Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 Things We Love About Sydney

Sydney. Big, bold, beautiful and brilliant, the Harbour City is one of a kind, and a constant magnet for tourists year-round. Whether you’re taking in the views on a Sydney Harbour cruise or exploring diversity in the thriving, sprawling Chinatown, Sydney is a city of many faces, and one that never fails to impress. The debate between Melbourne and Sydney as to which city is the best in Australia may rage forevermore, but there are so many reasons to love the largest city in Oz. Here are seven of them:

The Beaches

Sydney’s beaches are clean, picturesque, iconic and absolutely drenched in beautiful bronzed bodies. From Bond to Manly, the beaches attract thousands of visitors each week from all over the world, and so they should—it’s rare to find this much beautiful nature in such close proximity to a major global city.

The Fashion

Melbourne might like to consider itself the fashion capital of Australia, but Sydney has a unique style and it isn’t afraid to play with colour (something our monochromatic southern sister might do well to remember). The suburbs of Sydney all have a distinct sartorial style, and it is part of what makes the city so interesting to explore.

The Food

Ah, the food. Sydney’s dining scene boasts some of the best chefs not only in Australia but also in the world. There is a vibrant scene here with a focus on high quality produce, multiculturalism and seafood, and whether you’re enjoying a Lebanese banquet in the heart of the Western Suburbs or a harbourside indulgence at one of the city’s finest restaurants, you’ll definitely come away impressed.

The Nightlife

Sydney’s nightlife is like an untamable beast—ever-changing, pulsating and with many different faces. Whether you want a quiet drink, a raucous night out or a place to take in some of the best new music in Australia, Sydney provides all this and more with its non-stop party scene.

The History

Sydney is a city with a lot of historical swagger. The site of the first European settlement in Australia, and home to a rich indigenous culture long before that, Sydney is rich with cultural significance and is ripe for the picking for any history buffs out there looking to understand the origins of modern Australia.

The Markets

To market, to market…and then to ten more. If market-hopping makes you happy then a weekend in Sydney will see you grinning from ear to ear, as it boasts more weekend markets than almost any other city in Australia. There are farmer’s markets, fashion markets, art markets, antique markets and almost any other outdoor selling-spree you can think of. Get in on the action and nab yourself a bargain, because Sydney’s markets are second to none.

The Harbour

It’s commonly agreed upon that Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world, and when you see it before you on a nice day, with the water sparkling and the Bridge and Opera House both rising majestically from the scene, you’ll find yourself agreeing, too. There are so many ways to enjoy the harbour, from a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise to climbing the Aussie icon—the Harbour Bridge—and surveying the city from a bird’s eye view.

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