Wednesday, October 14, 2009

biggest swimming pool in the world

wanna see the largest pool in the world?
what is the size?
and where it is located?

you can see the picture below :D


the largest pool in the world

Here's largest swimming pool in the world. 1013 meters in length, breadth 8 hectares, and holds 250 million liters of water. Located in a tropical country of Chile and has entered into the World Guinness Book of Records. This swimming pool has been defeated, the other pool in the world, including countries located in Morocco, which only has Orthlieb size of 140 × 90 meters.

Capacity of this pool has a capacity 250,000 cubic meters of water.


you can relaks on this largest swimming pool

Currently, this area is located near the lagoon into a recreation center is very crowded, especially covetous pool lovers to spend time during holidays.

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