Tuesday, June 3, 2008

minoring in architecture

my campus had a new curriculum, there are about minoring subject. now my main subject are civil engineering and i planning to choose minor in architeture, but i doubt i can be good in that minor subject. in architecture subject, we must had many free time to make a picture, maket, or city plan. and I'am a rather busy person ;P. but architecture, they had a photography subject so i can learn more about photography there.

if there are any subject related to the traveling, i should had been picked up that subject, but what is the traveling subject? it should contain of traveling tips, how to backpacking with the low budget, how to find the low cost transportation or cheap flight, how to manage the budget during traveling and backpacking and many others. but it just on my dream, haha.

ok then, wish me luck guys

see ya

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