Friday, September 2, 2011

Party it Up in Australia

For most travellers, Australia represents an exciting new world of stunning natural scenery, epic beaches and a friendly, laidback culture. For many, this local culture includes a great attitude towards having a good time, and whether you’re hitting up the Sydney bars or sipping a cocktail by the pool in the Whitsundays, there is no shortage of opportunities to let your hair down. Like any large country with a diverse population, the options in terms of entertainment in Australia are almost limitless. Here, we outline a few party tips and tricks for having a good time in Oz—whatever you’re into!

Dancing the Night Away

If nightclubs are more your scene and your idea of a good night is one that goes on well into the next morning, then Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are probably your best bets. There is a vibrant clubbing culture in these cities, and while other major cities like Melbourne and Adelaide do have a range nightclubs to choose from, the focus of the population (and therefore the establishments) is slightly more on pubs and bars. Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and Sydney’s Kings Cross are both great locations if you’re looking for a heavy density of electronic music and sweaty, dancing ravers, so strap on a pair of comfortable shoes and get that booty shakin’!

Live Music

If a covers band or acoustic guitarist is your idea of a night’s entertainment, then look no further than Melbourne for a night on the town. Melbourne’s licensing laws and general artistic culture have ushered in a very distinct kind of bar—intimate, loungy and with a very laid back vibe, the typical Melbourne nightspot will feature live music and a pub-like atmosphere. Some of Australia’s best artists get their breaks on the Melbourne pub circuit, so it’s well-worth checking out the scene and soaking up the creativity.

Country Pubs

One thing Australia does exceptionally well is the country pub. In many a rural town across the country the local pub is not only the central meeting place for locals, but the beating heart of the entertainment scene. Many country pubs are moving into the food scene, and with Australia producing some of the best fresh food and wine, a meal at the pub is not longer about chicken schnitzel or a roast---this is quality food served with country charm.

Beach Bars

In the smaller, more coastal areas of Australia, the good old Aussie beach bar is a crowd favourite. Places like Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie have a strong surfie population, whose idea of a good night out involves not having to change out of their board shorts. In smaller towns the accommodation is usually right nearby the bars and nightclubs (for example, it’s possible to walk from almost any Port Macquarie hotel to any Port Macquarie bar) so the focus is really on relaxing and chilling out without the pretension of the bigger cities.

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