Sunday, May 31, 2009

the final day

this is the final day, and i got slept last night, omg

shoemoney wannabe

i know what should i do on this blog, i will talk about SEO or talk about my self like shoemoney did, ok then, wait till i fix the lay out of this blog, and fix everything, just wait and see

Hilton hotel and restaurants

there are many foreign hotel in indonesia such as hyatt, hilton and holiday inn, oh c'mon indonesians, why don't we sleep on our own hotel such as panghegar hotel?

We should love our own culture, product, and services.

easy to life

there is easyness beyond difficulties, yeah, i believe that words

Saturday, May 30, 2009


whoa, i got a big idea this morning, idea that i feel will change my life forever, change into something big, idea that would change the face of earth into the better than before, idea that would save the mankind. Yeah, feel unpatient to realize it.


whoa, i got a big idea this morning, idea that i feel will change my life forever, change into something big, idea that would change the face of earth into the better than before, idea that would save the mankind. Yeah, feel unpatient to realize it.


whoa, i got a big idea this morning, idea that i feel will change my life forever, change into something big, idea that would change the face of earth into the better than before, idea that would save the mankind. Yeah, feel unpatient to realize it.


whoa, i got a big idea this morning, idea that i feel will change my life forever, change into something big, idea that would change the face of earth into the better than before, idea that would save the mankind. Yeah, feel unpatient to realize it.

the final exam

monday tommorow are my final exam, yeah, little confuse actually, and what shoul i do because i had so many paper to do, wish me luck guys

walk the talk

this is a new programme on trans7 channel, a channel television in indonesia.

Walk the talk is such a nice programe that teach indonesian people to learn english, and use it on their daily conversation.

This programe hosted by foreign people, i mean not a local people,

waw, i good program i guess, i will talk abou it later

think globally act

google freak

we know that everybody need a money ok? so do i, and there is only two way to me to get it, one from my little company, i only got an 30 bucks from here, and the second are from google adsense, but still i didn't get it yet, but i try, it is only one bucks on my accounts :D

"we should be thanksfull one what we have, and be patient on what we have not"

google freak

we know that everybody need a money ok? so do i, and there is only two way to me to get it, one from my little company, i only got an 30 bucks from here, and the second are from google adsense, but still i didn't get it yet, but i try, it is only one bucks on my accounts :D

"we should be thanksfull one what we have, and be patient on what we have not"

arround the world and ujung genteng

On the next vacation, i had a plan to go to ujung genteng with my friend, it is backpacking actually, at least it could fullfill my passion to backpacking arround the world, some day i will do it, now i should save some money to travel to ujung genteng, yeah, reload my camera, and action!

what about fashion?

i know that this is my blog to improve my english skill, but you should know too that i install google code here, and i had passion increase my revenue on google adsense. I had one website that i don't care anymore, because it is difficult to manage it. Now i have a spirit again to make a new website, and i want to talk about fashion inside it, why i talk about it? because i had a clothing company, so i eligible to talk about fashion, now i confuse to decide the name of my blog, what should i do? Have some idea?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

art concern

i do have big will to endorsing the art product, offcourse we love our national product, an indonesian product, so we should buy and wear all product that came from indonesia, start from clothing, shoes, shock, arlogy,
food, car, electronic gadget and etc.

The problem is, that indonesian people didn't maximum yet to produce the national product with their best.
we must change to the better nation, the independent nation.

All the citizen of universe should be know that indonesian people didn't use english language for their daily activity, but it could make our nation develope.

did you know that most of developed country use their national language.


good morning

it is not morning anymore, i woke up late again, oh damn, my nokia got broken, it feels that there are some error on their battery, like got lack or anithing, would yo checking my cellphone?

almost a year

this is almost a year having this blog, but it still didn't have any loyal visitor, would you like to be a loyal visitor? what a silly question.

yeha, on my spirit now, ahehe


this is magribh, time to moslem to pray at evening, and time to eat for whom have been fasting all day. confuse with my language? me too, haha :D

good evening everyone

Arthur and the invisibles

November 27th, 2008 Posted in reviewsArthur and the invisibles

this is a half animation movies, many famous artist involved in this movie like madonna, freddie highmore, snoop dogg, david bowie and mia farrow.

the story is about ten years old Arthur has a lot on his plate : a real estate developer is about to snap up his grandma’s home and there is no way Arthur’s going to hang around for his parents or grandparents to sort up the problem. Maybe the solution lies in his grandspa’s treasure. which is hidden somewhere on the other side in the land of minimoys. the creature that inhabit this world are just tenth of an inch tall and live in perfect harmony with their environment. Arthur ventures into this world of minimoys, where he meets Princess Selenia and
her brother Betameche.

this movie are directed by Luc Besson and produced by METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER production in association with EUROPA CORP

The Top Beach Resort In The Turks And Caicos Providenciales Island

Some research into The Tuscany Resort on Grace Bay, Providenciales Island Turks and Caicos to see if it would be a good choice for your Caribbean Vacation

Looking for a Turks and Caicos Resort on Providenciales, then look no further than The Tuscany Resort on Grace Bay.

