Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Operating Application Tracking System

When the mobile phones were actually invented do you remember its size, screen, the features or the game applications it had? Well the mobile phones down the reminiscence were, really heavy with small screen and the only exciting thing in it except from the voice calls, was SMS application. Well could you tell what the name of operating system was?

Well that is because the operating system was of no importance, almost unneeded. Each phone brand had its own proprietary user interface; it was tightly closed; no customization was possible and adding an application was something unheard of; even the user was least interested, there only interest was buying phone and getting thrilled by watching it working.

And in today’s world, well generation; the operating system is omnipotent, very powerful and the single agenda or motive decisive factor for buying a mobile phone. Their was an add on or a subtraction in applications in smooth scale; but now the world is different , the generation has changed , it is completely a different world from a few years back and this is the world , right in the battle , a great battle of smart phones , buzzing the streets out.

The two major slides of death match – iPhone applications development and android business app (iPhone and android). There are 5, 50,000 new android phones sold every day. 40% of the Smartphone market share. Google has given birth to android business app; and it has made android stronger and powerful in the corporate community.

Though picking up a smart phone is really challenging because their are lot of technologies coming and presenting their Smartphone’s. Mobile app development in India has a good variety of all the international technical Smartphone’s.

Their four tablets, well android tablets; which have been the best ones –
Motorola Xoom – ranges from 32000 to 40000, next is the HTC flyer ranges to 38000, third is Acer iconia tab, ranges from 28000 and finally Samsung galaxy tab.

The iPhone applications development has many features, as for an e.g., when music is been played on the phone, and a call comes up, the music fades off and comes back when the call is ended. The proximity censor shuts off the screen and touch sensivity circuitry when the iPhone is brought closer to the face , both to save battery and prevent unintentional touches.

The application doesn’t support, video calling or video conferencing.
The iPhone applications development includes a visual voicemail (in few countries) features allowing users to have a sight of list of current voice mail messages on screen without even having to call into their voice mail. Though mobile app development India is still following blackberry, the iPhone and android is still on the brim to fill the whole world with its software smart phones.

The android business app market is the online software store developed by Google, it allows the users to browse and download apps published by the third party developers.

Well, the apt thing would be, to enjoy the clashing of these Smartphone.

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