Friday, June 24, 2011

6 Tips to Shopping Online for Hotel Rooms

Have you ever started looking for a hotel room online and the whole exercise turning into an exercise in futility? Online shopping was meant to be easy. When it comes to trying to find the right hotel room at the right price, this is not always the case. This article gives some suggestions and help on looking for the right priced room, without taking all day to find it.

Arranging hotels online always starts of as a relatively easy exercise. The further you get into trying to find the hotel of your choice at the right price, the more complicated the issue becomes. While shopping online for accommodation has become the ‘norm’, most of us struggle with the process. Online shopping was meant to be convenient, and it was meant to be easy. When we are looking for accommodation, this is often not the case. There are always many hundreds of sites that are telling us they have the best deal. There are always these amazing offers that never seem to be available by the time you get to making the purchase. In this article, we look at the best way to navigate the maze of accommodation and offers available online, and get the deal that you are really looking for.

  • Google is Not Enough. Google is great for searching the whole Internet. It is not good at looking at the best deals available in a particular category, for example. This is why there are specific search engines for shopping, sports and other areas that people are often looking for particular information. We will normally use Google when we start searching for something, and in this case it is a hotel, in a particular area. Instead of searching for hotels, for example, look for ‘accommodation sites’. You need to find the sites that are specialised in selling hotel and other accommodation deals. It is only once you have found these sites, can you start digging inside them.
  • Remember the ‘Offers’ are There, to Get Your Attention. All too often, and particularly online, we will see so many offers that are just unbelievable. Remember, this is the Internet, and those amazingly priced deals seem to be everywhere. It is only when you have spent half an hour getting to the bottom of it, do you realise the deal comes with a number of addition requirements. That amazing price of 99 dollars a night, is only available if you book 1 year in advance, have extended membership, and book for a whole 10 days. Try not to get caught up in chasing the amazing deals you will be bombarded with as you begin your search online.
  • Brand Names Count, Even with Websites. Many of us neglect to remember brand names are important even when we are searching online. Do you know the travel company that is offering that deal? Do you recognise this website, does it look credible? These are all things we should be asking ourselves when we are searching online. Above, we mentioned the importance of finding a site that deals with hotels and accommodation. Look for the site you have seen before, or the site you have heard of from others.
  • Social Media. Many people think Facebook and other social media are just about chatting with friends, and sharing pictures of what you did during the day. This could not be further from the truth. Social Media like Facebook can be a great way to ask others, and a great number of others, what they thought of a particular hotel or website that specialises in accommodation deals. Social media’s main purpose is to share ideas, and some of the most important ideas can be the opinions and experience of others who have already been.
  • Plan Ahead. Whether you are using the Internet or not, you will always get a better deal if you plan ahead. All hotels and accommodation want to be fully booked. There is no better way for them to operate their business. What this means is the best deals will be ones that are for at a later date. As the date for booking gets closer, the hotel or accommodation does not need to offer the same kind of great deals.
  • Read the Fine Print. If we were looking at a contract on paper, or we were talking to someone face to face, we would always concern ourselves with the little details. When we are using the internet, there seems there are so many items on the screen that are grabbing our attention, we can get lost in all of that information. Just as you would with any other financial transaction, look for the fine print, and always read it carefully.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't plan your Italian holiday to death- Good time management for more fun

The worst, and arguably the stupidest, thing tourists do to themselves is to go on holiday in places like Italy, then run themselves into the ground on tour. It’s quite possible to literally be scheduled into a few weeks of frantically running around “seeing things” then being whisked away to tourist traps. Your travel insurance can cover you against travel problems created by other people or situations, but not the ones you create for yourself.

When you go to Italy, where there’s so much to see, you can avoid creating problems for yourself simply by managing your time better. This means you can enjoy your holiday, actually take a break, have a chance to actually see the country, not just drive through it with a running commentary, and get the best value out of your trip.


Rome is a huge place. It has a lifetime’s worth of sights in it, and the tours are good value and well organized. The irony is that in a truly big, busy city, the best tours are quite leisurely. The top Rome tours are excellent value, allowing time for food, sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the experience.

Experienced tourists make a point of deliberately avoiding anything resembling the frantic haste of the lower grade tours. Forget about the “see it all in three days” stuff in Rome. Like Paris, Berlin and the other great European cities, you’d need three weeks just to see the basics in Rome. If you’re an aficionado of food, an art lover, music buff or a fashion fan, make it three months.

Rome is too big and too interesting to do a “fast forward” tour. Do your research, plan your trip, make your decisions about what you want to see, and allow at least a day’s rest and recreation between your outings to soak up the good food and really see Rome at your own speed.

The Italian peninsula

Southern Italy isn’t “fashionable” in the same sense as Rome, but it’s a region with a mystique of its own, and Sicily is also quite unique. This is a bustling sort of place, including Naples, Pompeii, Vesuvius and the southern peninsula’s spectacular scenery and extraordinary villages. The tours in this area can cover a lot of ground, involving long travel stretches, so plan your tour carefully, and watch your times to get some rest.

