Sunday, October 11, 2009

travel tips for women and girls

women are special creature in the world that need special treatment :D. so that we search a special articles of traveling that suit with women condition, i hope this articles will help you so much.

When ladies go out for traveling they require to memorize a few tips and tricks before they step and it is highly important for their safety and to make their trip peaceful and enjoyable. Self confidence counts a lot when you are alone and all time mind should be alert. a martial art maybe needed :D. Anyhow, its easy to travel if you focus on some of the points mentioned below.
Save Yourself:

First of all you need to give priority to your protection, bad things happen everywhere and you need to be more conscious when you are in some other state. Take along those people whom you know in the another state, try to to know the places, situations and social behavior of the place so you don’t appear to be different from others. When you feel something is going wrong or you sense something bad, don’t wait the accident to happen, move, run, scream or do something accordingly but quickly.

Beware of Evil People:

The body language speaks a lot, people can easily get to know that you are from different place if you take it casually. Walk straight and your head up fronting people, don’t be nervous and be stern when you are communicating with people. If you feel something wrong around you, just run into a shop or a nearby indoor place, and tell the the receiver to help you because you are being followed by someone, if you are sure you are in problem ask the receiver to make a call to the police.

Be Careful at Night:

Get aware of the market place timings, seek for the rush hours or you will be left alone in the market among less people. In night clubs, beware of the hosts offering you drinks with punch, don’t accept till you are sure who is giving what. Many men take the advantage of the drunk ladies and offer them mixed drinks, in many cases women get to know they are raped when its already too late.

Dress Properly:

Wear what is less revealing, you may be in a place where the ladies with less clothes are thought in negative manner. Better take full clothes and look simple. You are representing from where you are, so be impressive and maintain standards when standing in group or among people who know you are a foreigner.

Among all, try to carry money in your hide spots, like in your socks and small pouch that is not in front and try to be alert when you are traveling in night time, robbers avail the best time to cut your purses and slip your money. Move and sit among people whom you think are kind, especially sit with women when outdoor.

Do not trust anyone

no one can be trusted but your self, there are many bad people out there that use any ways to hurt you. i hope this articles useful for you.


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