Monday, June 29, 2009


location :
central java, indonesia

description :
according to the folk story, this prambanan temples was made by bandung bondowoso in order to marry loro jonggrang, who is roro jonggrang? actually, maybe she is the hottest local babes that time, so bandung bondowoso want to marry her.

but, roro jonggrang didn't like bandung bondowoso so she make a provision in order bandung bondowoso cannot marry her. the provition are to make a thousands temples in just one night, but bandung bondowoso are a fairy person so he asking a help from the local devil :P.

realizing that bandung cheating, roro mad, he kick the "lesung" and make local cock gobble, realizes that the cock had gobbled, the devils thought that it had reached morning and they are run away, and the temples are didn't finished yet. it just finished at 999.

bandung mad too, they are cheating each other, so he cure roro as a stone, to complete the last temples.

haha, sorry, this is the folk story i ever heard, little funny isn't it? but i am not believe it. :P

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