It is the newest build, and so is at the end of the line, which makes it calm and peaceful compared to other resorts. There are 30 luxury suites, in this extremely private luxurious boutique resort.

The Tuscany Resort has been described as completely unbelievable, and so well thought out that it never seems to be crowded.

The suites in this gorgeous Turks and Caicos Resort are all 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, so they are perfect for families or groups of friends. It’s especially good for a group of friends because each bedroom has its own bathroom They are all beautifully decorated and equipped including a huge kitchen, a laundry room, and a very large well screened patio which opens off the large dining and living area, and is designed to give a floor to ceiling panoramic view of Grace Bay and the incredible turquoise sea that lies beyond it. Having said that it is important to avoid the first floor doesn’t have a view. Best of all try to get a suite on the fourth floor, and another tip is to avoid the middle suite because they are darker, and also you need to request a room on the outside of the building.

The d├ęcor of the suites are quite incredible with a tropical theme. The sun loungers, more chaise longues really give you the perfect end to the perfect day, with a glass of wine gazing at the Reef as the sun sets in an amazing display of different colours.

You won’t need the air conditioning, because of the cool breezes coming in through the doors.

Although the Tuscany resort has no restaurant you will find plenty within a short walking distance and in your suite you have everything you will need for a truly remarkable Turks and Caicos Resort Vacation.

One of the best things for many people is the fact that you can get massages in your room from Spa Tropique, just a phone call away. It could be a great way to spend the day, by going down to the beach for a swim, up to your suite for a massage, and then back to the beach again!

As to be expected in a high quality Turks and Caicos resort the pool is great, and the temperature is about right. Because the beach at Grace Bay is so nice you could well have the pool almost to yourself much of the time. It would however be a shame not to go to the beach, and you needn’t worry about be hassled by hawkers and vendors because it is illegal on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The beach and the water are so very clean it is amazing, so clear that you can see the fish in the water from the beach.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from close to the resort, varying from shacks to high quality high priced places, but excellent food to suit every palate and pocket.

The Tuscany Resort is a new kid in town, with a fast growing reputation, and if you want a quiet relaxing Turks and caicos Resort On Providenciales Island on Grace Bay then why look further than here?

For more information go to

Great Holiday Ideas in france

here the free article about traveling, did you had a plan to travel to france, wanna see eifel tower, so did i, then i put this articles on this site so we can know little about france.

Be ready to get impressed on your travel France as the country has everything that one could expect from a holiday. Amongst the five top most tourist destinations in the world, facts about France let you see why it is so. It has the fashion capital Paris as its capital city, beautiful nature, beaches, the mountain scenery, and monuments all make it a great tourist destination. Moreover, the experience of visiting the country can vary as to the place you select for your holiday. Holidays on a beach, in the countryside, the big cities to the beautiful villages, all have something on offer for its visitors. There is plenty to explore and discover, loads of activities to get involved in and certainly life long memories to take back home. A great destination, France provides number of holiday ideas a few are mentioned here.

• Adventure Holidays

Take on an adventure holiday to see the real France. For those who love adventure travel, adventure holidays can be a fantastic option. Get a taste of the place, meet the local people when you head on an adventure holiday. On offer are all kinds of different activities that one can pick from like from the extreme sports to the more ordinary. These holidays come in complete package holidays, and tailor made for adult only adventures or for a family holiday that can cater for all ages of children. It’s the horse riding that catches your fancy, mountain biking or is it the hiking, you can find all this and much more for your holiday.

• Cycling holidays

With cycling being a national pastime in France, the organized cycling holidays are becoming very popular. These holidays provide with an opportunity for the visitors to cycle their way into the country and explore the region while having a go at the sport. This year round activity is a very popular among all ages and weather has a big role to play. In addition there are quite and beautiful countryside, with number of roads available for cycling. The well-maintained roads provide excellent cycling areas for cycling. Tour de France, the greatest cycling event in the world takes here in the country. For not the regular cyclists there are organized cycling trips, which combine cycling with accommodation, visits to the areas along the route.

• Skiing holidays

If you are on travel France for a skiing holiday then you will find the country has some of the best ski areas and ski resorts. France is a very popular destination among the tourists and if you skiing is your cup of tea, then Alps provide with excellent ski areas. With many ski classes made available for the tourists who are beginners, everyone can enjoy. Tourists can choose from a wide range of ski accommodation from ski resorts, private ski chalets, chalet apartments to hotels. The ski accommodation meets the needs of all skiers.

• Golfing holidays

France can turn out to be an excellent choice for a golfing holiday for both the professional and amateur golfers, as the country has a variety of golf courses. Playing golf amidst snow-capped mountains or Mediterranean views, it is a wonderful experience. France is a fantastic destination for golf holidays all the year round and plenty of sunshine adds on to the charm of the place. There is a lot of choice as the France map is dotted all over with golf courses. With the specially designed golf holidays, wherein one stays in a luxury villa, a private golf course and this blend of comfort and quality with golf is a quite experience.

