Sunday, June 1, 2008

the interesting travel site :
is a blog owned by alaya setya, she is bogor people who lives in bali, so we can find many photograph of bali on her blog. alaya is the one who loves traveling so much, and luckily se loves photograph too so she can write her experience on traveling and share to us trough her blog.

i had linked this site for months ago on my wordpress blog, here the link if you love travelling, joke, books, movies, backpacking, or photography, it is recommended to you to visit this site.

i hope sometimes i can do traveling like her, and share it trough this blog. for bonus here i give you some sample of her articles and photos by alaya :

i made kastengel

far before lebaran because someone was craving of it. it has been a
long time since i made kastengel and since i’m such a lazy bum, i
looked for the simplest recipe. it’s so simple that i don’t have to run
to the nearest supermarket because all the ingredient can be found at

i hate the boring ordinary bar shape kastengel, so i created the flowery ones. it cheered me up!



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