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top 5 most beautiful place in the world to visit according kicktheworld

this 10 most beautiful place in the world to travel are according to the kicktheworld.blogspot.com, so if there is a different opinion, we feel sorry for that. below, we present the most beautiful place in the world to visit, so take your note and make a notification about a nice place to travel as a list of your travel plan.

1. Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico

Paradises On Earth

We knew there was a reason why the U.S. Navy stayed so long in Puerto Rico. Just six miles off the coast is Isla Vieques, an untouched paradise on Earth with verdant forests, never-ending stretches of white sand and a backdrop of rolling hills that only Monet could have dreamed. Up until 2003, it was under the control of the Navy, but now they’re gone, so we can go there. Stay at the blissfully chic Bravo Beach Hotel, which has direct access to the coastline. Here you’ll be able to saddle up and gallop across the sand Black Beauty-style. If you do go, be sure to do it soon. With Starwood’s W Retreat having opened, Isla Vieques’ undiscovered appeal could soon be lost forever.

2. Bali Islands, Indonesia


bali are known as a paradise island located in a beautiful tropic country indonesia, south east asia, bali are island which consist of green forrest, white sand beach with the blue water, the paddy's field, luxurious hotel and a tons of cultures such as pendet balinese dance, kecak dances, barong dance. Bali also known as an art island, you will find many artist paint a painting there, you can also make a temporary tattoo while you're sunbathing at kuta beach, you can fing a luxurious hotel or cheap hostel to stay, and you can also try the delecouis local cuisine.

3. Tristan da Cunha

Paradises On Earth

Officially the world’s remotest island, Tristan da Cunha rises out from the South Atlantic Ocean like a prehistoric volcano. Situated 1,242 miles from St. Helena and 1,739 miles from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, it really does cut a lonely but beautiful figure.

There’s not just the main island, either; comprised of several uninhabited islands, one inaccessible island and the Nightingale Islands, this archipelago is like the lost world. In fact, you might expect a T. rex to come crashing through the trees. With windswept beaches, views of a tempestuous blue sea, magnificent basalt cliffs, a thriving economy, zero unemployment, and a nonexistent crime rate, this is the way life should be lived.

Visit the settlement of Edinburgh, which boasts a distinct air of yesteryear, and talk with the warm, hospitable islanders you find there. With only eight families on the island, it’s likely the women will flock around any foreign strangers who come for a visit.

4. Costwolds, England

Paradises On Earth

If it’s good enough for the bevy of British celebrities who descend on this paradise on Earth every weekend, it’s certainly good enough for you. Located in the county of Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds feature swooping hills, acres of lush greenery, shimmering lakes, and winding roads.

Stay at the Cotswolds House Hotel in Chipping Campden, one of the prettiest towns in Central-West England. Set in a stunning brick house, the luxury hotel caters to country bumpkins with style. Roaring open fireplaces, manicured gardens, a croquet lawn, a Michelin-worthy restaurant, a rustic brasserie, and Monet-like views out of every window, it’s the perfect retreat for the city slicker looking to get away from it all. Stay in any one of its 30 sumptuous rooms, each with wide-screen TVs, power showers, giant egg-shaped baths, pillow menus, and bespoke minibars.

For extra luxury, ask for the Longborough Suite, with its own four-poster bed, private garden and outdoor hot tub. This charming place also welcomes man’s best friend, so if you want time alone with the dog, it’s your ideal place. When you can stand to leave, take a trip into the nearby town in a rented open-top classic, drop by a pub and have a good old-fashioned British pint in one of the many beer gardens. Afterward, take a stroll through the country.

By night, dine at the hotel restaurant -- we recommend the 21-day matured beef and the selection of locally produced cheeses -- and sit beside the fire in Juliana’s Bar with a glass of the finest malt and the company of a gorgeous regular such as Kate Moss. Go in the autumn when the weather is mild and the countryside is golden with red and yellow leaves.

5. Patagonia, Chile

Paradises On Earth

A little-known region of Chile, Patagonia is seriously underrated -- and thank god, otherwise it would probably be overrun with bucket-and-spaders. With beautiful forests, islands, fjords, and ice fields, coming to this paradise on Earth is like stumbling onto the edge of the world.

Located in Southern Chile, the region is divided into two halves: Northern Patagonia and Southern Patagonia. Among them you’ll find virgin forests, stunning glaciers, gushing rivers, and twinkling ice fields. With very few roads cutting through Patagonia, you’ll need to take ferries across the fjords if you want to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery. To the east of the Andes you’ll find a desert (one of the five largest in the world), as well as hot springs where you’ll be able to enjoy the best damn Jacuzzi ever. With long days, blue skies, a polar climate, and an abundance of wildlife (such as penguins and whales), Patagonia is Chile, but not as you know it.

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