Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great Places To Go On A Cruise

One of the most relaxing ways to totally unwind and enjoy your self is to take off on a luxury cruise. There is no shortage of spectacular destinations so the hardest part is going to be deciding where you want to go. From the super active youngster looking to party, to the retiree hoping to relax and unwind, cruises offer something for absolutely everyone. One of the following cruises is sure to be exactly what you are after.


Cruising around Malaysia will have you living it up on a magnificent vessel and stopping in for some once in a lifetime experiences. If you are an animal lover you will have to stop by the Elephant nursery at Kuala Gandah or spend an afternoon visiting the Sandakan Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Facility. These incredible animals will win your heart and leave you wanting to take them home with you. For a tasty and exciting side trip, spend some time enjoying the local cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, have a Laksa, and spend the night at one of the luxury Malaysia hotels.


Consisting of 330 islands, there is plenty to cruise around here and the locals are probably the friendliest people on earth. This tropical paradise includes 4000 square miles of reef, so this is the perfect place to do a little snorkelling or even scuba diving. The water here is clearer than almost anywhere and is guaranteed to be warm no matter what time of year you visit. Fiji holidays are amazing in any form, though there is no better way to see this incredible part of the world than from the deck of a luxury cruise boat.


For a completely different kind of cruise, head north into the cold waters off Alaska .You will feel a million miles from home as you navigate these stunning waters, sharing them with hundreds of seals and dozens of whales. Your stops on land will be equally thrilling as you’ll have the chance to hike across glaciers, check out volcanoes, go on a dog sled ride and walk through glacial waterfalls. Magnificent bald eagles will also never be far away. This northern wonderland is an amazing place to do a luxury cruise.


For the classic summer cruise experience, you can’t go past a Caribbean adventure. This is truly a heavenly area with incredibly beautiful people, and is that perfect holiday that you’ve been waiting you entire life for. Sparking blue waters will entice you into them at every chance, with swimming, snorkelling, diving and jet skiing some of the better excuses to dive in. There are heaps of amazing reefs to explore underwater, then on land get your fill of historical wonders by visiting some ancient Mayan pyramids. A cruise in this part of the world really does have it all.

For a holiday that provides total relaxation along with lots of opportunities to see something new, you can’t find better than a luxury cruise holiday. Relax, get comfortable and enjoy!

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