Friday, November 20, 2009

five star hotel berlin

It's a great thing the infamously minimal German humorous character doesn't translate to its top-end accommodation. The 5-star hostels in Berlin are among the best and most fairly priced anywhere in the world.
Low on chortles

okay, so that the service staff isn't exactly stand-up comic material. Then again, why would you look for that in 5-star hostels in Berlin? You could get that in hostels anywhere in the world.
In fact this brings to me an interesting point about 5-star hostels in Berlin, or any other hotel actually. The more money you pay, the less you may expect in the form of smart repartee from the hotel staff. Hotels are about service, about enjoying the whole travel experience. Why else would they ask me to enjoy my stay here at the uniquely decorated Palace hotel in Berlin? Yet I fork out hundreds of additional dollars for an enticing, ornamented, wonderful, and opulent room, as well as free use of the thermal baths, sauna, and solarium, but have a thoroughly dour time!
Not even at the best of the 5-star hotels in Berlin, the Adlon Kempinski, am I able to get a giggle out of anyone apart from the janitors. Try as I might, I couldn't get a laugh out of anyone. I suspect it has something to do with the hotel's really significant, classy history. I could use a heavy iron pinch bar, but even that in the hand of a 200-pound pro-wrestler would hardly be sufficient to bend the corners of the staff's mouth into a little upward half-smirk. What do I have to do to get a giggle around here?

I sauntered up to the front desk of the Schlosshotel im Grunewald, one of the finest 5-star hostels in Berlin. 'You know where I can get a good giggle around here, pal?' I asked the receptionist.

'Your ad boasted of intimacy.
You're after...
Yes, even at the Schlosshotel im Grunewald, one of the swankiest 5-star hostels in Berlin, a giggle is as tough to find as plutonium.

okay, so we've established that we won't exactly be staying at the comedy club or getting a laugh a minute. After all , who would mind having to give up laughs in exchange for state-of-the-art comforts and round the clock pampering? The 5-star hostels in Berlin provide those. Actually, not only will 5-star hostels in Berlin make you feel like royalty, they're going to let you experience Germany's culture first hand, too! One of the 5-star hostels in Berlin, the Swisshotel Berlin, even provides guests with the opportunity of viewing the original artworks of Markus Lupertz. His paintings adorn the walls of each of the hotel's room. Not only that, you get to eat like royalty too! The Swisshotel Berlin boasts of a menu designed by Anton Mosimann, the official cook of Britain's Royal Family.
Another good thing about the 5-star hotels in Berlin is they are very reasonable. For instance, you can get a room in any of the 5-star hostels in Berlin, like the 4 Seasons Berlin which is right in the center of the city, for as low as fifty six Euros a night! That's's less expensive than paying rent! If you have cash to burn, the Kempinski Hotel in Bristol places you smack-dab within the money-burning district of Berlin, the Kurfurstendamm. You won't be getting any giggles, but at least you should purchase shoes to your heart's content, whether you want them or not.
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