Thursday, September 24, 2009

9 travel tips that will useful to you so much

we always try to give a tips to all of you in 9 points, nine is a lucky number that i hope will make you all got a lucky holiday and travel :D.

so here it is the 9 best tips for traveling

1. travel don't have to suck up your traveling
you should make sure that you have manage your budget to traveling, we should have the list what we should to buy or not, the another way are got a sponsor for your traveling. you could make a group of traveler and you find a hotel or company that related to traveling.

2. travel doesn’t have to be expensive.
Especially if you go to cheaper countries in Asia or South America. (i suggest for indonesia) Particularly if you are traveling on a strong currency. Check out free things to do in the area and avoid the long museum queues.

3. do not overpack.
fulfill your backpack with things only you need, throw away the unnecessary items. for example, you can bring camera, a few t shirt and underwear, and don't forget to carry your money, and you can buy your rest items on the travel places.

4. Learn the destination language.
if you're going to another country that have another language, you should learn the language first, learn the simple language like, thank you, asking for destination, how much the price, the taxi and hotel fee, if you're got trouble in language, you can use the body language, carry the dictionary or simple you can use the google translate via your mobile phone.

5. Be careful, not paranoid.
Yes, there are scam artists and potential dangers when traveling. But there are also potential dangers where you’re sitting right now. Do your research on potential dangers and travel insurance deals and don’t wander down alleyways in the middle of the night. Make sure someone at home has copies of all your travel documents.

6. Try not to compare too much.
When traveling it is very tempting to compare everything with how it is at home. Of course you’ll compare, but try not to do it all the time, especially if you are getting frustrated with differences. Remember why you came in the first place. Ordering Western-style food in Asia is often way more expensive than a corner noodle house. Adapt to local tastes.

7. Take a good camera.
take a good camera, especially if you won't losing your good moment. better if you check our the camera review via website before you decide to buy it.

8. Put the guide book down.
Guide books can be saviors but also severely limit a trip if followed to the letter. No one knows exactly what you will like, not even the ‘experts’. Use the book for tips, if you must have one, but don’t work your entire schedule around it. The best things are discovered by accident.

9. write up a to-do checklist well before you go.
you should write all of your to-do check list in order you don't missed your things and activities.

i hope you can enjoy your traveling and thank you so much for reading :D

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