Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in 5 Beaches

Of all the tourist trails that are well worn within Australia, the trek up the East Coast from Sydney further north is the most common. The East Coast of Australia is most well-known for its magnificent beaches, and these are the main reason that people spend so much time sticking to the coastline. Once you’ve had your fill of the big city and have danced the night away in most of the Sydney bars, it’s time to make the trip up north, and what better way to do it than to jump from beach to beach, taking in the beauty as you go? Here, we tell you the best five beaches along the East Coast to use as bases for your journey north.

Avoca Beach

Just north of Sydney on the Central Coast lies beautiful Avoca Beach. The Central Coast has the rich blue waters and white sands of Sydney without the crowds or the business—and with better waves! Avoca Beach is a popular holiday spot for Sydney-siders, and once you’re set up on its fine sand, looking out at the surf and watching the dolphins play in the waves, you’ll be inclined to agree!

Boomerang Beach

Next stop along in Boomerang Beach, just near Forster on the mid-North coast. Boomerang Beach is one of the most impressive in Australia, and its remote setting makes it as idyllic as any deserted island. The length of the beach is uninterrupted by people, and although you might see the odd fisherman, you’re more likely to encounter a passing whale. Great for surfing and sun-baking alike, Boomerang Beach is the stop you’ll make that entices you to stay forever.

Flynns Beach

Next, stop in Port Macquarie and check out the surf at Flynn’s Beach. Fynn’s Beach is the most popular beach in the town of Port Macquarie, and what’s more, Port Macquarie accommodation is reasonably-priced and usually within walking distance of the beach. It’s a great stopover and provides an easy way to break up the big drive north.

Byron Bay

You can’t pass the signs for Byron Bay without turning in, and once you do you’ll want to stay forever. Byron Bay is a beautiful beachside town with a hippy population with lush rainforest surrounds. Try some local organic coffee and then head out for a surf with the dolphins. Ahh, bliss.

Maroochydore Beach

Maroochydore is one of the best beaches on Australia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, a haven for surfy types who prefer the laid-back life. Maroochydore Beach boasts pristine sand, clear water, clean waves and an enviable way of life. Grab a board and take a surf lesson or simply plant yourself on the sand and stare out at the great blue beyond—here is a beach you can lose yourself on.

Australia is (deservedly) famous for its beaches. Incorporate them into your travels and experience the joys of the smaller, less well-known stretches of sand. You’ll be glad you did.

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