Tuesday, July 7, 2009

malaysia are totally not trully asia

asia are rich with beautifull nature and culture, so country in asia didn't need to stole or claim another country cultures to endorsing their tourism.

and malaysia did it, they stole indonesian cultures and their government didn't feel shy at all, shame on you.

as an older brother, we indonesian just wanna give you some advice, please find your own culture, i believe you are all creative person, don't stole our cultures anymore, our culture didn't made by a simply single night.

list of indonesian stolen culture by malaysian :
1. many of our folks song
2. reog, they claim it as a barong.
3. angklung <-- they almost did it
4. batik which is origins textile motif from java
5. sipadan and ligitan island
6. ambalat, our maritim teritory which is rich with raw oil
7. and there is many others, too many to list it one by one.

i hope you are all understand

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