Friday, November 5, 2010

10 The body of the man that woman want

Which parts of the body of your partner most like? The answer is certainly varied, it tastes of different backgrounds. But in fact, from a survey involving more than 100 women, 10 parts of the body revealed a man who makes them passionate - crazy. Want to know what are they? Much was predictable, but there are other parts that might escape the attention of men who turned out to also attract women.

1. Buttocks
Rump was ranked first preferred male body part women. It shows women are not much different from men. Some women said they liked the buttock-shaped "half moon", while others prefer ass "a little turn."

2. Mr. P
Mainstay of this man's body parts are in the order of two. The survey revealed that women do not specialize in the problem size Mr. P, as the saying goes "size doesn't matter", tetep still valid. But more importantly, many women mention the area around Mr. P is very important, of which Mr skin color. P is proportional, not too deep, not too short, not very large, thick & also of concern is the smell of Mr. womanhood. P. Men highly recommended to always maintain good health so as not to produce a stinging aroma for women smell.

3. Stomach
Not surprisingly, most women love a man who flat stomach. Some women do not want a muscular stomach, but a flat stomach is more than good.

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