occupations: due to the migration of highly skilled workers Romania faces a serious shortage in the labour market, mainly for skilled white and blue collar workers.
  2. Major companies: OMV Petrom SA, Automobile-Dacia SA, RomPetrol Rafinare SA, Metro Cash & Carry Romania SRL, Rompetrol Downstream SRL, Orange Romania SA, British American Tobacco (Romania) Trading SRL, Real,-Hypermarket Romania SRL, Carrefour Romania SA. Nokia Romania SRL, Carrefour Romania SA, Vodafone Romania SA.
  3. Search for more companies: Kompass, Major Companies in Romania, Europages, Golden Pages Romania.
  4. Major cities: Bucharest (capital and largest), Iaşi, Timişoara, Constanţa, Brasov.