Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips on Getting the Most out of Your Car Rental Company

Whether, for business, or for pleasure, there are a number of ways to get the most out of any car rental company. This article comes from an industry insider after many years of watching how the systems work. I spent many years building business, and worked from the bottom up to build one of the most successful car hire in Sydney. These are not really tricks as such, it is all about slipping yourself smoothly into the systems of these car rentals (as they are often called in Sydney), so you can make the most, even out of, cheap hire car deals.

· Having Your Name in Their System. Many of us use rental cars in business. Having your name in their systems means you are already registered with them. This can be extremely beneficial as you change employment and grow your career. Your previous record will come with you in one way or another. You could be getting better deals for yourself and your own business because of your previous record built up in employment (this is particularly the case with Sydney car rental – they really do care a lot about the driver in that city and country).

· Points and Bonuses. Changing your car rental company is like getting a divorce. You can never really benefit from it, and you lose a lot of what you put in, and what you can get out of it. Using a car hire company is like building up an investment. You get miles, points, premium deals, priority and more. You even get favoured by staff because they get to know you, and they know you are a smooth customer to deal with. You know the system, and you will know what becomes important for you to get what you need. Some bonuses are never written in black and white

· Carry Over Business. Let’s take a look at our personal and professional lives. You may have been using one car rental in Sydney, and now you need a truck hire company in Sydney because you are moving house. If they do not have the vehicles, they will probably have a partner in the industry who does. You will normally get the same treatment and benefits you have been getting from you previous car use – even if you are using for business purposes as an employee. You will be in the system, and their computers will flag you. Benefits can carry on in many areas.

These are only a few suggestions to help you make the most out of your car hire use. Remember, most companies are a part of a larger network, and this will help you wherever you go. Making the decision of what company to use is a long-term investment, and should not be thought of as a one-off decision. These companies run on accounting, numbers and accumulation. Becoming a part of that, and taking advantage of that is the key to getting great benefits and cost affordability.

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