• Holiday on a River Cruise

With the varied landscape that France has, a river cruise holiday is a perfect way to enjoy the countryside, the history and the culture as one travels from one place to another. It is the right idea for a relaxing and a different kind of holiday. A river cruise lets you experience, what you can never otherwise see, with every region having its own specialty and beauty.

• Camping holidays

Travel France for a great camping holiday, which is a great holiday idea for fun and adventure. In the recent years, camping has caught on with the tourists and with thousands of campsites available, it is all the much easier to embark on a camping holiday. One will get easily spoiled for choices, with so many to choose from, right from hiring your own tent, caravans, or even a mobile home, is a great way of touring the country. The campsites are well maintained and organized, offering all the facilities for relaxing and entertaining holidays.

Wherever you travel a France map would be a handy tool and should be your accompanist all through your holiday.

washington DC at christmas time

maybe i’ll do this, copy an article from free article website so i can increase the traffic of this site first before i upload my daily photo, haha enjoy then

Christmas is Special Time to Washington is named after George Washington, who is the first president of the United States of America. But going here is not a boring thing, truth is, you can experience all the fun and excitement on their famous amusement parks.

Washington is also known as the “State of Washington” or the “Washington State” in order to distinguish it from Washington D.C., which we all know as the capital of the United States of America. This state has a lot to offer to the tourists and guests. There are many outdoor adventures that are open for the whole year wherein a visitor might want to drop-by. It varies from their national parks and myriad rivers to their waters off the coast. The popular activities here that a visitor can do is hiking, camping, and rafting in the midst of the state’s natural grandeur. Even by that, it could be an enough reason to make the trip memorable.

But to make the most out of the expedition, you have to visit their famous amusement and theme parks. The three of the most popular theme parks in Washington are: the Riverfront Park, the Wild Waves Theme Park, and the Fun Forest Amusement Park.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park, one of the Washington theme parks, makes a wonderful family vacation destination. There are cool rides and fascinating attractions in this park and that includes:

The Spider - this is best known for its exciting ride of twirls and spins.

The Sizzler - the expeditious ride at the Pavilion that moves at about 70mph

The Dragon Coaster - a one of its kind coaster for kids that sets a punch

The All-Famous Ferris Wheel - take a ride and enjoy the fantastic sight of the

Riverfront Park

The Tilt-A-Whirl - a ride that would send its rider into a thrilling world of spins and whirls

The Red Baron - a very colorful bi-plane that can contain two kids

The Bump Cars - small cars run by electricity and has rubber bumpers

The Kiddie Bumper Boats - also has rubber bumpers and very safe for kids

Wild Waves Theme Park

The Wild Waves Theme Park is Washington amusement park located in the Federal Way, Washington. This recreational spot was opened to public during 1977. The Wild Waves was built nearby the Enchanted Village. At first, the park site held only six rides, today it is a very known and famous summer vacation destination in Washington, specifically in the Pacific Northwest.

A list of attractions in Wild Waves Theme Park includes the following: the Zooma Falls, Konga River, Hooks Lagoon, and Python Bonzai Giant Waterslide. Along with Rampage Bonzai Giant Waterslide, Bonzai Giant Waterslide, Bobsled Bonzai Giant Waterslide, Raging River, Speed Slides, Arrowhead Splashdown, Wave pool, Activity Pool and Warming Tubs. All these and more at Wild Waves Theme Park located in the breathtaking State of Washington.

Fun Forest Amusement Park

If the parents would like to show their children some of the cultural richness of the Seattle Center, they can forget that once their kids hear about the roller-coaster music or the barkers that beckons them to shoot all their might to win a stuffed-pig trophy here at Fun Forest. It is really an extreme mix of the 60’s corniness and color that make it almost very retro-hip.

The Fun Forest Amusement Park features an indoor pavilion, in which you can play laser tag, miniature golf, and video games, trendy in car racing. The youngsters might want to choose the Puff-and-Dumbo rides. Meanwhile, just outside the pavilion is the more traditional carnival fare, which includes a Ferris wheel and Wild River ride, a merry-go-round and a roller coaster. You can also find here the common amusement park foods such as corn dogs and hot dogs, snow-cones and cotton candies. If you still want more, try walking a few feet going west to the Seattle Center House and you can find its vast food court.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

feel free to write

first time i make this blog is to get an some dollars from google adsense. second, is to improve my english skill, then i ignored this blog for a long time, there is no new post or some update.

this morning i try to check my adsenses account and feel happy because got some extra revenue or dollars from this blog, now i will try to update this blog again.

oh yeah, almost forget, i will feel free to write here in english, because i am using anoname here :P

regards and enjoy

half time blogger

long time i didn't came to visit this blog, i have no time for this blog actually, but later i challenge my friend to SEO or search engine optization contest so i need to post something here in order to bust myu blog post.

this is my second blog, i'm too busy to post something here, so, be patient reader, i will comeback in anytime

mobil arina

mobilarina adalah mobil yang dibuat oleh putra bangsa indonesia, sayang saya tidak bisa mengupload gambar mobilarina disini, untuk keterangan lebih lanjut selahkan langsung klik disini : mobilarina :D

update :
ini gambar mobilarina