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kampung sampireun - the natural living - garut west java indonesia

BRIEF of Kampung Sampireun

kampung sampireun

Hotel Kampung Sampireun start operating at january 1999 and legalized by Indonesian tourism and cultures ministry Mr. Bapak Marzuki Usman pada tanggal 4 September 1999. Kampung Sampireun is a Sundanese Village Resort nuance, was at an altitude of ± 1000 meters above sea level, located in the village of Kampung Ciparay Sukakarya Sub Samarang Garut regency, West Java area of 5.5 ± acres, including extensive Situ Sampireun (1.5 hectares) 7 eyes eyes water.

Kampung Sampireun has 20 bungalows consisting of 8 units of type Kalapalua Suite (One bedroom & terrace), 4 units of type Kurjati Suite (One bedroom, living room, & patio), 4 units of type Waluran Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & terrace), 1 unit type Cikuray Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & patio), 1 unit type Papandayan Suite (Two bedrooms, living room, & deck), and 1 unit type Manglayang (Three bedrooms, living room , & terrace),. bungalows designed with typical Tatar Sunda House Stage Parahyangan. beside that Kampung Sampireun have facilitise : “Seruling Bambu Restaurant”, “Bale Putri Amantie” as a place to enjoy cofee or tea (Afternoontea).

“Waroeng Kopi” ala kampung as interaction place of Kampung (guest and eployer) citizens, tradisional Meeting Room “Kiara Umbrella Meeting Room "which accommodates up to 30 people," Taman Dayu Trance "which can be used as a" Dinner Party ", Swimming Pool and" Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa "which was established in 2003, opening the opening of Spa has been committed by Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003. Facilities and the latest "Children Playground".

Kampung Sampireun itself derived from the name Situ (Lake) Sampireun (in Indonesian language means Place of Shelter). This lake has a water source large enough that are still used by local communities to irrigate rice fields. In one corner is still maintained garden bamboo shades add cool and calm voice gemerisiknya, shady pine trees and other corners of beautiful set with the theme "Tropical Gardenlust". With a very cool temperature between 12 ° C-18. ° C, and the unique concept of "Back To Nature" Kampung Sampireun become a favorite for those honeymoon and to spend the weekend for individuals who need a break from daily routine -day in the big city.

With the boat equipped for every bungalow will stay guests can enjoy the nuances of Situ Sampireun accompanied by thousands of Goldfish that will accompany when boating. Guests can also enjoy the show "Calung", ie traditional arts performed every afternoon on a raft in the middle Situ. And in the evening the guests will be in "Nina Bobo's" by the strains of flute played Santol directly by the Village art group Sampireun while peddling "Sekoteng", a traditional beverage to warm Sundanese.

For the newly arrived guests would be served "Welcome Drink" of "Bajigur" traditional drink made from coconut milk, Red Sugar and Pandan leaves served warm, as well as small snacks in the form of Rangginang, Ranggining. After that, guests will be escorted from the lobby to the bungalow in a unique way is by using boats or rafts. One of the facilities at this resort is the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa. This SPA has 2 Villa, 2 room standard, 5 therapist, 1 meditation room, 1 sauna room body, herbal bar and also a mini pool. Given 30% discount for all treatment for those who spend the night at Kampung Sampireun (Except sauna and special promo).
The packages on offer was quite diverse.

Starting from Package Meeting, Outing Packages, etc.. Special packages at Kampung Sampireun is Honeymoon Package. Special because it is supported by the location Resort is surrounded by mountains, park - garden flowers to give a strong sense of village, beautiful and exotic, far away from the city. By taking this package, honeymoon guests will be pampered by a variety of services such as:

* Floating Candle light dinner on a raft
* Foot SPA Floating on a raft
* Tretment SPA for two
* Tourism Village
* Flower and Gift Booklet
* Decoration typical honeymoon Room
* And other sebagainy

Kampung Sampireun will try to make their honeymoon at this resort will have the most wonderful experience unforgettable.

pictures of kampung sampireun

hotel room
Kalapalua Suite
for two people, one room and terrace

Kurjati Suite
for two people, one room and terrace

Waluran Suite
4 people, two beds

Cikuray Suite
4 people, two beds

Papandayan Suite
4 people, two beds

Manglayang Suite
6 people

for more information, you can contact the official website here :


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