Monday, October 31, 2011

Pub Etiquette 101: Dos and Don’ts

Everyone loves a good night down at the pub. The music, the atmosphere, the social element—it’s a mainstay of the Australian lifestyle. Whether it’s the quiet, old-world charm of a little country pub or the flashy elegance and glitz and glamour of a Sydney bar, a night out with friends (and soon-to-be-friends) is a great way to unwind. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind (apart from finding cheap travel insurance if you are on holidays) while you’re out so that your night is memorable for all the right reasons.


DO be respectful of other people’s boundaries, both physical and social. You don;’t want to claim your travel insurance after you have caused a fight! Just because you’ve got a few pints of Dutch courage under your belt, it doesn’t mean that the pretty girl at the bar wants your beer-breath in her face and your cheesy pickup lines in her ears.

DO drink responsibly. We’re not trying to be party poopers here, and by all means have a good night, but when it comes to alcohol, we all know there’s a line where it stops being fun or funny and starts being embarrassing. Don’t cross that line, and take efforts to make sure you respect your own physical limitations.

DO keep it mellow. There’s something about the mixture of hormones, beer, competition and excitement that has the potential to turn the vibe from happy to snappy faster than you can say bar fight. Make sure you don’t let yourself take things too seriously, or get caught up in any negative exchanges. Keeping things light, friendly and fist-free is a recipe for a good night out.

DO be polite to bar staff. It’s a long and trying night working behind the bar, and as the night wears on people’s manners go out the window. Respect your bar staff and acknowledge that if they don’t bring you your beer straight away, it’s probably because they’ve got seven other pint-glasses lined up ready to give out to other patrons as well.


DON’T gamble more than you can afford. One of the dangers of a night out at the pub is that you’ve got access to a number of different gambling facilities at the very time when you’re most likely to take the most risks. While it can be great fun swapping racing tips and putting some change through the pokies, make sure you keep an eye on your funds and don’t let the atmosphere and the alcohol detract from your ability to pay rent next week!

DON’T be self-conscious, or try to fit in with a certain ‘type’ if you’re in a pretentious bar. There’s nothing that can kill a good night out quicker than a bar where the staff and patrons think that pouring the perfect cocktail is a matter of national security and that Vogue is of equal importance as the Australian constitution. If you’re getting the uppity vibe from patrons or you’re feeling like you have to act a certain way to fit in, pay for your drink and head for the exit signs—plenty of fun awaits outside tools-ville!

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