Friday, November 20, 2009

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When a special event like a prom comes your way, you're going to need to find a tuxedo - shirt, jacket, pants and shoes - that suits not only your budget but personal taste and style. A great idea is to visit your local tuxedo rental shop again and get an idea of the Mens Prom Tuxedos styles available and prices that traditional businesses charge for this special event. Then go online to check what's available there and compare prices.

Online Means Choice

Unlike your traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlet, online sources for formal wear will offer a variety of Mens Prom Tuxedos. Your local shop may be limited in the number of different designers due to financial considerations and possible contractual arrangements. Shopping online can bring you to sources of the world's top designers including Perry Ellis, Andrew Fezza, After Six, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Plus, you'll even find bargains from Oscar de la Renta and Liz Claiborne. Often you can find online formal wear is relatively inexpensive to buy compared to renting it for the evening. However, online tuxedo rental sites will have a full complement of the latest styles and fashion to suit even the most demanding taste. Not only will you be able to find a great tuxedo, you should also find a full line of accessories.

Choosing the Right Tuxedo

You can rent any Mens Prom Tuxedos or other formal wear online today. The challenge is not finding a good sampling from which to choose. Not at all - almost everything found in a traditional bricks and mortar retail location can also be found online. Your challenge may be narrowing down the choices available for the right tuxedo.

You need to be able to find a tuxedo that fits well, is comfortable and makes you look great. But, you need to find one that suits your body type correctly as well. Typically, a double-breasted jacket works well for a person who is medium to tall in height and slender in build. Shoulders can have additional padding to make the body appear more muscular.

However, if you are already tall and muscular, a shawl-collar tuxedo jacket will suit you best. You need to keep in mind that your shirt sleeve should extend about an inch beyond the jacket sleeve revealing the classy cuffs you've chosen. Choice of a tie is also very important since if you have a thick neck, a small tie will appear as if someone is choking the life out of you.

Coolness will Cost You

If you are on a really tight budget, sticking to classic Mens Prom Tuxedos will save more money for buying a prettier corsage for your date. Fully black or white-on-black tuxedos with strictly conservative looks and lines will run about $65 to $100 depending on where it is rented.

Designer labels will command more bucks as will the trendy choice choosing separates - different jacket matching different pants - will cost considerably more but you will look chic. Going this route, with accompanying accessories like cufflinks and studs, can set you back $200 or more. But, take a look at your girl. She is definitely worth it.

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