Monday, January 25, 2010

wayang kulit picture

wayang is shadow and kulit is a leather, so wayang kulit are a shadow puppet make from cow's leather. this traditional show are one of javanese tribe cultures in indonesia.

this picture are a wayang kulit show, wayang kulit are traditional puppet from java indonesia, if you travel or backpacking to indonesia you better watch this puppet show.

wayang kulit usually play in the whole night by puppet master called dalang, and the show held at wedding party event.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

cendol t-shirt

reason of making this t-shirt are to endorse indonesia tourism, cendol are one of traditional food and baverages comes from indonesia, and it becomes popular because kaskus, one of the largest community and forum in indonesia, cendol used as mark of good reputation, the more you had cendol, the more you had a reputation.

the new design from designer of motekar advertising, this t-shirt contain value of indonesian culture :