Friday, October 2, 2009

Travel Tools & Gadgets

if you're preparing do some traveling at your holiday, don't forget to carry the important tools and gadgets that maybe you can found on this tools and gadget blog. we make a 4 list of important tools and gadget that might be useful to kicktheworld loyal reader :D

1. Binoculars & Compasses

this Binocular might be useful to enjoying the beautiful scenery and sight seeing and absolutely the compass used as if you got mixed the direction if you traveling to another country or you do tracking on the thick rain forest in indonesia.

Audubon - Mini Binoculars

Audubon Mini Binoculars
Small and compact sized binoculars and compasses to keep you on your way

2. Travel tools and lights
Flashlight LED Wind Up
Flashlight LED wind up

Unique travel tools and flashlights to help you along your travels, this tools can be used on the car or in urgent condition and you're really really need some light.

3. Knives

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Midnight Manager II
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Midnight Manager II

Swiss Army knives, credit card sized travel tools, and Leatherman tools, to cut simple thing like your meals, rope to open your coca cola bottles and any others.

4. Weather Appliance Tools

Keep current on changing weather conditions with weather appliances, to know the weather while you are traveling are very important, it is to save our money in order we're not wasting time we go for traveling and suddenly we're trapped on rain. so you can just simply use the emergency radio and you could know the weather before you decide to go or not.

you can meet all this stuff on this website :

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