Tuesday, June 3, 2008

how to get better photos

in a digital camera, it is more easy to get a bautifull photos, I always using this way to get better photos

1. take a picture as much as you can

if you are newbe like me, don't think about advanced technique like professional photographer does. just make a sure that your photo are fokus and not blur, don't think about composition, but knowing litle about composition are not bad. and then take a photo as much as you can

2. sortir and selection

make your own qualification where the good and bad photos, and then delete your bad photos.

3. editing

this is the last one, you can just optimize your good photos using digital imaging software, I my self recommended adobe photoshop. you can learn about photoshop here or just type this keyword "learn photoshop" on a google ar other search engine.

good luck, sorry this article just by my own opinion base on my newbe experiences.

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