Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things to Avoid When Making love

Already tired-tired of preparing everything for creating a romantic atmosphere with a partner, uh, so in the mood for romance has gone up, suddenly the wife immediately "sluggish" even cranky do not want to continue the activities of sex. The men did should know these things what can make a passionate woman suddenly extinguished, even when you're ready "fighter".

Mention the name of ex girlfriend
Every lady hopes that she only exists in your heart, even though he knew before with him maybe you have a relationship with several women. Sprained tongue until another woman's name or your ex is certainly going to obscure his expectations. Even if you do not accidentally do this, he would immediately accuse you think of other women when with him.

His anger may be prolonged. To redeem the error, make sure that only he who is in your heart. Do fun activities with him, like they re on your first date with him or help him do chores that you would normally avoid.

Being too aggressive
You are indeed loved ones, but your wife also have the desire and desire alone. Impose the will and being too aggressive can make it refuses berintim-intimate with you because you do not understand how to turn his passion.

Before entering the main game, make sure the he was in a good mood for sex. Seduction and relaxing massage will increase the passion. Exploration of all the sensitive points in his body and doing turns. Ask him at what point he wants to be touched to achieve satisfaction together. Remember that communication is also part of a successful sexual relationship.

Men who like to force altogether unattractive in the eyes of women. If you want to do something, such as oral sex, why not do it first. Make a game he was helpless with your tongue. Guaranteed he will also be challenged to do the same for you.

Net Less
Needless good muscular body or perfume to be a magnet for women. Men are clean and fresh is much more interesting to be approached. The aroma is fragrant and fresh body can certainly make the mood to make love more skyrocketed.

Like fingered
Men who understand the sensitive points in the body of a woman becomes the ideal of womanhood. However, know that felt like it was not sexy and it makes her feel humiliated. Touching on the part of improper and abusive manner will also make women can be in pain and loss of passion.

Treat the woman you love with appropriately, with tenderness, love, and compassion. Notice his body language. If he does not like the touch you, usually he will direct your hand to another place. If you treat him with proper and gentle, maybe he will get back more than you give.

Too vulgar
For most men, it was a bit difficult to lock the mouth in the midst of pleasure to a climax. However, often without realizing it you are removing the words dirty and rough. The expression of this vulgar than sexy can not make a woman who heard annoyed because they felt like was playing a porn scene. If you belong to a man who is difficult to control the words in the middle of lovemaking session, control your mouth by doing a kiss and kiss.

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