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tips for backpackers

as usual, i try to find useful information about traveling or backpacking, and found interesting article about backpacking tips

Undoubtedly, if you are planning a backpacking adventure, you will be in the wilderness encountering the wild. Without basic backpacking tips or survival skills, you will not be able to function or have a fun backpacking trip. Basic backpacking tips also create a sense of security knowing that you can face whatever may be thrown at you. Backpacking tips such as staying warm, hydrated, and uninjured are common sense. Hydration comes before eating even as eating is not as crucial to your overall wellbeing.


It may take some getting used to, but sleeping at a slight slant with your head pointed downhill is a great way to stay warm. You do not have to sleep with all the blood rushing to your brain, but some. Nothing is more rewarding than eating off the lands that you are backpacking through. A great backpacking tip in regards to what berries to eat is to trust your instincts; if it looks like a blueberry, it probably is a blueberry! Taste it and find out. It will not hurt you, and if it does not taste right, spit it out.

Keeping in mind that Mother Nature is fickle, a good backpacking tip would be to collect moss and milkweed fuzz along your trail so you have dry tinder for fires in case of a change in weather. A change in weather conditions can usually be noted in the skies so pay attention to them; lightening kills, but if you are observant, you can keep yourself out of trouble. Large fir trees can also help you stay dry in those changes of weather conditions. Should you get a small cut, use the sap from the ‘blisters’ on spruce or fir tree trunks as an antiseptic dressing.

Stay hydrated! You have heard it said that if you find yourself thirsty, you are already dehydrated; do not get to that point. Fill your water bottles or bladders every chance you get so you are hydrated during those long trails. This backpacking tip is the most important tip to remember. Staying hydrated is more important than remembering to feed your belly.

Backpacking tips are not just ideas and places to see when you are backpacking. They are basic survival guides that will allow you to have a safe, fun hike. Many of the tips are common sense ideas that you already follow day-to-day, but some are crucial to your well-being and safe backpacking.

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