Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Ready To Indonesia

In five days, I take care of my beautiful holiday, the summer before starting a new life back home in Australia.

First destination: Queenstown, New Zealand. 11 days of snow (Oh, I hope there's snow! The current reports are just horrible), skiing, Shotover Jet and some fun winter activities. I really need to go back to the go-kart. I have made a few years ago and it was fun.

The next item concerns a week in Auckland to visit my cousin and see the sights.

After that, two weeks in Fiji. I've always wanted to go (I blame The Truman Show) and I am now. I booked the first week in a luxury inn (once might have been an oxymoron, but no more), then the second week, I'll be spontaneous. How wild and reckless depends on my budget is in place for this step.

Finally, from Melbourne to see my brother. I've never been to Melbourne but again is another place that I have heard good things and always wanted to see. I have a list of places to see and do my best to fit them all into Heck, I might even go to the fields of snow there!

After that, I think Cairns to see my mother for a few weeks. After that? Who knows!

However, before embarking on these adventures, I have to pack my life in Indonesia. It's amazing how many "things" that can win in two years, without even trying! I go into my stuff again and again, trying to bring a little to save the port. Every penny I spend on transport affect my vacation budget, which is not so juicy to begin with. You can not afford to dehydration!

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