Tuesday, July 28, 2009

angklung the origins

sundanese angklung

oke, mayne the title are too over, but here i will tell you the origins of angklung. angklung are traditional music came from one of tribe in indonesia, the sundanese tribe. the sundanese tribe are located on west java, java island indonesia. so, angklung are traditional music origins from indonesia. and it means that angklung are truly indonesian culture just like batik, reog ponorogo and still many others. but how come malaysia claimed that it was their culture, they even stole it and promote this angklung, reog and batik as theirs to other country. i feel shame in malaysia, they are known as a moslem country, but how come they stole culture from their neighbor. this nation should learn more about moral and etics, and they should learn their holy qur'an

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