Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sarangan lake

offcourse, sarangan lake located on east java indonesia, you can reach there by a travel agent or something ^^, just kidding aniway, don't be angry.

here i will post you about sarangan lake, enjoy :


enjoy the picture, just click to enlarge it.

description :
Sarangan is a tourist location in the highlands of Mount Lawu, with the main object pond and waterfalls, surrounded by the typical feel of the mountains. Magetan there's still 17 km west (toward mountains) to arrive at Sarangan. Now what's west of the city Karanganyar, Solo Central Java is the way land is used as almost 75 degree rise,.

this is the way to sarangan, visible serpentine but beautiful. Make a motorcycle rider, this will be very exciting. Test driving skills at the same time enjoy the fresh of air. Make a nostalgic, if not longer do so.

Because of steep, narrow and sharp it is, the government Magetan since a few years ago the project has a more penetrating way smooth. Now the road is already so, the way through (before the begin of the main gate to Sarangan 'cemoro sewu') with this way, the Solo-Madiun Magetan Karanganyar through the usual 2 hours to 'only' 1-an hour. The story 'dream' as Puncak, Bogor

Edge of the road we can see from the pit sarangan other aitu view from the top, where all the tour sarangan can be set to spoil the air dinginnya Peak Sarangan.

Overview of the direction of the road to Cemoro Sewu, Telaga Sarangan seen that already 'is not virgin "again because it is surrounded by many buildings, the market began to Tiban hotel.

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