Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mens desire in bed

Just like women, men also have uneg-uneg about her partner in bed. What about you?


1. Passive
Men do not like it if it turns out most during sex woman lying just resigned with no initiative, just hoping to get pleasure from the things that couples do.

Being passive and just wait for the bad acts in sex, and men hate it.

Your sex partner must come to move, even though it was their partner is on top. Indicate your interest to make love to her.

If you're lying like a banana tree trunk, the pair might be confused how to satisfy you.

2. Kiss
Every woman love to kiss, as well as men. Kissing them in sensitive areas will make you crazy.

So if you want to surprise the love for your partner, do not hesitate to give him the kiss of death that would make it to its knees, continue with the touch that made him eager to proceed to the next round.

3. Control
Old woman considered taboo if you take control in sex. They should assume prialah in control. But that's simply not true.

If you want to make love right now, just tell him. Say you want to be treated like nothing. Believe me, he would like it if you behave like that and be happy to do so. Sometimes men need to be controlled as well you know!

4. Sensitive
Try to be sensitive to your partner. You also like to be treated like that right? Well, do the same thing to your partner. So again, do not be selfish and bossy.

5. Do not forget couples
Do not forget to give pleasure to the couple during lovemaking. Ask your partner what you want to do. Let him know that you care for him. Men love the attention you give you know.

6. Do not confuse
Some women do not show emotion, so that man does not know whether the couple liked what he did to her.

Do not feel ashamed to praise your partner during lovemaking event took place, whether a whisper or a sigh spoiled sensual.

Do not hesitate to make a sound, because that's a clear expression of your love to him. The couple will know part of your body like to be touched.

7. Sex boring?
If the sexual relationship began boring, you should take a refresher. Do not be ashamed to give surprise to your partner by wearing the latest sexy clothing.

Wear with confidence, dance with him and it will make him crazy about you. Men like to be teased by sexy things and wonder what's going to get next.

8. Initiatives
Men do not like in women who lack the initiative, who just resigned to waiting for a signal from a man for sex.

If you want to make love on the spot, tell me directly. wait just going to torture, while the couple may not be able to guess your mind you know.

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