Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Believe it or not, they are true and exceptional parenting stories.

What mother dreams of having an abnormal baby of say; 10.8 kg? Or what father wants 888 children? Oh, wait a second are we really concern about what a mother thinks, or a father plans… in this article? No, rather my question is at what age do you think a mother plans her pregnancy, conception and child birth or does she even plans it at all? Tangled? Oh I beg don’t be. For what I will be sharing with you here is something equally tangled.

I have some strange “believe it or not parenting facts” for you. Mulai Ismail, the second ruler of the Moroccan Alaouite dynasty had an estimated 888 children (of course through different wives you nuts) from as many as 500 wives. No wonder he would have had to have had consummated his love with an average 1.2 women per day for more than 60 years to make them conceive.

And for all those males out there who are proudly smiling at the fact while looking down onto their wives… here comes a blow. A Russian peasant women “Fedro Vassilyey” gave birth to 69 children. She experienced pregnancy 27 times. She gave birth to 16 twins, 7 triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets and 67 out of 69 survived. Wow! It’s time to pass on the credit guys.

Records has it, fortunately or unfortunately, world’s youngest mother till date happens to be Lina Medina, she conceived her son, when she was not even six years of age (5 years, 7 months, 21 days). Her parents suspected a tumor that turned out to be a conception. Records also have it that Lina started menstruating when she was three years old. Lina is still alive today but does not appear in media while identity of the father remains unknown. Indeed unfortunate but true.

While Lina suffered pregnancy at a tender age, Mrs. Rajjo Devi from India awaited it for 70 long years (or if her husband is to be believed 72 years) and finally gave birth to a baby girl.

Talking about some more strange stories of pregnancy tips and child birth, the youngest couple to have a baby is from China. Where the father was nine and the mother, eight; yeh! I guess, they did what their parents alone were supposed to do… by mistake! But what would you say to a man of 92 years, holding his 21st baby and planning to proliferate until he turns 100? He certainly cannot be called mistaken; he ought to be called determined; this Rajasthani (Indian) man named Nanu Ram Jogi is “the MAN” for this article.

Our last but not a bit least story about strange parenting is about a baby that weighed 10.8 kg at the time of birth, his mother was Anna bates of Canada. She was a woman of 7’5’’ and gave birth at home in Seville.

Although medical science have an answer to all the stories mentioned above, to us it seems strange, miraculous and disgusting. Pregnancy is indeed bliss but only in accordance with many other factors otherwise it becomes a nightmarish.

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