Tuesday, September 15, 2009

best traveling tips with children

long time had not update this travel blog, now kicktheworld wanna talk about 11 tips traveling with children. travelling with children without well preparation can be dangerous, based on research and analyses on travel incidents, there are many accident in traveling that involving children, and the parents should be responsible for their well being.

here are eleven tips that will make your traveling with chidren saver, we notive that traveling we talk on this article are mostly are traveling that use the airplane or aviation, but u can still use the tips for land or water traveling, with little of modification off course.

1. well plan
ask your self what supplies you will need to have on hand to take care of any normal or special needs to the child. remember that it is the airline responsibilities to carry the passenger to their destination, but it is the responsibility of the parents or adult to take care any children.

2. use a child restrain system for children under 40 pounds
the us federal aviation administration strongly recommended that children weighing less than 40 pounds be put into a child restraint system appropriate for their weight. children under the age of two may be carried on the lap of and adult, but the lap child should have some kind of restraint system.

for small children, consider the following recommendation,
• find a way to conveniently carry an appropriate child restraint system through airports and into and out of aircraft.
• if the child is over the age of two and less than 40 pounds, follow the FAA RECOMMENDATION FOR USING CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM, you can search it trough google, or just click on there link
• if the children is under two, consider buying a separate seat for the child and use an appropriate restraint system for the seat.

3. prepare for possible emergencies
make sure you’re aware of emergency equipment or procedure that would apply to your child in case there are emergencies cases. and what you should do is ask the attendant for the emergencies equipment for your child in case any incidents, if your children had medical condition that may become an issue during the flight, make a flight attendant, counter agent aware of that possibilities before the flight.

4. take all essential items while travelling.
take enough diapers, food, medicine and etc at your travelling, make sure that your children will not suffer from hungry in the travel time, and don’t forget to take enough medicine in case your child is on special diet or medication program.

5. keep your children under control
many children have a hyperactive behaviour, and that could make your children not save and make your travelling activities didn’t fun. to overcome that condition, you should keep your children under control, make them far from dangerous area such as the busy road. and you should make sure that your children are in save condition while you fall a sleep.

6. seat your child away from aisle
this condition are while you’re on the plane with your children. small children are enjoying to reaching out and exploring, but if they are on the aisle, they could get hurt if their arm got bumped by a person or serving cart while on the plane.

7. if emergency oxygen masks deploy, put your mask on first
this is seems cruel advice, but there is simple reason for it, if your brain starved hypoxia, and you fall, who will care to your children, so in order your children save, you should take care of yourself first.

8. keep your children belted
this condition are for land and plane travel, you should make sure that your children are belted on their seat while travelling. so, if there is any accidents, you can reduce of the impact to your children. I think this is very simple advice right?

9. bring along safe toys
your children maybe suffer from boring, and they could cry and become hysteric, to overcome that problem, you should bring their safe toys everywhere. simple isn’t it?

10 take extra precautions for children travelling alone
* escort the children to the craft and check their seat, you should make it safe.
* inform the chief flight attendant or the bus driver that the child are travelling alone.
* person that person meeting the child in the destination have a proper identification.

11. pray
we’re all have a God, make sure that you always pray to God for your children safety. :D

that all eleven tips for travelling with our children, travelling should become a fun and save travel to enjoy our nie vacation


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