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Protect Batik Through Batik National Day

KabarIndonesia - Nelson Mandela proudly wearing a batik shirt during his first speech as President of South Africa (May 1994) as a day of liberation of white racial segregation. I feel applaud Mandela, because he was more frequent and more comfortable wearing a batik shirt than a suit. Whether in the show how even well formilnya. Batik shirt in South Africa named Madiba. It is said that the first time introduced batik internationally by former President Soeharto at the UN conference.
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The birth mother of Barack Obama - known as Ann Dunham batik collector. In June 2009 the day before the collection on display in various museums in America - Barack Obama's Mother and Indonesian Batiks. Clothes from famous designers Prada Italy not only worn by women like the current board, even hundreds of years earlier. The ancient royal nobles wore Prada or Pinarada batik is batik cloth Mas is written using pure gold dust.

On October 2, later, UNESCO will reinforce Indonesian batik as a World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage) in France. This is what encouraged me through this article to contribute to promote Batik. But what exactly do you know about Batik?

Batik Origin

The word batik itself is absorbed from the Javanese language "amba" = write and "nitik". Batik is closely associated with ethnic Javanese culture, and even has been known since the time of Raden Wijaya (1294-1309) at the time of the Majapahit kingdom. After the end of the eighteenth century, batik began to spread into the people's interest, especially Indonesia and Java. Batik is historically written and painted on palm leaves. At first this batik art exclusively for the king and family clothing, and his followers. Doing anything is limited only within the courts. Eventually this art being taken out of court by the king of pre followers who live outside the palace, so that eventually became the people's clothes. Until the early twentieth century, it produced batik batik is done only by women. Batik making takes two to three months.

Batik is historically written and painted on palm leaves. New stamp batik known after the first world war. The idea of printed batik making this arose from a Sino named Kwee Seng from Banyumas. Since the production of printed batik these men can also participate employed in the manufacture of batik.

Initially created using batik cloth. Today the batik is made also of other materials, such as silk, rayon or polyester. Motif batik images created / written by the liquid wax by using a tool called a canting for subtle motifs, or brush for large motifs. Fabrics that have been painted with a wax finish and then dyed with the desired color. The length of batik is generally about 2 ¼ feet.

Did you know that in a Museum Batik Pekalongan? If you pass Pekalongan, invite your family members to berkujung to the Museum so that they can also be more familiar and more love Batik.

As the end of this paper, I would like to invite colleagues and readers of all to participate Batik campaigning, starting with this text as well distribute wear batik clothes at the weekend. Starting on Friday, October 2, 2009 as Batik Day.

Let us strive for the protection of Batik with real action from all citizens of Indonesia, which we feel proud to wear batik clothes than the clothes than a suit or other formal.

Let love Indonesia
Let's fight for Indonesia
Let's protect the culture and let batikkan Indonesia Indonesia on National Batik

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