Thursday, September 1, 2011

Locuri de muncă in Romania

The economic climate in Romania is too high and competitive; due to the process of globalization and liberalization. There are many MNCs and TNCs, flowing and transferring their capital and services to the other nation. Due to FIIs and FDIs; investments there is a lot of competition every where and in Romania too. But locuri de muncă posibilitatea de is good in Romania; most of the new jobs are in the IT sector, software or service centre industries.UK fresh graduates are most likely to find a locuri de muncă în Româniain big international company.

There are few problems espied that, the high number of applicants per jobs means that the recruiters are sometimes resorted by selecting their recommendations. You can also improve and increase your locuri de muncă opportunity in multinational firms; by speaking good native English. On your CV make sure you give stress and emphasis to any of your previous work experience and language skills you have; you can take the advantage and use of employment agencies. Well Romanian language is Romania ; English is the most used foreign language used their, though in the work place or in your local area you may speak in English , but the Romanian culture appreciates the one who tries to speak and talk in their language.

There are many specialized sectors where you can actually work; like major industries – here they present and offer you profiluri de locuri de muncă in electric machinery and equipment , textiles and footwear , light machinery and auto assembly , mining , timber , construction materials , metallurgy , chemicals , food processing and petroleum refining. ; there is a good and an adaptable growth in IT industry and service industry ; there is also a bit decline in industry sector , due to the rise in economic factors and reform crisis though they are in recovery period now. There is good Oferte de munca Oradea and Oferte de munca Brasov ; you can also go for Locuri de munca Jurist .

  1. Shortage occupations: due to the migration of highly skilled workers Romania faces a serious shortage in the labour market, mainly for skilled white and blue collar workers.
  2. Major companies: OMV Petrom SA, Automobile-Dacia SA, RomPetrol Rafinare SA, Metro Cash & Carry Romania SRL, Rompetrol Downstream SRL, Orange Romania SA, British American Tobacco (Romania) Trading SRL, Real,-Hypermarket Romania SRL, Carrefour Romania SA. Nokia Romania SRL, Carrefour Romania SA, Vodafone Romania SA.
  3. Search for more companies: Kompass, Major Companies in Romania, Europages, Golden Pages Romania.
  4. Major cities: Bucharest (capital and largest), Iaşi, Timişoara, Constanţa, Brasov.

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