Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 most beautiful subway station in the world

stockholm tunnelbana, Swedia
subway sistem in swedia have about 100 station and almost all have great art decoration made by 140 artist. this subway station known as the longest art gallery in the world.

munich u-bahn, Munich, Germany
operated at 1972 the subway station serve for about98 destination in munich. germanny

Bilbao metro, Spain
this is the fourth subway station build in spain and third biggest subway station on that country.

Shanghai bund sightseeing tunnel, China
Actually this is not subway station but the long tunnel that connect among the passenger.

Metro station, Dubai
Dubai subway station is the new subway station and operated at september 2009

Tokyo - iidabashi station, Japan

This Station is the most crowded station in the world and also known for architecture design.

Prague Line a, Cekoslowakia
this subway station are very colorful

Komsomolskaya station, Moscow
build at 1930 this station are very beautiful and artistic.

toronto - museum station, Kanada
the first subway station that looks like museum, build in egypt.

Drassanes station, barcelona, Spanyol

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