Northern Italy includes so many landmarks and famous places it’s like a phone book. Corsica is Napoleon’s birthplace, and with its neighbour Sardinia it’s yet another unique part of Italy with a unique culture. The north is a multi faceted area, including Venice, Genoa, Milan, the Italian Alps and it’s an all-seasons tourist area. To travel here means really plotting your course well, because there’s so much to see and do, and it’s also quite a big place in terms of travel times.

The Italian coast is also a favorite travel destination, and on both sides of the peninsula you’ll find extraordinary places you really need to take your time to see and appreciate. The good news for travelers is that Italy is a cheap place to visit, and you can get excellent cheap travel insurance to help stretch your budget as you explore this fantastic place.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Orissa- An Engineering Major Cynosure

The chief and cutting-edge avocations of Orissa are Education and research. Thus the state is mainly focused on replenishing consummate education centers in its every city with huge investment for higher education. This expenditure is mainly carried out by the state’s government and private sectors established in the state. With the advancement in technology, Orissa too is developing and modifying which in turn echoes the need of exceptionally superior education system in the state. Therefore, Orissa in the recent years has witnessed the development of many bewitching colleges’ constructed keeping in mind au-current methods and boosted scientific know-how, out of which numerous offer graduate and post-graduate engineering programmes. Orissa is filled with the plethora of excellent engineering colleges, offering tremendously good quality education. The main motive of these engineering colleges in Orissa is to reinforce the students with prevalence curriculum and to imprint the name of Orissa nationally as well as globally. The government of the state also organizes a competitive exam called Joint Entrance Examination each year in order to choose the students for the enrollment into the top engineering colleges in Orissa. These colleges run under BPUT. The engineering colleges in Orissa delight its students by providing world-class infrastructure and highly qualified faculties. Some of the top engineering colleges in India, situated in Orissa are given below.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tips for celebrating Christmas in Sydney

Being away from your family at Christmas can be tough, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a Christmas you’ll never forget! No tourist spending Christmas in Sydney should miss these vital silly season tips.

Spending Christmas away from home can be hard. It can feel strange when your feel like you should be wearing snow boots when it’s 40 degrees outside. The key thing to have the best time is to embrace the change. There are heaps of Sydney bars and restaurants as well as hotels that offer great Christmas holiday events specifically designed for overseas students and backpackers. So get your tinsel on and check out our tips for having a ripper Aussie Christmas:

Embrace the warmth

If you are usually enjoying eggnog by the fire and making snowmen outside your home, take this as an opportunity to experience something completely different. Get into the spirit of things and find as many events as you can to attend in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If youʼre feeling low about missing out on snow (rhyme not intended) then having fun meeting other young people spending Christmas overseas is a great way to get you in the mood for some serious Aussie Christmas activities!

Get your friends together

Late November is the time to rally the troops and organise what you will be doing over the Christmas break and specifically, how you will be spending Christmas day. Lunches and events book out fast so being organised is crucial. Remember, most places wonʼt be open so winging it if you donʼt plan to cook is not an option.

Bondi is the tourists mecca when visiting Sydney and Christmas day is no exception. There are guaranteed to be plenty of parties and Christmas fun at the beach so work that in to your Christmas celebrations for good measure.

Donʼt leave anything to the last minute

Apart from organising how you will be spending Christmas Day, make sure you donʼt leave sending gifts and cards back home to the last minute. Itʼs better for them to get their gifts early than late, so try to get all of your shopping done so you can have your gifts sent off and can really enjoy your first Christmas in Australia minus the stress.

Christmas Cheer recovery kit

This may be something you want to organise for yourself as you are sure to have perhaps just a little too much fun on Christmas day (and why not, it is Christmas after all?!). Here, weʼve listed some of the tourist survivor essentials youʼll need on Boxing Day, to guarantee youʼll be back to old self by New Yearʼs Eve:

  • Aloe vera gel/cream- No matter how much sunscreen you can lather on, if the day is hot and you are in and out of the water, you are bound to get at least a little burnt. You may not reach the lobster stage but red, tender skin can be uncomfortable. Have a bottle of soothing aloe vera gel on hand so you can lather your skin up every few hours to restore it to its former glory.
  • Aspirin/Paracetamol- Itʼs easy to overindulge at Christmas which can result in a bit of a sorehead the next day. Have some pain killers on hand to help with that cement mixer in your head.
  • Bottled water- The hot weather not only dehydrates your skin, but your body too. Guzzle up lots of water to help your body restore hydration and help process that extra two helpings of Christmas dinner.
Whether you are here to study English, are backpacking across the country or have just arrivedand ready to start your Aussie adventure, a Christmas in Sydney is a truly unforgettable experience. So when the silly season comes around make sure you get amongst it and make themost of the spending this special time down under.