Saturday, June 28, 2008

dago resort

it is a long time i didn't periodically update my blog, i had no preparation to edit some photos to put here because tomorow i had a math exam. So, yesterday (this weekend) i go to dago resort at north of bandung, you can see the view of bandung from the top there.

dago known as a shopping place, dago is a street that full of factory outlet and distribution outlet known as distro.
dago street, indonesia

On the dago hill, you can find many tourism resort or place to hangout such as "rumah kopi" or house of coffee where you can relax while you are enjoy the view of bandung.

There is also a lot of foodcourt and origin forrest so you can do a cullinaire vacation and breathe a clear and pure air on the forrest. The forrest are tourism ressort not such as a wild jungle.

How can we reach dago ressort? Calm, it is easy to reach, just go to bandung and find dago (ir. H juanda) street and go straight up to the north and you will arrive at dago ressort imidiately.

There is also a lot of cheap hotel and villas to stay with variated price

so visit indonesia 2008 and enjoy

see ya

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