Friday, November 5, 2010

frank zappa day

This past weekend we got to be a part of Frank Zappa day in Baltimore. Frank's music is so strongly tied to southern California that few people know that he was born in Baltimore. Well, now there's an impressive statue proudly informing everyone who comes to the corner of Eastern Avenue and Conkling Street, newly renamed Frank Zappa Way, that Baltimore is proud to call Frank their own. Head over to to see the actual proclamation and some more pictures from the event. I think it's a pretty amazing sign of how things have changed that a controversial public figure such as Frank can finally be recognized in such an official way, for both his musical output as well as his part in the fight for free speech.
Before we go back on tour with ZPZ in November and December (with new video footage!), Gryphon Labs will be playing once again at the world famous Baked Potato on Thursday October 7th, with our good friend Paul Barrere from Little Feat sitting in. Come on out, it may be our last show of 2010!

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