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how to travel by cargo ship

Shipping corporations travel almost virtually everywhere. A question always mingles in my mind whether it is possible to travel by cargo ship or not. Following is what I found out when I tried to find the answer to my question.

It is quite eco-friendly to travel by slow boat then flying. But sometimes ocean voyage pollutes environment. Many people now days are choosing ocean voyage one way and they like to fly on return leg. Some cargo ships provide some sort of entertainment like bar, DVD library, small exercise room but passengers have to be on their own for their entertainment as for shipping corps, cargo is first priority then comes passenger.

cargo_ship In early 1900, travelers spend days on the ocean and arriving on their destinations was just like a trip.

CMA-CGM, Canada Maritime, and Bank Line are chief global shipping lines. These lines usually charge passengers and offer them guest cabins. Passengers have access to large of the part of the ship. Captains and his crew are more than happy to see passengers as they spend most of their time on water. Officer’s happy hour can also be offered to you as passenger.
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This industry is very huge and one can visit many destination rather than just one. Hundreds of ships are being docked at New York, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Sydney everyday. It can be a wonderful journey as where ever the cargo is delivered you can go ashore; spend sometime before re-boarding. You can see the local cultures of many places.cargo-ship-barbecue
How to travel by cargo ship

Usually shipping companies adopt specific routes and you can just buy a ticket and go on board. You can enjoy that journey as long as your ticket allows you and then you have to off board the ship on chosen day. You can enjoy this journey by booking a freighter ticket. With freighter ticket you have those endless possibilities of off boarding where global commodities are shipped.

Generally people think that traveling on water will cost you much less than any other mode. It is a delusion. If you are traveling as a passenger then it will cost you more than average airfare to reach to your destination. There are of course ways like to work on boat which may decrease the cost. It can cost you around $80-140/day. Be careful about the other charges of room, meals or any other entertainment.
How It feels Inside a Cargo Ship

carog ship back sideIn ship, you will be surrounded by vessels and crew members. Overgenerous events may occur during meal times that depend on the chef. Traveling with French companies is a better choice as they offer good quality meals and table wines that is good to know if you are fond of eating delicious food. You can spend all the day according to your wish except meals times. You can plan your day on the ship. You can spend time while talking to captain about navigation or can have the tour with the head mechanic. You can find it sometimes boring, as you have to spend all your voyage days on the ship. But you can make it enjoyable by meeting your co-passenger before evening meal and discussing all your day’s activity.

You can have the feeling of cabin fever after spending a week on the ship, but slow tempo of life can be welcomed and pleasant. If you are planning to travel by cargo ship, plan it well. Search on the internet about ticket rates, roots adopted and other activities offered by the shipping company. Email to freighter companies and ask about fares and the services they provide to passengers. You can find information about them in Yellow Pages.

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